A creative proposal of epic proportions- I’d love to see her reply done in the same manner.

Designing the Irony of the Obama Campaign

A sample poster designed by Ryan Roche, OFA Staff. 
Cred: Obama for America

If you followed my stint about working/designing for free/people screwing you over, you may enjoy this.

Essentially, the Obama campaign wants to pick the best user-submitted design poster in regards to “putting Americans to work.”  However, they want your work FREE. Not only that, but you are giving up your intellectual property upon submission of this contest- guess what the winner gets? A framed copy of your OWN poster, signed by the president (valued at $195 as per the Rolling Stone article). Does anyone else find this ironic?

This was brought up on behalf of Mike Monteiro, owner of Mule Design, whom I’ve been following on Twitter via @mike_ftw. He also showcased a workshop entitled “**** You, Pay Me,” in regards to setting contracts, making sure you get paid for your work, etc. I highly recommend it.

I guess that’s enough for now. I gotta get back to work.

via Rolling Stone

John Mayer Fender- The Black One

In these two videos, John Mayer discusses the process and story of his signature Fender Stratocaster, The Black One.

One memorable portion of the video is when he first received the guitar- he put it in the freezer because he felt something was wrong; I guess this is normal activity coming from a guy who used to sleep with his guitars thinking he’d be better. It probably worked.

Sorta weird they don’t discuss the special Big-Dipper pickups he uses, but cool videos nonetheless.

Spiders and Spiders and Spiders

I somehow dreamt of giant spiders last night- they were most likely the Golden Orb Weaver (creates gorgeous webs btw), or the Goliath Birdeater, pictured below (and no, I did not mix up the two photos).

Neither rely on a primary diet of birds, cars, and/or small children, but because they are so large- they’ll take down whatever is caught in their web, really.

Both are (relatively) harmless, though their bite is equivalent to wasp sting of sorts. Their eyesight isn’t too great as well.

In the dream, I vaguely remember yelling “Let me get the shovel!”
Shortly after entering the garage to retrieve the shovel, I awoke from the dream.

Golden Orb Weaver- Wikipedia
Goliath Birdeater- Wikipedia 

EDIT: below is an insane video of two behemoth spiders duking it out.