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The Kiss Felt Round the World

So, we have to talk about it, don’t we?

On twitter, I’ve dubbed this the kiss felt round the world and I think it’s appropriate. How long have I waited to see an in continuity, canonical kiss between these two? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’ve been shipping Harley and Ivy since the episode of BTAS “Harley and Ivy.” Decades.

So if you’re unfamiliar, this panel is the final scene in the digital first version of bombshells #42, by Marguerite Bennett. I’ll get to it in a minute, but this panel isn’t the only great part of this comic. No, for now we definitely need to address this kiss.



This is not a scene between two hot girls meant to titillate straight guys. It’s not queer baiting either. This is the culmination of an entire issue of flirting between two women. It felt right. It felt organic. Which should make sense, because Harley and Ivy have been building toward this for over twenty years now. One of the reasons, as a bisexual woman, I have always gravitated to Harley and Ivy is because it always felt real, organic, and never really pandering to me the way certain other comics and their LGBTQ subject matter/characters have. At no point has anyone ever shown a giant flashing red arrow pointed at Harley and Ivy saying, “look, we have teh gayz.”

Oh, to be fair, their relationship has been a tease for most of its existence. We’ve all seen the Bruce Timm art…

I can assume that most people reading this blog have read Harley and Ivy, which is basically a three issue miniseries of one long innuendo between our girls. It’s always been in the background, despite the insistence of the deniers – – and they are out there. One of the frustrating things about this ship is all the plausible deniability that DC has baked into their canon appearances.

“Oh, they’re just close friends.” “They’re like sisters.” “#Friendshipgoals”

"The Joker is Harley’s soulmate.”

I still am unsure why DC doubles down on this deniability. I suspect it’s easier to sell Joker/Harley to homophobic tween hot topic girls. They buy the merch.

Now, I must point out, that bombshells is by no means canon. Still, this is literally only the second time in a published DC book where we’ve seen a mutual, non-humorous kiss between these two (and the other time was a sliver of a panel depicting Harley’s memories.)

At least, as far as I know. I don’t presume to be an expert, and if someone has evidence to the contrary by all means link me and refer me so I can read it for myself.

Now this isn’t to take away from the work that Jimmy and Amanda have done on Harley Quinn. They’ve loaded that book with innuendos, some very explicit, and hinted at a relationship quite a bit. Unfortunately most of what we see on panel feels more like close friends then romantic partners. It keeps that plausible deniability in place. Yes, they told us

but as any writer knows, show don’t tell. Still, it was a huge victory to have some confirmation. As recently as Harley Quinn #25 they were still throwing innuendo out, and when Ivy let Harley make out with her new boyfriend she was asked “are you jealous?” Clearly not a question you tend to ask someone’s “just best friend.”

The fun part of this for me was finding out that Marguerite Bennett didn’t really know she was dropping a match on a powder keg. She sort of assumed it was pretty canon, so she was surprised at the reaction. It’s understandable. Harley and Ivy are so ubiquitous as a couple in the fandom, with art, fiction, cosplay – – you name it, people tend to link them romantically in their heads.

I exchanged some tweets with her this morning

"Harley and Ivy is the most natural thing in the world, right?” Poetry.

I come at this whole situation as a fan of Poison Ivy first, Ivy Harley shipper second. I’ve supported the ship, I’ve written tons of awful fanfiction, I’ve even cosplayed with a friend as Harley and Ivy, I’ve been involved for a couple of decades now, and I can honestly say that I’m really happy, but also very frustrated.

There is no real reason we can’t have this in the main continuity too.

As touched on earlier, it’s not just the kiss either that makes this book important. They spend the entire time flirting. Harley mentions, “her fella,” quite a bit, and we learn Harley’s back story, but there is a beautiful scene where Harley dismisses someone referring to a master, which I loved to see.

I didn’t actually warn about spoilers the beginning of this, so I’m not going to go into too much else. I recommend reading it for yourself, follow Marguerite Bennett on social media, read her stuff. We’re not through with Harley and Ivy in bombshells, so I’m really curious to see where this goes.

You Should Come With a Warning: Chapter Two

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my favorite thing about large university campuses is that there’s all these little hidey holes to be found like the top floor of the bio building with ivy growing up the walls and the best view of the sunset over the campus or the secret trail through the greenhouses under the willow trees that’s lined with ivys and vegetables or the path to the pavilion by the pond that has lights that make the trees glow orange like fall no matter what time of year or the observatory with the perfect view of the night sky aah i love those kind of places that make you feel like you have the world to yourself even in the middle of thousands of people