ivory tusk

Oliphant, 12th century, Almalfi, Italy

Large decorated elephant tusks were used for both religious and secular purposes. They could be employed as drinking vessels, as horns to announce the hunt, or as symbols of feudal rights. Many were given to churches, and some served as reliquary containers. This example shows Christ as the Lamb of God.


Ivory tusk painted with Jewish religious scenes accompanied by titles and quotes in Hebrew. Isfahan, Iran, 1933.

This painted tusk was confiscated by HM Customs at Heathrow, London, because the people traveling with it (presumably the owners) did not have legal proof that this was an antique that had been in their family for more than 40 years. The travelers were probably Jewish Iranians fleeing persecution in the early 1980s.


In honour of Save the Elephants Day (16/Apr) ••• Elephant numbers have dropped by 62% over the last decade, and they could be mostly extinct by the end of the next decade. An estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts. As of 2011, the world is losing more elephants than the population can reproduce, threatening the future of African elephants across the continent. #SaveTheElephants

Artwork by Amanda Mitchell | Direct message her on >>Instagram<< for inquiries about her beautiful paintings.

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this elephant trade fiasco is making me so incredibly sad. honestly i've hated 45 from day one and he's just proving over and over again how vindictive he is. are there any petitions that we could sign to reverse this decision? or has the decision been made yet? i couldn't get a concrete answer online

there are two petitions you can sign:



Planetary Aesthetics
  • Sun: Emperors, Film Scripts, Goldsmiths, Theatres, Colossal Palaces, Mines, Dandelion Fields, Aristocrats, Regency Era, Anatomical Hearts, Liquors, Hexagrams, Alter Egos, Geometrical Designs, Tailored Suits, Jet Trails.
  • Earth: Himalayan Salts, Life Force, Quiet Villages, Honeysuckles, Forest Deers, Nymphs, Crawling Vines, Fossils, Meteor Crates, Arcane Circles, Underground Caves, Banquets, Destroyed Manors, Fairy Circles, Pentacles.
  • Moon: Grand Hotels, Streaming Tears, Boat Rides, Aquariums, Crowds, Seashores, Owls, Moonstones, Coconut, Lotus Ponds, Willow Trees, Tarot Cards, Maiden Voyages, Psychic Abilities, Nostalgias, Unconscious Minds, Moods.
  • Mercury: Twilights, Road Merchants, Wanderlust, Lavenders, White Feathers, Ornate Mirrors, Cryptic Witches, Large Libraries, Journalism, Toned Biceps, Soft Hands, Town Fairs, Tennis Courts, Crossroads, Bicycle Rides.
  • Mars: Lesser Malefic, Bloodshed, Impulsive Decisions, Sexual Prime, Choleric Humour, Liberal Arts, Towers, Wolf Packs, Spicy Food, Surgery Instruments, Furnaces, Sharpened Blades, Pine Trees, Iron Works, Dragon's Blood.
  • Venus: Romantic Dates, Bubbles, Rose Mazes, Plump Apricots, Soothing Baths, Spontaneous Flings, Art Schools, Banks, French Peonies, Foams, Ancient Cultures, Volcanic Islands, Fashion Industry, Blue Veins, Reconciliation.
  • Jupiter: Faith, Purification, Contended Relaxation, Divine State, Enhanced Luck, Royalty, Diamonds, High Kings, Morning Skies, Thunderstorms, Coloured Clouds, Higher Education, Empty Classrooms, Foreign Lands, Thighs.
  • Saturn: Ivory Tusks, Bones, Father Clocks, Grey Weather, Mountain Ranges, Heirloom Rings, Crows, Ravens, Black Smoke, Corpse Candles, Snowdrops, Hierarchies, Coldness, Greater Malefic, Melancholic Humour, Chaotic Minds.
  • Neptune: Vast Oceans, Paracosms, Artistic Expressions, Hypnotic Illusions, Mysticism, Spinal Column, Intoxication, Gentle Fragrances, Coral Reefs, Crystal Castles, Filmmaking, Photographs, Hospitals, Holy Relics.
  • Uranus: Evening Skies, Breaking Conventions, Ascending Revolutions, Genius, Humanitarian Agendas, Heaven's Tree, Oriental Plants, Avant Grande, Incenses, Ripe Mangoes, Supple Chests, Thickened Inks, Inventors, Passages.
  • Pluto: Archeology, Destruction, Doorways, Hidden Qualities, Poisons, Deep Roots, Dark Secrets, Cosmos, Phoenixes, Subconscious, Predictions, Instant Karmas, Narrow Alleys, Secret Societies, Detectives, Destinies.

This is a REAL walrus skull (Odobenus rosmarus), sourced from the Inuit of Northern Canada! With pure ivory tusks, these rare skulls make an incredible additon to any collection, home, or business!

