The sun illuminates Iwaizumi’s tanned skin, glistening across his darkened features as warmth slowly spreads throughout their room. Oikawa never sleeps for too long, although he’d live everyday carrying the heavy weight of exhaustion if it meant he’d be able to steal a glance at that breathtaking sight. The persistent scowl of his lover was gone, lips slightly parted and chest rising with ease. Tooru always blames himself for being a burden, another problem that brings Hajime down, despite the fierce denial from his partner. He runs his fingers through Iwaizumi’s ebony locks, silently wishing, or rather praying that he gives his lover an ounce of the comfort he gets from him… “I love you Iwa-… Hajime.” Oikawa whispers those words before pressing a light kiss to the shorter male’s forehead.

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Can I get Iwaizumi's reaction when his girlfriend beats him at arm wrestling fair and square on a bet? Tnx

He would have definitely found his dream girl if she could beat him at arm wrestling! xD

Well, this was… surprising?

The understatement of that thought zipped through Iwaizumi’s head as Mattsun, Makki, and Oikawa chattered excitedly. Large grins split their cheeks and their loud laughter penetrated through his skull. His own eyes were wide on the girl grinning victoriously across from him, her hand still pressing his down against the table.

She beat him. She beat him in arm wrestling.

He initially hadn’t thought much of the challenge that was made by her and had agreed quickly; even cockily offering to go easy on her. Turns out, she wouldn’t need it.

She had always been athletic, that had been one of the things that drew him to her. And they had spent time running or at the gym together, so he knew she was strong. He hadn’t anticipated her to be this strong.

When the back of his hand connected with the table, all of his breath left him and his eyes stared widely at the scene. The cackles of laughter evolved into a full blown hysteria from his friends because “this is INCREDIBLE!” and “finally, someone to put Iwa-chan in his place!”

He was standing before he could stop himself, their clasped hands rising with the action and he tugged her along behind him as he strode for the hallway. She questioned where they were going but he ignored her, stopping only when they were away from prying eyes did he turn to look at her again, her expression concerned.

“Hajime, I didn’t mean to upset you, but this male pride of yours–” her sentence was cut short by the press of his lips to hers, tongue instantly taking the opportunity to push past her lips. She hummed, her previous comment lost as she sunk into the kiss.

Iwaizumi parted after a moment, eyes taking in her newly dazed expression. He grinned, fingers rising to tangle into her hair as he spoke roughly, “Male pride, my ass, I want you to do it again.”

Because that definitely had to be the hottest thing he’s ever experienced.


Imagine Oikawa pining on Iwaizumi since forever, thinking that he has no chance and then imagine Iwaizumi asking him out during a festival, all romantically like that, while fireworks are going off. Because that’s exactly what happened before this selfie (and Oikawa cried from happiness)

Thanks a lot to @micupii for helping me with the ‘Instagram lookt’ ♥ This post is for you!


Haikyuu!! Donpisha Match!! is featuring memories of Seijou players and will have an Oikawa-centric event starting 31st March. The Haikyuu!! stage play exhibition will give away cards of the players to all visitors. It will run from 25th April to 28th May in Tokyo and tickets are currently on sale. The colored version of the Ichibankuji items can be seen in this link, and it will start 20th May. The next one will start in September.

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Iwa is given a plant {succulent/cacti/whatever} by each of his team members which he ends up naming after each of them secretly. He is completely embarrassed by being found out by his friends.

Oikawa constantly whines asks about why the cactus was named after him. Iwa would say with the most serious look on his face “because sometimes you can be a prick.” “Iwa-chAN WHY”

Iwaoi Headcanon

Oikawa had a crush on Iwaizumi since the first year of Middle School. Not knowing how to confess his feelings for the boy, he wrote a Love Letter. The boy tried to put it into the boy’s locker but was too nervous and ended up shaking and nearly crying because he was so gutless. Over the years, he wrote several letters but was never brave enough to give them to his childhood friend. After they graduated Hajime helped Tooru to pack his stuff for college. He found a small box and as he opened it he found a bunch of letters, same of them long and others short. You could see dried tears on them or even blood. After Tooru noticed that the boy found all his letters he began to cry, a sad smile on his face. “I tried to tell you how I feel for you since all those years and no you found all the little pieces of my shattered heart.” Was the only thing he could say.

