ivy building

hogwarts houses & christmas asethetics

gryffindor ; slipping into coffee shops to keep out of the cold, big cozy parkas, snow ball fights - no - snow ball wars, flannel, doc martens, board games by the fire, building excessive snow forts, ugly christmas sweaters, big knit mittens, living in leggings or skinny jeans despite the cold, eating all the christmas oranges and all the baking before anyone else can, watching arthur christmas, putting up the tree on december 1st, trying to stay up all night christmas eve

ravenclaw ; reading under heavy blankets, braving the cold to take pictures of the trees when they’re perfectly dusted with snow, cashmere turtlenecks, always holding a cup of steaming tea, reading robert frost, burning candles to stay warm, mom jeans and big woolly socks, baking cinnamon buns, putting up all the fairy lights, building igloos, making paper snowflakes, watching the polar express, always cold and sleepy

hufflepuff ; oversized woolly scarves, chatting and reading by the fire, hot cocoa with heaps of whipped cream, bean boots, walks through fields of snow, baking sugar cookies, making snow angels, walking around the house with a blanket wrapped around them, always smelling like a warm vanilla candle, knitting everything, picking out christmas trees, always in holiday pyjamas, making christmas puns, planting poinsettias, watching elf over and over and over  

slytherin ; still walking around in heels like the snow and ice don’t exist, slim fitting woolen overcoats, all black everything, apparently never cold, beanies with a fur pom pom, watching the snow fall late at night, leather gloves, decorating with ivy and mistletoe, building snowmen and ice sculptures, berry lipstick stains on red starbucks cups, watching the holiday, waking up way too early christmas morning and getting up anyways

New Beginnings

On your first day of college, you’re introduced to Kim Jonghyun, a kind third-year student. As your time in university progresses, you experience many of your college “firsts” with him, leading you to fall for the junior. 

  • ft. yuehua sprouts as your best friends (pls ignore their ages omg)
  • also if i ever do the frat au series, it will be in the same universe as this fic
  • 4.5 k words
  • warnings for alcohol, drugs, attempted use of date-rape drugs

You sighed, staring at the pamphlet in your slightly shaking hand before glancing around quickly. It was the first day of college, and you were supposed to be meeting your mentor/guide for the first time; he was thirty minutes late.

“Um, excuse me?” A kind voice asked you from behind the student services desk. A tall guy stood there, dressed in a black t-shirt and ripped black jeans. His black ensemble was complimented with, you guessed it, black hair. “Did you need something?”

“Uh, yeah,” you nodded, scrambling to show him the paper with your mentor assignment, “I was supposed to meet my mentor here, like, half an hour ago, but he isn’t here.”

The guy glanced at the paper with a frown. When he saw who your mentor was, he sighed and shook his head, tsk-ing under his breath.

“I can try giving him a call if you’d like?” The guy offered, “I’m pretty close with him. What time’s your first class?”

You checked your timetable first and then your watch, wincing. “Fifteen minutes?”

The guy shook his head again, pulling his phone out and punching something into it, lifting it to his ear.  The phone rang a few times before someone picked up. “Minki, where are you?…No, it’s your first day of mentoring! The poor girl’s been waiting for half an hour, where the hell are you?…. You’re what? How much did you drink last night?….. Minki, really?” He waited for the person to hang up before turning to you with an amused grin.

“Looks like I’ll be taking you to your first class,” he said, walking around the desk that he’d been working at. “Hyung, cover for me!” He yelled to the back, taking your timetable gently. “I’m Kim Jonghyun, a third year student here.”

“(Y/n),” you introduced yourself, “I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but why isn’t my mentor here?”

Jonghyun gave you a crooked smile, “he’s uh, he’s still drunk from the night before. To be honest, I’m surprised he’s even in this mentor program to begin with.”

“Oh,” you’d obviously heard stories about the amount of drinking that happened in college, but to still be drunk the next morning? That was a lot of alcohol.

“Anyways, your first class is in the West Building,” Jonghyun said, heading out of the student services office. You hurried to follow, feeling a bit nervous about your first day at college. “So, are you staying on campus or are you a commuter student?”

“Oh, I’m on campus,” you replied, “I’ve been here for about two weeks getting settled in.”

“How do you like it so far?” Jonghyun asked casually, turning the corner. Someone riding a skateboard at a very high speed was barreling down the sidewalk, so he guided you to the side.

“It’s nice,” you nodded, trying to memorize the way that Jonghyun was taking you, “I like the atmosphere, but the food in the cafeteria sucks.”

“And your roommates?” You appreciated Jonghyun carrying on the conversation—it helped distract you from the fact that this was your first college class.

You shrugged at that question, “they’re nice, but they knew each other from high school, so I’m a bit left out.”

