ivoryvapor asked:

Yes!! Why on earth is Peter with Dani? I thought Peter and Megan had a thing? Whatever happen to their thing! It really pissed me off. And why did Megan went on to be with Derek? I was shipping Megan and Peter since the start of the show and everytime BOP airs, its like a fashion show to me. I like the way Megan/Dana is dressed. She sizzles up the screen.

I watch BOP half for Meter and when that happened, a lot of people pretty much threw things. I don’t know where they’re going with it, but it better lead to Meter or I maybe done w/it. Well, maybe not totally, but Meter needs to happen. My mother laughs at me for it, but I love my romance.

ivoryvapor asked:

Hello! I just realise on my dash that its your birthday! happy birthday to you!! Followed your blog not just for Castle but also for Body Of Proof (which i think its an underrated show) and you have the most fabulous gifs on BOP. :)

Awe! Thank you! Right now I’m not too impressed with BOP because of Peter and Dani, but I love Dana.