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GIRLS IN LOVE → crystal chappell & jessica leccia in guiding light ( 2007-2009 ), venice: the series ( 2009-present ), the grove ( 2013 ), a million happy nows ( ? )
dedicated to ❤︎ @jo-princess-wilson ❤︎

Gotham academy+role models

-Olive looks up to red hood because of how he defends people who’s families have been messed with and how he takes none of batman’s shit
-One time Jason was at the school doing Red hood stuff and olive was just 1000% overwhelmed
-This made Jason 1000% overwhelmed too because ????¿¿!? People look up to me ???!?!¿?
-Colton looks up to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
-TBH he just stumbled into harley while going to his trailer in the woods
-harley:“Hey puddin ya’ know how we were talking about kids”
Ivy:“I know of it”
Harley:“yeah well we have a son now his name is Colton”
-The two of them just let Colton sit in this apartment and complain about his parents and school (and Kyle)
- Ivy gave him a little succulent so she could keep an eye on him
- Ivy:“This way if your family ever puts a hand on you again I’ll know and be able to beat them up”
-Pom likes Cat woman
-honestly tho who doesn’t look up to cat woman
-Independent Cuban woman with a really high education and self-confidence.
- one night she witnesses cat woman escaping a robbery and she yells “Please just be my sugar mama omg”
-Selina starts laughing so hard she stops and almost gets caught.
-Colton uses his moms to hook up Pom so she can actually talk to Catwoman
-Colton:“boi am I about to make your fucking day”
-Kyle and Maps are the only ones from a pro-batman family
-Maps is super embarrassed that her hero knows her as the kid who got Damian expelled on his first day at a real school.
-Still not embarrassed enough that when she was invited as Damian’s plus one to a fancy Wayne gala she refrained from playing deep throat by cupcakke from the speakers
-that was also known as the time she was running way from Bruce and face planted into the entrance to the bat cave
-For Halloween everyone dressed as their respective role models
-olive:red hood
Colton: harley
Pom:cat woman
Kyle: batman (he saw his friends were uncomfortable and changed in the end)
- maps was too small to get a regular robin costume and had to get the “girl” version
- Damian actually ended up dropping by on Halloween and found it hilarious that people would even sell something like that
-of course they knew they were almost the same exact size and needed to switch costumes
-only problem was Damian forgot to switch back and had to go on patrol as sexy robin
-also the batfam saw the pictures he took of the club and were generally confused
-tim:“why are your friends so against us good guys, you’re the only one in the family that’s attracted such anti-hero people”
-Damian: “super boy”