“Ah,” Jonghyun nodded, “Yeah, my first year, I was roommates with Minki and this other super weird guy, Taemin. Taemin, I dunno what the hell happened to him, he’s probably dealing weed to freshmen or something, but Minki and I ended up renting an apartment off-campus with three other guys.”

“That’s cool,” you remarked, impressed. Maybe what people said was true—maybe you did make your closest friends in college.

“Well, here you are,” Jonghyun gestured up at the huge brick building, ivy creeping up its sides, “the lecture hall will be impossible to miss, when you enter, the door is right across the way.”

“Thank you,” you said quickly, accepting your timetable from him, “I know you didn’t have to take me to class, but I appreciate it.”

“It’s no trouble,” Jonghyun smiled at you easily, “and if Minki ever doesn’t show up or anything, you can just ask me for help. Here—“ he produced a pen from his pocket and scrawled his number on the back of your timetable. “Good luck on your first day of classes, (y/n)!”

“Thank you!” You said again, heading inside the lecture hall.

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Culross West Kirk.

Sign posted from the Lockit Well in Culross and surrounded by agricultural land, this was the former parish church of Culross, one of those hidden gems, if you don’t go and look for it, you wouldn’t know it was there.  

A wee bit internet digging and I found out records show that it was “in a ruinous condition.”, before 1633. The church is roofless and a large tree grows inside of the building and ivy on  some of  the walls.   The net also says there are at least three graves from the 16th century, we didn’t see them, but there are 17th century headstones, I will sort out and post later.  

There are some really interesting graves, some in remarkably good condition, for being in the middle of farmland it is quite sheltered from the elements, which is probably why a lot are pretty intact. 

There were two German lassies visiting and we chatted to them, Outlander fans, doing a tour of locations, I have since found it  was ‘The Black Kirk’ and Where Claire saved a wee boy. 

A legend that mentions the old Kirk tells that a Ley tunnel is believed to exist beneath Culross Abbeys and said to sit in the tunnel is a man in a golden chair waiting to give valuable treasures to anyone who succeeds in finding him. 

According to one story, many years ago a blind piper found the tunnel  upon with his dog he proceeded to search and could be heard playing his pipes as far as the West Kirk.Eventually the dog emerged into the daylight, however the piper was never seen, or heard of again. 

Dick Grayson/ Nightwing X Reader X Jason Todd/Red Hood- Love Toxin (Part 2)

I am on a roll! Since it’s Spring Break for me, I’m planning on writing at least one fic per day, so I might be able to open my requests soon!! YAY!!

Part 1

You cringed at the smell of over intoxicating plants that littered the streets of Gotham.  Obviously you were dealing with the one and only Poison Ivy, who was currently making plants swing at you.  Dick and Jason were right behind you taking care of all the civilians and plants while you were attempting to deal with Ivy.  It had only been a few weeks since your leg had healed and you could join the family on patrol again, but you still held a grudge against Poison Ivy for making the boys act like lovesick puppies when you still had time to recover from your broken leg.  You still wanted to test out your new taser on Killer Croc for making you go through that.

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taylor swift albums as concepts

taylor swift: you walk bare foot in the grass far far away from everyone you know. you can hear a stream running and formations of birds eclipse the sun. you are writing in a leather bound journal and drinking tea from a floral flask. you are too young to be worried about everything but old enough to be far from carefree. you dip your feet in the water. you smile at the sky. the world is very small and you feel safe.

fearless: the sky is silver after the rain as you look out through sheer curtains. you are awake before the rest of the world and everything is quiet, like the clouds are cotton wool muffling the sound. your legs are tangled in crumpled white bed sheets. you are wearing pale knitwear and reading classic fiction. on your windowsill are flowering houseplants. you are alone but with every inward breath you can feel your pieces coming back together. you are the eye of the storm.

speak now: you are at a ball, the kind that is reminiscent of bygone eras. people around you are beautiful but cold like marble, the swish of chiffon skirts and the whisper of polite conversation. champagne tastes like the heavens. chandeliers hang over head like a weight on your shoulder. you sneak outside to the garden, nothing here is refined. ivy clings to the building, roses climb upwards towards the stars. you converse with the moon like an old friend, and she tells you secrets. 

red: you ride your bike down cobbled streets and wave to the woman at the bakery. later you will go and buy freshly baked bread. you ride past the canal and laugh at the ducks. the sunshine is pale and so is your smile. there is a basket on the front of your bike full of wildflowers. an empty locket hangs on your neck. you used to visit museums and galleries with someone you love. now you don’t. you have realised that there is a beauty in just getting up and getting on with things. you are art too. 