The tusks measure a total length of ~16.5" and we can ship this specimen worldwide (excluding the USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia or Taiwan)!

We are asking $2200CAD (~1765USD). Please allow at least 2 months for permit processing times if you are located outside of Canada.

Our walrus are not killed for their skulls or tusks - they are sustainably and legally sustenance hunted by the Inuit. As much of the animal is eaten as possible and the skulls are only sold to help these northern communities generate additional income.

99c dreams

The empty shelves sing, ivory tusks
against snow-razed backdrops,
children with hollow-wide smiles /
picture perfect teeth, and, beyond
the prismatic world of the photo
frames / entrails of dust.

the cashier at the 7/11 never meets
anyone’s eyes / wears a jacket
that stopped being cool in the
1980’s, when you ask him
what he wants out of life /
he’ll say he’d quite like to
drink until his heart stops.

we pass the boarded windows /
the broken traffic light round Coward St,
the car park / everything here reminds
you of streets you’ve already been on /
hospital beds in the form of clouds /
graffiti that reads: WE’RE REWRITING
THE BIBLE, a gum ball machine
promising candy that’ll make
you eat-your-dreams.

i keep returning to this forsaken
place / it’s like whenever i try to
get away from it / i only seem to
be growing steadily closer /
as if my body’s destined
to be buried here.

I love the        wild herons 

that make their way home to
the marshy outskirts


hushed pinewoods murmur their
muscle of mushrooms misgrown

and the leaves of oakeaves
          swollen like
dark tongues

I cannot revive them;
cannot recall you past the
black hills

of memory

the sun too weak to mimic
or maim
      the lull & lum
of this grieving

don’t make me the stranger,

       [let me]

ivory cumuli tusk the sky

& the leaves fall exhausted
of their own faith

- they tell me nothing

the dawn snapping into courtship
it is hard
             to be taken

What You're Not Saying

Your lips curl around words
You cannot say.
I know.

They oxidize iron
On bitten tongues,
And they

break ivory tusks, and
stain chipped teeth, and

Bitter truths. You’re afraid
to find out they
want to

Be free. Those acidic
words burn holes in

you want kept hidden in
closets and dark

You refuse to meet my
eyes, so your tears
don’t roll

down my face. And your heart
doesn’t break, but
I know.

Theresa May Wants To Bring Back Ivory Trade

In addition to wanting to lift the ban on fox hunting, she also has dropped the Tory pledge to end the UK ivory trade.

The ivory trade is the commercial, often illegal trade in the ivory tusks of the hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal, mammoth, and most commonly, African and Asian elephants.

Around 20,000 elephants are killed by poaching in Africa every year, which means an elephant is killed every 25 minutes.

David Cameron vowed to “press for a total ban on ivory sales” in his 2015 manifesto, echoing a previous promise made in 2010 to eradicate the bloodthirsty practice.

However 2017’s Tory manifesto, released ahead of 8 June’s general election, makes no mention of the pledge.

She said that “Any ban on antique ivory is cultural vandalism, virtually akin to placing a ban on old books because they may be made from paper that came originally from now-endangered trees or antique furniture made from mahogany.”

Meanwhile, the Labour Party introduced a pledge for a “total ban on ivory trading” in its 2017 manifesto.


Vote Labour if you give a single shit about animal rights.

Elephants are now being born without tusks because of poaching

An increasing number of African elephants are now born tuskless because poachers have consistently targeted animals with the best ivory over decades, fundamentally altering the gene pool. In some areas 98 per cent of female elephants now have no tusks, researchers have said, compared to between two and six per cent born tuskless on average in the past.  Almost a third of Africa’s elephants have been illegally slaughtered by poachers in the past ten years to meet demand for ivory in Asia, where there is still a booming trade in the material, particularly in China.

KENYA, Nairobi - Volunteers carry elephant tusks to a burning site on April 22, 2016 for a historic destruction of illegal ivory and rhino-horn confiscated mostly from poachers in Nairobi’s national park. Kenya on April 30, 2016 will burn approximately 105 tonnes of confiscated ivory, almost all of the country’s total stockpile. Several African heads of state, conservation experts, high-profile philanthropists and celebrities are slated to be present at the event which they hope will send a strong anti-poaching message.  / AFP PHOTO / TONY KARUMBA                        


A Guide to Murdoc’s bass, El Diablo (per ROTO). Anyone who’s skimmed through Rise of the Ogre has likely seen the two page spread devoted to explaining every detail pertaining to the make up and quality of Murdoc’s bass (props to him for taking the time to get to know his instrument so well). There are quite a few notable features (like, who knew it was stained in otter’s blood??). I haven’t seen a post that’s adapted it to Tumblr just yet so I thought I’d give it a go. Key listed below the cut:

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