Empire! Empire! (I was a Lonely Estate)- How to Make Love Stay (Space Jam Sessions)


Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)- A Keepsake (Space Jam Sessions)


Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers- You Get Weary (Space Jam Sessions)

Features: Bill of The Early November & Keith of Empire! Empire!


Late For School Session: Warren Franklin - “Year of the Rabbit” (Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate)

New session! More videos from the session up next week!


Empire! Empire! (IWALE) w/ Football, Etc & Free Throw (Holy Mountain, Austin, TX on 09.22.2014)

300 Word Experience: I walked in to hear Football, Etc start sound check. The first person I saw (other than the door guy) was Karl Herrera. (Earlier in the week at a Left Astray show I convinced him to smoke 10 cigarettes at once.)
I hugged him and proceeded to walk to the front. The crowd was a good five feet from the stage, an overall shy crowd which continued throughout the night.
Their ?fourth? song was Safety, which for me, changed my interpretation of their set from shy, to a calming safe haven filled with friends.
Lindsay and Mercy have an interaction during songs that give off a springhtly feeling. It looks like fun, and becomes an overall well executed set.

Free Throw had changed their sound since their last set in Austin 9 months prior, their guitars playing old with a tapping and glassy sound.
About 4 songs into their set they mentioned that show - talking down on an Austin staple DIY venue for a poor crowd, and providing horrible (yet free) champagne to everyone in attendance for new years.
I thought it was a pretty shitty thing to do considering that venue is the only place willing to host small DIY emo bands, especially when you have no contacts in Austin to book a house show.

Empire! Empire! (IWALE) came on about 20 minutes after, the crowd was still apprehensive to get close to the stage. At one point they referenced themselves as an Angry Birds cover band. Some dude requested a song be played, but they couldn’t fulfill as they had a Fill-in on guitar that only knew said songs they rehearsed.
Keith did move back and forth on stage a bit; just a bit faster than a shoegaze show and filled with personal stories.
Ribbon was the final song played that night, tieing a sad show together with a beautiful hope.

Full image set here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewdumbingus/sets/72157647891052826/
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