ivy bean

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Name: Aemilia

Nickname: There are so many omg. Bee, Honeybee, AnarchBee, Green, Green Bean, Ivy… there a lot more but i’m not going to get into that right now. (like almost all of my friends have different nicknames they call me)

Zodiac sign: Libra

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Height: 5'7 i think but i haven’t actually checked in over a year.

Orientation: asexual / (demi?)panromantic

Ethnicity: i live in Canada and my european family (scottish/irish/english?) has been here for quite a few generations, i’m also metis and acadian.

Favorite fruit: honestly no idea.. cucumber maybe.. or oranges. strawberries are cool too. so are lemons.

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book series: Percy Jackson or the Graceling Trilogy,, OR Virals!

Favorite fictional characters: Katsa, Bitterblue or Saf from the Graceling Trilogy. um. why cant i remember any more.

Favorite scents: basically anything burning lmao. except for hair.

Favorite color: green.

Favorite Animal: i love all animals but i especially love pigeons, cats, wolves.. i,, bees?

Favorite artist/singer/band: i can not choose one… rise against, against me!, anti-flag, dropkick murphys, there’s more that should be here but i’ve got shit memory

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: i like tea but coffee has caffeine lmao also i hate chocolate.

Average sleep hours: honestly it can be anywhere between 0-8 on any given night.

The number of blankets you sleep with: three

Dream trip: road trip in europe? I mean i’d get to go on a road trip, i’d get to go a bunch of places, and likely meet a bunch of my friends.

Last thing I googled: it was the address of the place where i have a job interview tonight.

Blog created: December 2015, (i had another blog before this one though. I changed blogs because there were too many school people following the old one.)

How many blogs do I follow: 668

Number of Followers: 378

What do I usually post about: memes, discourse, politics, band stuff, punk aesthetic.

Do you get asks regularly: only when i start discourse lmao i get anon death threats (but also plenty of lovely supportive friendly people!

Tagging: anyone is welcome to do this but i guess i’ll tag a few friends they can do it if they want. @confront-your-reflection
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