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lajoiedespetiteschoses asked:

You have such a lovely blog!!<3

Thank you, I am trying post some interesting things and not just RumBelle. I adore RumBelle but have other interests, too. Sometimes, I let my other interests show up on my blog. I don’t believe in multifandom blogs but some pretty, artistic, informative or funny posts are always welcomed on my RumBelle blog.


I am darkmasterplan. I am Milica, dearie, sister, aunt, RumBelle and SwanFire shipper and Tumblr Blogger. I live in Serbia, Europe. I am running RumBelle centric, OUaT related blog. I am posting spoilers

Woooo! Time for the Monthly Mewsletter! I had company over yesterday so I didn’t get around to doing this. 

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Not much has happened

It’s my dad’s birthday, not that he has my tumblr

Sweet Pea has started laughing and is 4 months old now, which needs to stop. she is getting too big.