Chance Meeting; Rivals in the End? || i-am-the-weapon-ivy

The rising sun hovered above the horizon as a sleeping Death City began to wake. All is as it was, save a figure, strolling down the street. He had felt disturbed about something, as if he was supposed to be somewhere today, so off he went.

His name is Tetsuya Kokubo, a tall, slim man with a sly, intimate face. He was clothed in a black windbreaker jacket with the DWMA insignia on the back, and a set of old jeans. Upon sensing another figure encroaching from behind, he stopped, immediately set on guard. 

"Who are you." He called over his shoulder. 

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This is one of the best times of year for college-bound White Whines. For millions of smart kids across the country, the college rejection letter season marks the first time that any of them have been told “sorry, you’re just not smart enough” and a few, like this girl, just can’t deal with that.

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