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I want to make a print or embroidery featuring unfortunate princesses from history. Ones killed young or perhaps unfairly maligned now. I'm trying to avoid multiples from the same country/ event. I'm looking for 12 as considering a 12 dancing princesses sort of thing. Considering, as I want to treat these ladies with respect and not sure if that will convey what I want. Any suggestions?

OOH boy what a doozy of a question.  Okay, ummmm here, in no order other than the order I thought of them, some “doomed” royal ladies, some more well known than others:

  • Marie Antoinette is possibly the most famous of all (though she wasn’t terribly young when she was killed, most people think of her as a young woman), she was of course guillotined.  Country of origin: Austria, though she became French queen and died in France

  • They weren’t born royal, but they became queens, so both Anne Boleyn and Kathryn Howard, both beheaded by axe.  Lady Jane Grey, the “nine days queen” is also worth looking at from the same period.  So.  England.

  • Also from England… pre England… Boudicca, warrior queen of the Celtic tribe the Iceni.  Fought the Romans, then took poison to avoid being captured by them… if you’re willing to go ancient, that is.

  • And as long as I’m in Ancient times, who could possibly forget the infamous Cleopatra?  There’s also her sister (half-sister, I think, actually) Arsinoe, who was killed on the steps of a temple to Artemis. Ancient Egypt, again if you’re willing to go that far back

  • I can’t make a list of royal ladies who met unfortunate ends without mentioning the last grand duchesses of Russia before the Russian revolution: Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia.  All were shot by Bolsheviks.  Olga is my personal favourite, but Anastasia is the most well known.

  • From my beloved Byzantine Empire, there is the infamous Empress Theodora, who wasn’t murdered or anything but is rather unfairly remembered, since most people either don’t remember her at all or think she was some sort of hooker turned empress, which is just some vicious propoganda.  Also there is Empress Irene, who was deposed and died in exile, though she was later made a saint of the Greek Orthodox church.  Neither of them were really terribly young when they died though…

  • There’s always Empress Sissi, who was stabbed by an anarchist, from Austria

  • One from Polish history, there’s the very little known Agnes of Badenburg.  Her husband was king of Poland, then deposed, then they spent the rest of their lives in exile.

  • Moving over to Vietnam, there are the Trung sisters, who were, as far as I can tell, Vietnamese military-leaders-turned-queens who tried to fight off the Chinese.  Like Boudicca, they did well at first but Chinese forces were too much for them, so they committed suicide to avoid capture.

  • Caroline Matilda, originally born in England but her FASCINATING story belongs to Danish history, as she became Queen of Denmark.  Her husband, Christian VII, was… to put it lightly, he was very mentally ill and not really capable of running a country.  Caroline Matilda became lover to his physician Struensee - Christian’s mom found out, had Struensee executed and Caroline Matilda imprisoned.  CM later died of Scarlet Fever.

  • Juana of Castile - “Juana la Loca” or “Juana the Mad”.  From Spain, this poor dear lost her sanity entirely after the death of her husband, Philip the Handsome

  • Blanche of Bourbon is worth a mention, even if I already covered France with Marie Antoinette, if only cos Blanche was literally trapped in a tower.  That’s right, the princess in a tower thing isn’t just a myth!

  • Princess Ka'iulani is also pretty tragic, in that she worked to prevent Hawaii becoming annexed by the USA, but died young and Hawaii became a US territory anyway.  

Please pardon if this list is a bit Eurocentric.  I would love love love to have more queens and princesses from Asia, Africa, pre-colonial America, etc.  But unfortunately I don’t know much about the history of those areas, and don’t want to misrepresent or disrespect any of the lovely ladies of those histories.

As for suggestions on keeping it respectful, personally I think as long as it’s not like portraying them as zombies with their wounds or with their murder weapons if they were murdered (i.e. a guillotine motif for Marie Antoinette could be seen as disrespectful) then it should be fine.  That’s just my personal opinion though…  Oh and I would also suggest avoiding really recent ladies such as Princess Diana

This was a really thought provoking question, thank you.  And if you do ever do it I’d love to see it!


Got my Moon Kingdom OP from IvyFrozen today! Don’t really got a suitable necklace to go with it so I’m leaning towards more pearls but… I’ll be wearing it this weekend at Katsucon!!

I’ll probably take nicer photos at the con… still figuring out how best to wear this lol Last lolita purchase for a while, hahaha.