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The little lives behind 🌿The Green🌿

Make friends with the spiders, bees, worms, and other garden life out there!

They play an important part in The Green, and are just as worthy of our attention as our plant-like friends.

Talk to the spiders. Observe them, think about them (be responsibly wary of venomous varieties, but please do not impulsively kill all spiders unfortunate enough to find themselves in your line of sight).

Use plants that help the bees, and charge them with an intent to bless all who rest there.

Save worms stranded on sidewalks, bring them to a place of safety and wish them well.

Being caring and connected to plant life goes beyond the plants themselves, and these little souls are just as worthy of a little love as your beloved Rosemary bush.


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Poly roadrat with 16?

Lost in a forest/corn field/etc


- “This is why I said not to follow him” Mako said looking at you with what you could only guess was a stern look, behind the mask it could have been anything but you’d learned to read his tone by now.

- “Well we were lost anyway?” You chuckled weakly as you pushed past another branch, the forest was thick, you’d taken a short cut or rather had listened to Jamie’s advice.

- “Pfft wot ya dipsticks mumbling about? I ‘ave a great sense of direction!” He sniffed absently and peeked over a bush, looking around, trying to mask his look of confusion.

- “Jus’ looks all different in the night….” He cackled but you could tell it was some what awkward and forced as he turned to give you both a toothy grin, it reassured neither of you.

- You sighed and carried on holding your larger boyfriends hand as you carried on walking through the dense forest that was between your home and where Lucio had invited you all to a party. 

- “Just abit more mates…” He stepped over some things before falling face first into a bush. Ivy had tangled around the joint of his metal leg and he was cursing and screaming at the greenery.

- Mako rolled his eyes put picked the lanky Junker up and pulled the vines off. You couldn’t help but smile at the silly scene. “I wish we could get there faster… it’s Halloween and we are all alone….”

- “PFFFT Don’t be scared.. me an’ pig face are the scariest lookin’ things out ‘ere…” Junkrat shrugged and stood with his hands on his hips like it was nothing at all. Mako grunted and pushed past the bush holding it for you both.

- “Chances are whatever’s out there would have smelt Jamie and already assumed it was a rotting corpse and backed off”

- You chuckled when Junkrat made a splutter of righteous indignation when he had been insulted. He started to threow berries and twigs at Mako as he carried on ranting at his larger boyfriend about how he just had dick breath because Mako never cleaned his cock. Both you and said mask wearing man just ignored him, the items bouncing off of Mako anyway.

- “Fuckin’ ganging up on me.. spose abuse is wot it is I tell ya….abuse!” he huffed before the trees started to thin and you could see a house all lit up, Lucio’s music was blasting out of it.

- Jamie just gave you both a look, bushy brows furrowed in annoyance with his hands outreached in a TA DA motion. You stepped over to Junkrat and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I never doubted you” you pinched his cheek and walked past.

- “Even so, we are going home the long way later or I might kill you and leave you in the woods…” Roadhog’s booming voice came form the mask as he pat Jamie on the shoulder, walking past.

-”Fuckin’ love ya guys too”


September 1, 2016. A little surprise for someone I love. A flower arrangement with different flowers and leaves from my garden. Three different sorts of roses, scabiosa, snowberry, phlox, goldenrod, butterfly bush and ivy.
My old embroidered flower tray looks so well together with the bouquet. I can’t take my eyes of it.
I just want flowers in my life🌸

Our Best Friend Wedding - Chapter 3 (Biadore) by Sadie

A.N.: Finally time to another chapter, this one is a little more personal to me. I swear this is getting even better than I thought it would and I am really glad you are enjoying and following this crazy story with me! And to make everything easier I made a navigation page for OBFW, that you can find all the previous chapters, just click here! Don’t forget that the italics are for flashbacks and to let me know what you thought! Xx Sadie

Trigger Warning: Violence and abuse.

Chapter three: Nude

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Seventeen At a Campground

Seungcheol: Are you guys ready to become one with nature?!

*The rest of Seventeen look unamused*

Seungcheol: Okay, well then let’s start setting up tents. DK and Mingyu get the stuff out the trunk, make sure you get the food

*DK and Mingyu look through the trunk*

Mingyu: Um, hyung, we left the food

Seungcheol: WE WHAT?! Alright just calm down Seungcheol, everything will be okay

Vernon: We’ll just fish

Wonwoo: With what fishing reel?

Woozi: We did One Fine Day, we can do anything at this point

Seungkwan: DK, Hoshi, and I will go find a lake and go get fish

Seungcheol: Alright

Jeonghan: I need help setting up the tents

*Seungcheol and Joshua both rush over*

Seungkwan: *shakes his head* This is gonna be messy

*After thirty failed attempts of setting up the tents*

Seungcheol: *throws tents sticks* THATS IT WE’RE JUST USING OUR SLEEPING BAGS
*The rest of Seventeen groans*


Vernon: *coming back from using the bathroom*

Joshua: Vernon what bush did you use to go? I gotta pee

Vernon: *points to the poison ivy bush*

Joshua: *freaking out* Please tell me your lying

Vernon: Nope, and the leaves were soft

Joshua: *facepalms* That was poison ivy

Vernon: DAMN IT

*Once night falls*

Woozi: I’m gonna go find a bathroom spot.

Joshua: Watch out for poison ivy unlike some people *looks at Vernon*

Woozi: Yeah I’m not that dumb


Wonwoo: Mingyu, come change into this

*shows him a bear costume*

Mingyu: What for?

Wonwoo: Revenge. *evil smirk*


Woozi: *looking for a place to take a shit*

Random woman: Awe sweetie are you lost?

Woozi: No, I have to take a shit and I’m 19!!!

*Night falls*

*Back at the site*

*The remaining members of Seventeen are sitting around the campfire*

Joshua: *playing the guitar* Gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song, our C-A-M-M-P-F-

Dino: Hyung, are you really singing spongebob


Minghao: Jun, you’re burning the marshmallows

Jun: Crap! That was our only dinner!


Hoshi: I think we’re lost

Seungkwan: No kidding

*sees Mingyu and Wonwoo in the bear costumes*


*They all take off running and they ran back to camp*

Seungcheol: Who’s that screaming and yelling?

Jeonghan: *recognizes the high pitched screams* DK, Hoshi, and Seungkwan. I don’t know why they’re running

*The rest of Seventeen sees Seungkwan, Hoshi and DK running from the “bears” and then they start running*

Seungkwan: Eomma!

Joshua: Would you shut it, I’m trying to focus on not dying!

Vernon: *scratching his ass while running*

Jeonghan: *on Seungcheol’s back* Hurry!

*They reach a dead end*



*they all start screaming*

*Mingyu and Wonwoo take off the bear heads laughing*

Wonwoo: Gotcha!

Seungcheol: *mad as hell*

Jun: Ohh shit *goes in front to get a good look of the beat down*


Seventeen: *groans*

*They pack up and get on the road*

Jeonghan: *to Seungcheol* Hyung, I think we’re missing something

Seungcheol: *immediately slams on the breaks*

Everyone: WOOZI!!!

*Back at the camp site*

Woozi: *finally returning to camp from taking a shit* THESE TWATS FUCKING LEFT ME!!

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