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Feel Human

A finished Harley and Ivy fic commissioned by @bakapikananoda

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Was that a knock at the door? Against the howling wind of the storm outside her home, Ivy wasn’t sure, and, frankly, she didn’t much care to find out. It had taken her hours to settle into bed; tossing, turning, getting up and pouring multiple glasses of Schnapps, all routine parts of her nightly ritual, the keys to finally passing out. Most days, it seemed no matter how long she stayed awake, she couldn’t get to sleep naturally.

           Being alone never used to do that to her, make silence louder than the sounds of her greenhouse singing of their love for her. She was beginning to realize that Harley was capable of anything.

           Especially surprising her.

           “Oh good, ya here!” Harley smiled weakly. She was soaked to the bone, nothing on her person but the clothes on her back—a shirt two sizes too big for her, shorts obviously cut from old jeans, the pockets peeking out of the frayed edges. “M-Missed you.”

           Ivy closed her eyes, her nails digging into where she clenched the edge of the door in her hand.

           “Why are you here, Harl?”

           “C’mon, that a tone to use at ya best gal?”

           “Best?” Ivy scoffed. “When have I ever been your best anything, Harley? Get real.”

           “Wait!” Harley leaned to the side, to keep up with Ivy closing the door, but was too late. Ivy had managed to shut it despite the raging pain in her heart. “Ya can’t just leave me out here; it’s raining!”

           How dare she? Again and again, she always came back. Picking, plucking, yanking, stealing, and devouring everything Ivy had in her. She could put up fences and set traps or chase her away in person, but Harley would always come back, and soon her gardens would be ravaged, nothing left over.

           Because she didn’t have the strength to end things for good.

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