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I wasn’t feeling good at all so I started doodling expressions and ocs and TADA ! It was really fun to do !

Some expressions may never appears on some ocs faces but it is like an … expression … emojis challenge ? 

It was so fun ! èw é Some are very important ocs and/or characters ! Others will appears in stories, some not ! I have many ocs and I am tired to not draw them ! èO é



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Morning Wood

                                  ‘Jung Hoseok loves your mouth’ 

Featuring: Jhope/Hoseok (bts)
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 1.1k


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A/N: Sorry it took so long, I tried to finish this before my vacation but that obviously didn’t happen lol. Please enjoy!

Jung Hoseok loves your mouth.

 A proven fact.

 He loves when your mouth opens wide as you try desperately to contain your laughter.

 He loves when your mouth connects with his in an intimate kiss. A kiss that steals his breath away and has him becoming light headed. Just a swipe of your tongue along his bottom lip has him singing hymns of your name.

 He loves how your mouth releases a string of profanities, whether it be from you screaming in his face or because his head is nestled between your legs.

 He loves your mouth covered in powdered sugar, lips upturned with a giddy smile as he wipes the residue from your lips with the pad of his thumb.

 He loves when your mouth juts out into a pout, whining his name when he isn’t compliant with your wishes. Or when you are lying in bed, breasts pressed up against his sturdy back, and lips just barely grazing the skin of his neck. Your steady breaths causing the tiny hairs on his neck to stand up.

 But the place he loves your mouth the most, is around his rigid cock.

 Hoseok is no stranger to the wonders of what an overactive imagination and a high libido can do. He’s found himself sporting a boner in the early mornings more times than he’d like to admit. It was never a problem when he was alone though, no. He’d gently rub himself through his boxers teasingly, just the way he liked. Not giving himself anymore friction until precum leaked through.

 With you in the bed, was a whole other issue. He always woke up before you and found it easiest to stealthily slip from your hold and into the bathroom. Hoseok took every precaution, leaving the sink running and making sure all of his emission made it into the toilet. He knows you’d have no problem helping him out, but he can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt whenever he entertains the idea of disturbing your slumber. So he’ll settle for his hand instead of your wet warm-

 Hoseok’s eyes flutter open at the dull heat bubbling up in his lower stomach. The first thing he sees is your small hand wrapped around his shaft, tongue generously licking around his swollen tip. The light filtering through the drapes hits you at an angle that makes you look celestial, causing him to groan at the sight.

 “Oh! You’re up.” You say, looking at him through your thick lashes. Like you didn’t have a handful of his cock in your hand. This made him growl lowly.

 You dip your tongue into his slit, garnering a positive reaction as he sucks in a breath, gripping the sheets. You love how easy it is to get Hoseok riled up. Just a mere swipe of the tongue had his breath becoming ragged. His hips were bucking up into your fist needily, loving the cat and mouse game that ensued between the tips of his dick and your tongue.

 “P-please baby, use your mouth more.” He cooed out to you, running an encouraging hand through your hair.

 He didn’t have to tell you twice before your mouth was engulfing his whole length. The stretch, made your jaw ache, but all that was ignored in favor of tuning in on his muffled cries, thighs shaking on either side of you.

 You look up to him, eyes lidded with lust and keep his gaze locked with yours as you fully slide him into your mouth, until his tip is but a hair’s breadth away from tickling your uvula. You let out a muffled purr at the feel of his heat pulsating onto your tongue before sliding him the rest of the way.

 You move to take him out for some air but Hoseok has other plans. He holds your head down, cautiously thrusting into your mouth. Your gagging accompanied by the sloppy noises your mouth makes on his slick cock is like music to his ears and pre-cum dribbles from his tip, some of it spilling out of your mouth and onto his balls.

 Once he loses the strength to hold your head down, you take over, bobbing your head up and down quickly in hopes of pushing him to release. It went on like this for a little, with you deep throating him and taking little breaks for air before jumping back on his dick.

 The sight of you, with drool dripping down your chin, eyes nearly rolled back, and the erotic angle of you on your knees, butt poked out behind you was just too much for poor Hoseok to handle. He deemed it too early for such a view, but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it.

 You moaned around him, sending tantalizing vibrations through the nerve endings lining his spine and toes, sending his back arching into your touch, but you weren’t done just yet. Your hands moved down to cup him warm balls, gently moving them around in your hand, all while swallowing around him. The feel of your throat constricting around him has his shaft pulsing inside of you. 

He was so close, you knew it.

 He pushes at your shoulder to get you up, and you comply, moving to sit on your haunches.

 “O-on your tongue baby, okay?” Hoseok stands so his crotch is level with your face, violently jerking at his length in front of your face.

 “Okay, Hobi.” You stick your tongue out, giving him encouraging little flicks while he works himself to orgasm. You don’t wait long because with a guttural moan, his seed is spurting out onto your tongue in ivory ribbons. You make sure to take all of it, not letting a single drop go to waste.

 Hoseok rides out the last little aftershocks of his orgasm rubbing his length along your cum coated tongue as he slowly retracts back into his skin once more. “Can you swallow all of that for me baby?”

 You eagerly waited for this command and in one gulp you swallowed his essence. The feeling of the sticky substance steadily trickling down your throat. Once you were sure it was all gone you opened your mouth to show him that there was in fact, no more traces of his passion in your mouth.

 He leans down to press a solid kiss to your mouth, licking your lips in the process.

