ivy day


             The Ladies of Shipwrecked Present: Pin-Up Gotham Sirens

Sinead, Sarah, and MK wanted to do vintage pin-up versions of the Gotham Sirens for a fun and simple project in between our bigger things. Thanks to our photographer extraordinaire David Cater and his lovely wife Genevieve for helping us bring Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn to life in this way! Hope you enjoy our shots, and Happy Valentine’s Day, puddin’!


Took a break from comics to draw my favorite ladies!! I’m not in love with how this turned out, but they can’t all be winners!

I do like how their outfits came out though. I may do more with those sometime.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely @art-of-urbanstar! Love ya, Red! 💘

And happy Valentine’s Day to y’all out there!

“There are more black people in Beyoncé right now, than in Trumps entire cabinet team”

Zoë Kravitz as Poison Ivy


Hello friends, I accidentally deleted my original black out post so pls forgive me! 😔😞
So yeah, I heard black out wanted to focus on art and stuff so I decided to post some of my art and a couple selfies to go along with it, HAPPY BLACK OUT! 😘😊