Furudate-sensei drew this for this year’s Haikyuu!! Day~

Azumane: Owwwww! It’s possible to make ‘9′ with just one person, right?!!!
Furudate: Thank you for [the event/celebrations] this year too.
Iwaizumi: The ‘1’ is bent.
(His shirt should read ‘Shin Godzilla’.)
Oikawa: Iwa-chan, you’re harsh on the ‘1’. *Refer to last year’s where Iwaizumi commented on the ‘1’ too.
Kuroo: It’s different strokes for different folks for the ‘1’.
Sawamura: How complicated…
Shirabu: Nice ‘8’!!
Goshiki: Nice ‘8’!!
Hinata: Nice ‘9’!!

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Tale of Their Moon and the World on a Standstill - InsomniaMagic - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 7 of IwaDai Week 2018

IwaDai Week 2018
Day 7: Working Life

Eyes glued to the moon,
Iwaizumi remembered his last words,
“When you look up, I´ll do that too,
I´ll know you think of me, I swear I´ll hear your call.”


The process of drawing smol iwaois:”)