Ivyne, the Shy Seed Pokemon

Ivyne spend most of their lives clinging to the same branch, dangling their vine like arms down to catch insects on their sticky leaves. Sometimes, they grow brave and climb higher into their tree, wrapping around it and slowly sidling up its trunk. Those who ascend to the highest branches are thought to be the ones to evolve.

Kudzuma, the Strangling Pokemon

Unlike their previous evolution, Kudzuma almost never stay in one place, always traveling from place to place with no clear destination. While it may look like their body is one solid mass, it’s actually comprised of thousands of small yet powerful vines woven together. While beautiful and peaceful, this Pokemon unintentionally causes intense amounts of damage simply by moving, as its vines are constantly wrapping around anything in their path with a crushing grip.



The military had its fair share of ups and downs. It opened doors to so many opportunities all whilst keeping you fit. Of course, everyone had days where they ached or simply didn’t want to get up. For Finley, today was one of those days. 

Mason’s second attempt to get him up had failed, with only a grunt to show for it. Sharing a room with a close friend also had it’s ups and downs. Mason was the one who’d convinced him to take the white-hat and join the military, but he was also the one to wake him up most mornings.

“Let me rest.” Finley’s complaint was muffled into his pillow.

Callout post: Meself

-Is name Papa John’s but only eats Digiorno’s pizza, Mark’s Pizzeria pizza, and Pizza Hut pizza 

-Does not have a freezer and freezes my frozen pizza with my soul 

-Says ‘Meself’ instead of ‘myself’ 

-Is a furry (’Meowrt’)

-Says short oo and short u the same way, which means I cuck my dinner insead of cooking it 

-Named John but my icon is George

-Spells inconsistantly (Says ‘realise’ and ‘recognise’, but also ‘realize’ and ‘recognize’. Also says ‘colour’ but not ‘synaesthesia’) 

-sOmEtImEs tYpEs lIkE thIs Or sumtaimz ivyn luik thys

-Likes birds



Nights were always quiet out in the woods, at least they were once everyone had fallen asleep. The sound of crickets and the occasional frog surrounded the building. The cabin was dark, lit only by the moonlight bleeding in through the large sliding doors on either level. 

The peace didn’t promise sleep for everyone, however, as one of the younger members wandered out his room. He was looking for nothing more than a walk, maybe a little fresh air if the sights outside were pleasing enough. 

He approached the railing of the upper-level, looking down at the dim space below. Ivyn had been awake for quite a while, enough time to have acquired the decent night vision of the human race. 

After some thought, he headed down the old stairs to proceed out into the yard.. At least, that was his plan until he caught a glimpse of a silhouette in the corner of his eye. 

He looked over to try confirm whether or not the dark figure actually existed.  It’s presence had startled him, though, there were plenty of others living within the lodge.