Sports anime event appearances by:

Shimazaki Nobunaga, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Hosoya Yoshimasa

Event appearances:

[April 2014] Daiya no Ace ASG

[March 2015] Free! Eternal Summer IwaSame Joint Fes

[September 2015] Kurobasu Cup 2015

[November 2015] Daiya no Ace ASG II (GIFset coming soon)

*SuzuKen will be added as soon as ASG II is out*


On Friday we went to the Free! Eternal Summer Café (Iwasame Café) in Akihabara! *v*

It was my second Anime café and it was really worth it! *___* The food and drinks were small but tasty and all in all it was much cheaper than the Kuroshitsuji Café. (But I liked both!) I only spent 1480 Yen in total for a drink and a meal and a laminated A3 size picture with the Samezuka boys! >w<

Of course I ordered the RinHaru drink and the IwatoBig bread. ♥ With every item you ordered you also got a little card. (I got Rin and Sousuke x3)

I was there with 4 of my friends and we also wrote into the guest book. (Who can guess which quote I wrote? xD)

I’d go there again everytime! *^*

Free! x Adores IwaSame Cafe

I have been so lucky that my visit to Japan coincides with Free! cafe produced by Adores in Ikebukuro. Before I went, I tried so many times to win the damn lottery to get a cafe reservation and even with choosing the least popular times (earliest and latest, which is at 9pm), I still didn’t managed to get it. So I thought, that’s it I’ll just go wait outside the cafe and cry. However, turns out they do give out tickets and you can queue up a hour before it opens for a chance to get general reservation. 

Anyway, so I decided to try my luck. I mean what to lose right (except sleep). It was actually my first day in Japan, woke up early, took the train, got lost but finally managed to get to the cafe queue. I got there around 9:25am and even then, the queue has at least 20 people. 

The chaos in the early morning. This was actually on a holiday; the first time I went there were less people but I just forgot to take a pic of the queue in my excitement lol.

What it looks like from across the street. The cafe is on 4th floor and the other three floors have UFO catchers, and you can buy cafe goods on 3rd floor with or without reservation.

The cafe poster with the boys. My favourite has to be iwatobi-chan moping in the back as if it’s sulking that it got to sit by him/her(?)self XD. And look at those tiny iwatobi-chan in the basket, so cute >,<

I was incredibly lucky that on the first day I queue, the lady came out around half 9 and started counting. Pretty soon the queue starts moving and I saw people leaving the queue one after another with tickets. I was confused at this point cos I thought they’re doing lottery for reservations. Soon it was almost my turn and the lady almost give me a heart attack when she used up the last ticket for the girl in front of me and then she went inside. I was ready to cry when suddenly she came back out with more tickets. Hallelujah!! Anyway I managed to get reservation 15:30 after managing to speak my way through with awkward japanese. She was like did you come all the way here for this after hearing my name and I went ‘Yes!!!’

The reservation ticket, hands were shaking from excitement so excuse the out of focus photo lol

Anyway I had a lot of time to kill so I went around Ikebukuro like a kid in a candy store. Turns out too much anime/manga/merchandise be very overwhelming, it was just too much but in a good way. I’ll probably write about ikebukuro and otome road and how much of a paradise it is in a separate post.

I also went to the 3rd floor of Adores building to buy some limited goods. Plus to snap these cuties >.<

Iwatobi and Samezuka boys in uniforms. It was awesome that they’re actually giving these to lucky fans via lottery. Curses whoever gets them T.T >.>

My favourite decorative piece. The chibis!! and the giant iwatobi-chan plush. If only they sell these, but then again not like I have enough space for it in my suitcase….

So for my first visit, I went full on OTP. I ordered Makoto’s drink, which is milk based with sweet syrup. I forgot to stir properly lol I got a shock at how sweet the syrup was with the first sip. Ate the MakoHaru saba green curry. I’ll be honest, I ate it for my OTP but it was weird…. I wasn’t too keen on the green curry paste tbh and saba had a lot of bones. Luckily I’m good with chopsticks so i can pick them out but it was truly testing. But I’m just really happy that I went and ate that MakoHaru curry. That’s all I wanted tbh. Then for dessert, I had Makoto’s green tea cake with chocolate base. It was very nice although I was surprised that it’s served warm. Also i was lucky that I had a chance to eat it cos next time I went, Mako’s matcha cake was sold out. The whole meal was really filling for me and it was quite a surreal experience for me that my first full meal in Japan was at this Free! cafe. 

Then I went several times after that for a chance to go there again. My first visit was the only time they gave out tickets without doing lottery. All other times, they do lottery. Friend and I tried during silver week but we didn’t get it T.T. I went again by myself the next day and all slots were filled before my turn. However, luck was on my side and on 3rd try I picked the winning stick and got a lunch time reservation. I did notice during my 2nd visit that there were empty seats, I guess that’s the downside of lottery cos if not many people picked the winning lot then they just have to let the seats go empty for the sake of fairness.

So during my 2nd visit, I wanted to try the HaruRin’s drink. It was very very nice. It got blue jellies and dried strawberries in soda. I really enjoyed it. For main, I ordered the Samezuka Maid Cafe from Hell’s Omurice. It was good but I thought the flavour was a bit weak and not enough meat. Don’t get me wrong, it was still tasty and I finished it all so…. then I got Nitori’s ice cream for dessert. It was surprisingly refreshing. The tiny star pieces gave a sour kick and they complement well with the sweet ice cream and jelly. 

The full view of the cafe, it was a tiny cafe. Both times I was seated at this large 6-seat table, it’s for one person reservations. 

On my way out I saw the ad for upcoming starry night kuji. Bye bye money…..

Placemats that come with each order of main meal or dessert. Since I ordered 4 in total during my visits, I managed to get two of each. Best souvenir ever!!

Goods I bought. I was lucky enough to get most of them without trading. Only mako and haru (dolphin) were traded. Wish I brought more money to buy more charms T.T

I also got cafe limited charms and badges that i won’t be keeping so I’ll put them up for sale soon. I have too many Momo’s >,< Iol

Stickers I got with each other of food item. I had to trade rin for sousuke and haru for kisumi, I’m gutted to let rin go tbh but can’t have them all. On the back of stickers is the character’s info as you can see. I doubt I’ll ever use them lol.

I wanted to go a 3rd time, so I tried on the very last day. Unfortunately all seats were filled before I even got a chance to do the kuji T.T

The cafe has finished now but I feel lucky that I managed to go there not once but twice during my short visit. It was an amazing experience. It’s more than I ever hoped for. Soon…Japan soon I will be there for longer than two weeks. 

New menu items added to the IwaSame cafe, starting on August 29th!

The items include Haruka’s Freestyle Mackerel Pasta, and more importantly, Iwatobi’s mackerel burger from the Rakuten Books kuji art, and even MORE IMPORTANTLY, Samezuka’s Omlette Rice from the Maid Cafe from Hell, from Episode 14 of Eternal Summer!!!!!

Also new Iwatobi and Samezuka desserts, and new drinks for medley relay matching stroke swimmers!!

Will report on flavor next week!

All updates about the IwaSame Cafe, which is running until the end of September, will be on my Free! Event tag.


IwaSame special event AFTERNOON version DVD/BluRay trailer!