ivy league

  • Douchey boy on train:So, you’re heading into Manhattan?
  • Me:Yes…?
  • Him:Cool, cool. If you want I could give you my number, take you on a tour?
  • Me:I am actually from the city, so I’m good.
  • Him:Nice, nice. I go to COLUMBIA.
  • Me:That’s great.
  • Him:Columbia is an Ivy League.
  • Me:I’m aware.
  • Him:So where you go to school? I bet you’re a women’s college type of gal, am I right?
  • Me:Nope.
  • Him:Aww, too bad. I wish we had girls like you at Columbia, but I guess you can’t be pretty AND smart.
  • Me:
  • Him:
  • Me:I go to Harvard.

I just found an amazing scholarship and college research website.  

It is called raise.me and it basically gives you mini scholarships for doing things like getting an A in a course, doing community service, or just taking an AP class in general. 

For example, you can receive up to $6,000 for a school because you completed over 200 hours of community service.

$30 per hour you work.  Guys, that is nearly triple minimum wage. 

Also, a few other schools offer mini scholarships for students who get B’s in a class or are taking a foreign language for more than 2 years. 

This is the scholarship website we’ve been looking for. 

Now you don’t have to spend dozens of nights writing scholarship essays when you can make money throughout your school career. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word of this website. It is very helpful and will provide many people with the opportunities to graduate college!

Please fire me. I work at an coffee shop near an Ivy League campus and these spoiled, rich students are generally terrible customers. And one time, a parent of one of these kids came in, and was digging around for the change for her coffee. When she realized she didn’t have it, she reached her slimy old hand into my tip jar and pulled out the change she needed!

The truth about appblr

Today, I watched as one of my best friends was rejected/waitlisted to a total of 14 schools. And it really made me question the system. There are things you just can’t capture in an essay. Like how she always holds the door open for people or how she cares for her baby brother. She works hard and gets good grades, but doesn’t have that extra *wow* factor which would allow her acceptance at some of the more selective schools. 

And yet, I feel I (along with others) that I  have wasted so much time in the system- no matter what the results were. I remember the first time I took the SAT, I scored a 2200. But that was not good enough, I spent a whole month prepping again until I scored 2350 the second time around. So yes I improved but did spending (wasting) a month on the SAT transform me into a smarter person or a more empathetic human being? No.

I question why kids volunteer nowadays… So they can put it on an application? High school students are joining clubs when they have no interest in the subject but need activities to put down. It’s annoying when you want to take charge in an activity you truly have passion for, but someone who just wants the title goes for it. In the end, debt is the only thing I received. 

I go to a competitive school where everyone is judged at the end of senior year for where they go to college. It’s such a damaging concept. But I’m glad I joined appblr, because while you shouldn’t be a good student because you want to get into a school, you should be a good student, period. Because you can actually learn a lot in AP classes, you can have alot of fun in extra curriculars and life changing experiences are life-changing no matter how nice they would look on commonapp.

This week, when I was accepted to Johns Hopkins, I really should have been excited. But instead all I felt was…nothing. All the acceptance meant was that my SAT scores were higher than their average and that my essay was readable and that a couple random adults on the east coast thought I was a “good candidate” whatever that means.

Yes, the campuses are pretty. But so are Coach purses. I think, no matter where you are, you will always find opportunities. It’s so sad as I watch sophomores and juniors get eaten up by this process. I’m not saying don’t apply to selective schools because they are bad, I’m just stressing that your mind should never be consumed with college admissions.