100% Vampire Widow Skin

Because it is subtle and I still see some people not convinced/#IWantToBelieve-ing @ the Huntress and Comtesse skins so I turned my in game screenshots to take at 9x resolution and took some pics

So yeah this are inarguably fang marks. Think everyone has seen these by now but at least I haven’t seen them at this resolution yet

Teeth! Pointy little teeth! 

And in case you didn’t notice in the last two pictures, her eyes are clearly not normal. They’re a deeper gold than usual and have red pupils. They also are shinier, I think? I’ve noticed in some lights they can appear almost completely gold or completely red which is neat.

So hey even if she didn’t get a Halloween skin at least she still technically has a vampire one

I know this isn’t the first post of this flying around but since I haven’t seen screenshots this clear yet I decided to share

Answers Given

Its another new week Inter World, but here are my thoughts on what I asked you last week, the old week… Can you believe it almost September, crazy right?

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#cryptid Clyde spotted again…

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