The original Ken Sugimori artwork created for Pokemon Red and Blue can be somewhat hard to find in decent quality. But what seems to be even more rare than that is the artwork Sugimori made for Pokemon Yellow, which matched the stock images from the pokemon anime, but with Sugimori’s ( at the time ) trademark coloring style.

I’d like to find a lot of the Yellow artwork, but like I said, they’re not easy to find. The three on the bottom here are really badly compressed scans I found in a pokemon yellow strategy guide.

Day 297 - Fushigisou | フシギソウ | Ivysaur

Fushigisou’s bulb becomes a bigger red flower bud. Even though it looks light, it’s actually quite heavy. It coils its opposable vines within the flower. They prefer to live in thick jungles.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Pokemon Anthros #1-9

The Bulbasaur line was done a few months back, but I enjoyed drawing them, so I decided to do it again with others. I will probably return to the topic some day, until then, enjoy this little set :)


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