ivy league,

envision yourself exactly where you want to be. what motivates you? picture that, and never let it go. keep it in your mind and heart as you construct a plan to achieve what you want. with discipline and some confidence, you will reach your goal. you will.

The SAT was created by a noted racist and anti-immigrant activist who had previously written difficult, biased exams intended to prevent immigrants from becoming citizens. Happy test day!!

To my studyblrs x

If you’re running low on motivation remember that my mock exam grades were;

Maths B
English Lit C
English Lang B
Physics C
Bio B
Chem B
History A*
economics A*
Second Language B

And that everyone told me to stop hoping for Ivy leagues and Cambridge but when my real IGCSE grades came out they were A*s throughout.

So no matter how shit things are right now they won’t be the same always. You need to focus and you need to work right.

Please fire me. I work at an coffee shop near an Ivy League campus and these spoiled, rich students are generally terrible customers. And one time, a parent of one of these kids came in, and was digging around for the change for her coffee. When she realized she didn’t have it, she reached her slimy old hand into my tip jar and pulled out the change she needed!