ivy lewis*

bare things
  1. epiphany is so important
  2. jason and peter are gonna be together forever sorry i don’t make the rules
  3. jason just wants to kiss and cuddle his boy all the time
  5. everyone auditions for the play. i love my theatre nerds
  6. peter is so shook when jason auditions
  7. every girl wants jason but jason only wants peter
  8. nadia and matt’s friendship is really nice and underrated
  9. i would die for nadia mcconnell
  10. jason and nadia’s hug after plain jane fatass
  11. also nadia and peter’s friendship
  12. jason and peter’s dancing in wonderland.             ok
  13. nadia wanting to try on some of ivy’s clothes
  14. peter and jason dancing together at the rave, not even caring 
  15. peter pulling jason in by his shirt
  16. jason alway pulling peter along by holding hands, no matter where they are
  17. “i finally nailed my girlfriend.” “i blinked and it was over.”
  18. “i’ve never felt this way before. have you?” “yeah, once.”
  19. i wish your piñata were that big
  20. jason has explicitly said that peter is his soulmate
  21. peter wants to marry jason
  22. peter’s known he’s gay since he was 12
  23. claire calling jason her son in law (?)
  24. sister chantelle was very aware of jason and peter’s relationship and supported it 
  26. peter and sister chantelle’s hug after god don’t make no trash
  27. nadia knew about jason and peter and always supported them, even though jason never knew
  28. the way the music evolves, like how nadia’s solo parts in promise are in the tune of quiet night at home. at the end of touch my soul, after jason breaks up with ivy, we hear the first chords of all grown up. at the end of promise we hear the first chords of no voice.
  29. jason and nadia’s relationship
  30. ivy and nadia’s hug
  31. the show blatantly obviously says that peter and jason are romeo and juliet
  32. jason wanted to spend every one of his last moments with peter
  33. “father we were so in love. that’s what i find so odd, our love was pure and nothing else brought me closer to god.”