guess who’s back upstairs!! After keeping her in the basement where temps are cooler all summer, I’m thrilled to finally be able to hear the muffled thuds behind me while I work and turn around to see stuff like this. (I think this means she’s happy)

she’s currently hanging upside-down from the feeding ledge with just her back feet

what a flawless gecko child


Gooby got switched over to her big-girl tank today! I lured her in with some food and she worked on it happily for about half a minute before realizing Wait… Something is Different Here. She’s now clinging to her little climbing branch and wondering what her purpose in life is as I speak to her in Portal Turret voice to try to make her feel less anxious. I feel bad for my baby but we all have to grow up sometime!

Cheer up Gooby, it’s alright, look at all the things you get to explore and all the space you have for jumping and climbing! You even have your own little cave so you don’t need to burrow under the paper towel when you want to hide away.

Also I’m going to go ahead and make it official, since I still haven’t seen any pores and she’s not terribly spotty underneath so I don’t think I’m missing them, Gooby is a girl and her official name is Ivy! She’ll still be my little gooby forever and always though <3 I’ll be tagging her posts with Ivyfeets from now on c: because, you know, gecko feets

Very nervous about starting a new job today as a bank teller (??? sure okay I can pull it off) but watching my sleepy gecko and my excited fish and shrimps eat their respective breakfasts helped immensely. Should have fed the gek last night but I was still feeling kind of under the weather so I ended up crashing after I was done with my art, go me.

Watering all the succulents was nice too, I treated a bunch of them for mealybugs a few days ago and they seem to be recovering. Love seeing everything thriving and looking healthy again ;;

Owning critters and plants: anxiety relief 101

(You know, until something goes wrong with them and you’re worried for their well-being and you have nightmares about terrible things happening to all of your pets)

Ivy has a scrape on her nose and my gecko mom fretting is up to 1000% hhhh. she seems to be okay right now, all fired up and eating well and generally enjoying herself but I’m going to keep a close eye on her nose and make sure it gets better.  

I have no idea how she got it?? doesn’t look like rubbing, more like a small gouge (never seen her do any nose rubbing anyways) and there’s literally nothing sharp in the tank, except mAYYBE the plastic greenery. Maybe it could have caused the injury, I’m doubtful but it’s possible if there was an edge that caught one of her scales at the right angle or something 

;; poor bab. hiphiphurray , risque-de-chute , technicolorchameleons - any advice for this one or am I best off just keeping an eye on it until determining that it needs veterinary care? (also just in case, Margaret, what vet do you use? I can’t say I know any in the area that are good with exotics, especially reptiles) Thanks in advance !! D:

edit for potentially useful information: the wound looks fresh, it’s not bleeding freely but has a pinkish, almost red look to it (like you can see the little dotted ends of capillaries where it hasn’t healed over). It almost seems like an entire scale just got pulled out but it doesn’t look identical to the scale pattern on the other side so I can’t be sure. Her tank is clean and she’s well misted so I’ve done basically everything I know how to do for now, but am not against administering basic healthcare if there’s anything I’d be able to safely do myself. 

She’s been like this for the past half hour. Her front half moved but her one back foot is still stuck to the glass lil bb

I’m making her a laybox tomorrow, ever since Maj mentioned that hers laid an infertile I’ve been stressed out about it!! Regardless of all the research I did before getting her, I always skipped over the portions about breeding because I’m not planning on breeding and didn’t realize that nonbreeding females should have layboxes too. Bad reptile mom

I put the empty box in her tank so she can get used to it tonight and bought the organic peat moss and soil on Friday, tomorrow I’ll be burning holes in the container and getting it ready to go c:

apparently my gecko child is a little shit who hisses (????) at strangers I’ve taught her so well :’)

I didn’t think cresties hissed though?? this is according to the person who came over to care for her while we were on vacation idk

aaaand she just pooped on a chair damn it Ivy