1989: your kitchen in your apartment is always full of your friends, talking and laughing, and sat on work surfaces and sticking spoons in the sauce you are making. somebody is mixing cocktails. badly. your face aches because you are laughing so much you can barely catch your breath. your friend takes pictures of you candidly while you cook and you fend them off with a wooden spoon. david bowie’s ‘heroes’ is playing and everyone is telling stories about people they used to be. the world is very big but you are not alone. you feel safe.

Okay, but have I ever told anyone about this Urban Fantasystuck AU I have?

·         Megidos- ghosts or mediums, there are technically two AUs because of that

·         Nitrams- Reverse Minotaurs/Bull Centaurs

·         Captors- Naga People

·         Vantases- Vampires

·         Leijons- Cat People

·         Maryams- Vampires

·         Pyropes- Dragon People

·         Serkets- Spider People

·         Zahhaks- Centaurs

·         Makaras- Incubi

·         Amporas- Sea-Centered Storm Spirits

·         Pexies- Mermaids

But it’s my personal favorite type of Urban fantasy, which means:

·         All the species are intermingled and living together and magic is as common as technology

·         There are completely new cultures and the cities themselves are alive with magic and wildlife and have personalities of their own

·         The citizens take care of their cities by cleaning them up and not littering and decorating them with gardens and chalk drawings and the out-of-control forces of nature creeping in, there’s ivy on every building

·         The cities in turn take care of them, buildings sheltering people on the sidewalk from the rain and roads swallowing up would-be criminals

·         You walk down the street and a deer walks beside you, unafraid and content, it’s hooves clicking against the pavement

·         Squirrels and rabbits hop from mini-clearing-alley to mini-clearing alley, disappearing into the tall green grass and strong trees as the sound from a brook washes over you

·         A selkie plays in the fountain in the town square, and children of all ages and species jump in with her to escape the summer heat

·         Peddlers are standing in booths in the city market, selling jewelry and clothing and blankets and other suck homemade things, enchanted with protection spells and glamours and things

·         Cat lovers put charms on their kitty’s collar to keep her safe as she roams the city and also keeps her from activating anyone’s allergies so she get pets from anyone she wants

·         Clubs for magic at schools!! Magic Boy/Girl Scouts! To be an Eagle Scout or get the Girl Scout Gold Award you must have at least one alchemy merit badge and one or more of the four Elemental Merit badges

·         A little girl gardening with her dad learns that if she concentrates really hard she can make the plants grow faster and thats how her family find out they have some wood nymph in them

·         PTA meetings with all manner of species there to make sure their kids are learning all about everyone correctly

·         Parents teach their children that it’s okay to have a crush on someone even if they’re not the same species as you, it’s perfectly okay and natural and okay and yes Jackson, even if he’s a boy werewolf and you’re a boy vampire

·         The school lunch lady is a witch who makes healthy and delicious lunches

·         The school security is a pack of baby griffins

·         You are required two years of magical study; if you scare an A in both, have a recommendation from a teacher, and passed the AP exam, you can take a remedial –mancy study

·         Every sport must allow magical beings to participate, to a point. Water nymphs and merfolk have their own swim teams. Centaurs have their own track league

·         Schools and workplaces must have an indoor garden for plant people to rest in

·         Speacking of workplaces, there are specific jobs and activities and such created to help magical beings with special needs

·         There are blood drives for vampires

·         There are places for summoning spirits so you can speak to loved ones or study for a history exam/project. The public library has a heavily charmed, dark back corner where you can summon any ghost who gave up their body for public use (volunteer sacrifices, donated to science, organ donors, ingridiants for rare spells) and decided to stay in the library to continue to help people. After seven p.m. the ghosts can use the library for themselves and walk around freely

·         Hotels where people help incubi and succubi feed off of their sexual energy and these hotels are clean and cozy and have all manner, both magical and mundane, of protections against STDs and pregnancy and sexual assault

·         Incubi and succubi often work at health clinics

·         Devil/Demon lawyers

·         With the good, however, also comes the bad

·         People get addicted to all kinds of magic and magical herbs, which in too high an amount can have effects never intended

·         With all kinds of species comes all kinds of racism and specism that people have to conquer and get over

·         People use their powers and magic for ill intent; mind control in particular gains a bad reputation

The best part of this AU is that it doesn’t even have to be a Homestuck AU it can stand on its own and I really love it okay

all the thanks to @creative-classpect for helping me flesh it out more with the world building and also figuring out a species for the Amporas


Ivy Cottage

The whole building is just empty. No dishes (except for the single broken jug), no garden furniture or any other furniture at all, no BBQ equipment or trails of parties gone by. The only thing we find is an assortment of wipeable tablecloth by the yard, mounted on some stakes under the ceiling.