Waking up with Seijoh


- He tries. He really tries but he’s always late.
- He has three different alarms: one for the first call, the second for the second call, the third to get a fucking move.
- Wakes up at 5 for his morning jog with Iwaizumi and likes to hum k-pop upbeat songs while running.
- Takes 1 hour to get ready after he comes home to shower, cause those hair wouldn’t be that beautiful by themselves, you know
- Has everything ready for the day from the night before
- Usual breakfast includes: coffee with cream, vanilla and loads of sugar, plain toast and nothing more.


- Yoga. The key is yoga. Wakes up at 5 and without opening his eyes starts with the Sun Salutations. After the fifth repeat is really awaken.
- Glares angrily at Tooru for fifteen minutes cause he’s always late for their jog. And Oikawa’s the one who asked him to go. That bastard.
- Ready in 15 minutes: shower, clothes and everything. Never dries is hair with a blow-dryer.
- Hates coffee and sweets before 10 in the morning.
- Breakfast is traditional: hojicha, rice, eggs.

- Morning doesn’t exist.
- Has to makes violence upon himself to literally roll out of the bed.
- Spends three quarter of his available time under the shower watching into nothingness. He’s one of the #no blow-dry bros.
- Eats whatever’s left from the night before, be it pizza, curry or miso soup. He’s like a vacuum cleaner for leftovers.
- Really wakes up while sneakely smoking his first cigarette of the day, usually in the ten minutes stroll to Hanamaki’s house.


- Even if he goes to bed at 4 in the morning can’t sleep after 8 am. He’s usually up before his own alarm rings, even if he’s tired as hell.
- Spends the first ten minutes laying in bed and checking his socials.
- If he doesn’t wash his face first thing after going out the bed, he feels gross.
- No milk or anything of sorts in the morning cause it makes him feel queasy and it doesn’t help his almost won battle against acne.
- Does follow a strict beauty routine because of said acne.
- Sweets and black coffee are everything in the morning.
- Takes off his earrings just before arriving at school.


- Can’t really talk till he has had at least half of his breakfast
- Breakfast is always cereals, possibly crunchy and sugary ones.
- Likes to nap a little on the couch after breakfast when is early
- Can’t go out without a cap in winter cause he can’t stand his ears freezing and falling off
- Biking to school makes him happy and relaxed. It’s almost a meditation.


- Late. Latelatelatelatelate.
- Runs every single morning to school and his hairs are always perfect when he arrives.
- Waking up includes: tumbling out of bed, running to the shower, eating breakfast while dressing, and running for dear life. He likes to say it’s for practice.
- Surprisingly he’s one of the #no blow-dry bros. His hair are just that perfect by themselves.
- Has perfected the art of running to school and not wrinkling his clothes in the process.


- Wakes up at 5. No need to, really, he just likes to wake up early.
- Fried chicken for breakfast YES
- Tons of sweetened ice tea even in December cause he can’t stand hot beverages.
- Usually watches the news while waiting for the right time to shower and be ready for school.
- Never rushes to school cause he’s always half an hour early anyway
- Helps braiding his little sister hairs before leaving.


- Waking up his painless. The alarm rings. Boom. He is awake. Simple as that.
- Takes a good fifteen minutes styling proudly his hair.
- For breakfast usually has toasts, jam, coffee and croissants​ from the bakery down the street where his brother works.
- Always saves one for Kunimi’s endless morning hunger.
- Loves to play Pokémon go on his phone while walking to school till he arrives at Kunimi’s.
- Starts every day with light stretching before showering.


- Hates mornings. Why. Who invented it.
- Usually it’s his older sister who wakes him up after the third fruitless replay of his alarm. She takes off​ his covers, opens the blinds​ and the windows, leaving him in the cold blinding morning light. She’s evil like that.
- Showers and dresses in less than ten minutes
- Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, so it needs to be a feast. If there’s food, he will eat it. Your pantries are not safe around Kunimi in the morning.
- Once, his mother didn’t do grocery shopping for the week and left him to start on Monday with only a pack of cookies. That time he tried to bite Kindaichi when he smelled croissants on him. From that moment, Kindaichi made sure to have backup food for him.
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Finally, the conclusion of my first IwaOi/Haikyuu!! fic. Now, I go cry.