So I just so happen to wake up just before 1am and find out that Lizzy McGuire is on…What’s even better is that Aaron Carter was on there singing ‘I want Candy’, lol. I was obsessed with that show and that boy, lol. I was so young when he came out, but he was so dreamy and I thought I was Candy… I feel so old now :(. I just fan girl-ed over a little blond boy wearing a reflector suit, lol.
—  Tie

Heard a knock at the door tonight & thought it was my veggie pizza, but it was my @lushcosmetics BOGO #haul! Well, it was part one. I ordered more after they restocked, because I have a problem. Then my pizza came moments after. That’s what I call a good night! Can’t wait to take a bath with my baby before we watch American Horror Story. #lush #lushie #snap #shootingstars #pudding #iwantcandy

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