1- High Green, Sheffield- the Monkeys city, where they born and grew up

2/3- Stockbridge Highschool- Alex, Matt and Nick’s school

4- Pack Horse, High Green- the pub where Arctic Monkeys found that I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor was number 1 in the charts

5- The Boardwalk- venue where they started to get famous. The Demo compilation  'Beneath The Boardwalk’ takes name from this. Also Alex used to work here as a barman

6- Sheffield Wednesday- the football team that the Monkyes support 

Hi, everyone! So, there’s a new year coming up! I would like to show you guys some blogs y'all should definitely follow. There is a ton of them but those are the ones I remind at the moment. I haven’t talked to all of them but their blogs are great, therefore I believe they are amazing people. I’m making a ‘follow forever’ post, though I’m pretty sure I forgot about some people. Please, don’t feel offended if you’re not here!

(this is not in alphabetical order)

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I hope 2014 is a great year for all of you!



1- The Grapes- pub where was the band’s first concert

2/¾ Frog and Parrot- the pub where the Monkeys used to hang out and where there’s collectors items displayed

5/6- Yellow Arch Studio- this is the ‘official’ rehearsal place for Arctic Monkeys

my attempt for the lyrics of "Mad Sounds"

mad sounds

in your ears

make you feel alright 

they bring you back to life

mad sounds in your ears

they make you get up and dance

they make you get up


make you forget

love buckles and destroys

becomes wild in our hands

run, bet you can, and hide

mad sounds 

in your ears 

make you get up and dance

make you get up

all night


make you get up and dance

 they’ll make you get

so before you’ve got into what you got into

will you just wont feel it how it wanted to

you sit and try sometime that you just cant figure out

what went wrong

and out of nowhere somebody comes and hits you with an 

‘ooooh la lala’

ooh la lala, ooh la lala ooooooh.

you got mad sounds in your ears

to make you get up and dance

mad sounds

in your ears

make you get up and dance

why dont it make you get up


tried as much as possible, giving that it is a live recording. 

quite possibly the only right words in here are 'mad sounds’

Holly saved me few times in there btw.

Okay, I decided to make a Follow Friday post! Those are a few blog you guys should totally follow! (I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you, this is my first Follow Friday)

idontwantafavour-iwantamargarita, mrfunkyjamie, watchingcowboyfilms, nicksnutellaspoon, iwantabrickbybrick, letshaveagamontheteddypicker, alexturnerisprettierthanyou, arcticalex, gusmen, cryinglightningoveralexturner, electricitty, imnothekindofool, jamiexpornstar, my–propeller, ruminehelders, mattheldersisbetterthanyou, makeeachdayamasterpiece, thatllamaguy, arcticm-onkeys, casablacnas, whatever-peoplesay, chonchondoll, robbsnark, tomw8s, oh-youreafreak, perhapsfckoffmightbetookind.

So I reached 21k posts and I decided to make a special post because I never do this kind of thing.

I’m gonna give you guys a list of people you should totally follow because they’re awesome. By awesome I mean they’re great people, great bloggers, etc.

I’m sorry if I didn’t include you, I suck at remembering things.

Yeah, you should totally follow those people because, well, they’re amazing!


ezrakoeggnog // dans-presents // iloveponsi // iwantabrickbybrick // jonnybuckland // katribou // watchingcowboyfilms 

Internet Friends

Gabriella // Jose // Sarah 

IRL Friends

Natasha // Hyacinth (1) // Hyacinth (2) // Sara // Robyn // Kate // Megan

You guys are rad

p.s. I probably most likely forgot a bunch of people. Sorries