I was madddd

Woah shut up

Listen. Ok, so I’m bout to vent. Big time. So I’ve been thinking about the YouTuber/Gamer Cryaotic lately. You might just know him as Cry. So the other day I was looking up some more facts about him, because I wanted to know, and I came across some really mean crap. Some things that almost made me cry they were so horrible. A lot of people don’t get it. Cry is a person. He is a living, breathing person person, and you can’t take a living breathing person and screw around with their life. That’s not how it works. Cry is not some fictional character you can just take and change. I don’t think people see this.
One thing thats really got me pissed is the fact that people call him by his real name. I know that Cry isn’t his real name, I’m not an idiot, but really? I read his real name in fan fictions, comments, and everyone should really stop. Cry has said that he gets upset when people in his fandom say his real name, and everyone still does it. When I think of Cry, I think of his real name. It happens to be my favorite name in the world, but that doesn’t mean I can just throw it around anyway.
It isn’t just his first name either. I’ve read a lot of Pewdiecry fan fictions (to all of you sick people who write it) and the most common last name I’ve found for Cry is Terry. This got me really curious to see if this was his actual last name, or just a fan based thing, so I googled it. Apparently Cry did some voice acting for an amnesia custom story, and the credits said: Ryan Terry(Cryaotic), and this was enough proof for everyone.
If you freaked out about this, I get it. Yea, it was cool to know his name, if that actually is his name, and I even watched the video to make sure. It does say that, but that’s what I’m getting at.
Shut up.
That’s all. Cry doesn’t want people to use his real name, so don’t. Simple as that.
If people don’t even respect Cry enough to not say his name, I don’t know what you’ve come to. It’s a name. One simple thing that you really don’t need to say.
So shut up. Respect him a little.
Just so you know, i’m not directing this towered you, I bet you’re a lovely person. I’m just a little too ticked that people do this.
So to end it, let me say that this has nothing to do with me. I don’t know Cry. I have absolutely no association with Cry other than the fact that I’m a fan. I just get irritated people don’t respect him by not saying his name.

K. Bouncin’

I sat in a room full of students in my English class today,
Watching motivational speakers preach their poems to a crowd of thousands of people.
Bullying was what it was about, and how he had gone through it, and he spoke with such eloquence that it made my eyes misty.
You could really feel this guy’s words.

But all these kids who had done unto me what this man was preaching,
Were making fun of it and not paying the slightest bit of attention.

It really speaks volumes about them,
And how they’ll always be what they’ve always been: bullies.