 “Damn baby, with a mouth like that how am I not supposed to brag to the guys about how talented my girlfriend is.” He pats your head in approval and you can’t help but show him a brilliant smile that looked like you drowned in sunshine.

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Kitten (M)

Genre: Smut

Warning: daddy kink, pet play, rough sex, etc.

Characters: CEO!Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 3,650

A/N: Oh god, I can’t believe I’m posting this…

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-          Admin Mochi

             She sat on the queen-size bed, her legs dangling off the edge as she watched Taehyung get ready. He looked absolutely breathtaking dressed up for that evening. She wanted nothing more than to run her fingers through his chocolate locks while he buried his face in the crook of her neck and placed butterfly kisses.

            “Do you have to go?” whined Y/N for the umpteenth time as her hands tugged on his neatly tucked dress shirt messing it up.

             “Baby stop.” He hissed pushing her hands away, which earned him a whimper from the girl. “Yes, I have to, my father couldn’t make it so I’ll be going on his behalf.”

             “And why can’t I go? You usually take me to these kinds of things.”  

             “Because I’m going to be busy networking all night and I won’t have any time for you sweetheart.” He checked himself in the mirror as he buttoned up his suit jacket before turning back to her and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I don’t know when I’ll be back so don’t stay up.” Once she heard the front door shut close Y/N let out a frustrated scream and hit her fists against the soft bed.

             Lately she had been seeing less of him and it bothered her more than she was willing to admit. Y/N was well aware that he was a CEO in training, his father would be leaving him big shoes to fill, but that was no excuse for him to neglect her. She knew he wasn’t doing it on purpose or at least she hoped he wasn’t, but the girl believed that no matter what there should always be time for her. He had always said she was his number one priority, so why wasn’t she being treated like it?

             1:05 AM and still no Kim Taehyung. Even though he had told her not to wait up she had decided to do it anyway, after all she wasn’t all that tired.

            She wasn’t sure if it was the lack of sleep or attention that was fueling her unjustified jealousy which was causing her thoughts to run wild. What if the event had already ended, but he had gone home with someone else? Maybe that’s why he hadn’t taken her, because he didn’t want her to get in the way and ruin his chances of hooking up with another woman. No, she was being ridiculous, she refused to let the irrational thoughts consume her. Then again, Taehyung was a handsome and wealthy individual that any woman would be lucky to have. She saw the way other women would look at him, like a piece of meat. They were probably all over him right now, just the thought of another woman wrapped around his arms drove her insane. But Taehyung would never replace her, would he?

            The opening of the bedroom door caught her attention. Her head immediately snapped to the doorway where Taehyung stood, a small grin spread on her lips. “You’re home!” Y/N beamed throwing her hands up in excitement.

            “Sweetheart, what are you still doing up? I told you not to wait up for me.”

            “I know, but-“ her words were interrupted by his harsh ones.

            “But nothing, why don’t you ever listen to me?”

            “Why are you mad at me? I just wanted to see you, I miss you.” the girl shot back, whispering the last three words.

            “Couldn’t you just wait till tomorrow?” he muttered loosening tie, does he even know what he’s saying?

            “Tomorrow? You’re gone before I wake up and you come back when I’m already asleep… I rarely see you anymore.”

            “I’ve been busy lately.” It was that curt reply that pushed her over the edge causing her to snap.

            “With what, huh? Or should I ask, with who?” Y/N spat glaring up at the man, he couldn’t believe her words nor her tone.

            “Excuse me? What are you trying to say?”

            “You know exactly what I’m trying to say! Who is she?”


            “Was I not enough?” she asked in a wavering voice, her bottom lip trembling.

            Taehyung immediately sprung forward placing his hand on her cheek in a loving manner. “Baby girl…”

            “Don’t touch me!” the girl snarled slapping his hand away, everything she had bottled in the last couple of weeks finally coming out. “I hate you!” Y/N screeched as trails of tears ran down her pretty face. Taehyung felt as if he had been punched square in the face, she had never used those three words on him before. He looked absolutely mortified, she was crying and it was all his fault. It was when he heard her pained cries that he could have sworn he felt his heart shatter.

            “You don’t mean it.” He whispered with his fists balled tightly to his sides.

            “I do mean it, because you’re the worst.” She sobbed spitefully wiping her face with the back of her hand. Taehyung stood there frozen with his jaw clenched tightly as he processed everything she had just told him. Where had he gone wrong?

            “Baby girl, stop… Don’t cry.” He cooed cupping her face, only this time she didn’t push him away. “Please don’t cry, please. I swear there isn’t anyone else, there’s only you.” the brunette murmured softly as he gently wiped her tears with his thumbs. “I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting you lately… It’s just I’ve been busy with the company, you know there’s only three weeks left before I take over my dad’s position and I jus- There’s no excuse, I’m sorry. Just know that I never meant to make you feel this way.” He was hoping to calm her down, but instead the younger girl began weeping harder. Her hands clutched onto his white dress shirt as she pressed her face against his clothed chest.

            “It gets lonely without you.” Y/N whimpered into him, he wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her onto his lap so she was straddling him. The two stayed like that for a while until she had finally calmed down and that’s when she felt something hard pressed against her ass. “Ta- Taehyung, ar- are you seriously hard right n- now?” her cheeks were dusted bright pink and her bottom lip was caught between her teeth as she gazed up at him.  

             “What?” he placed his large hands on her thin waist and leaned in so his lips were only millimeters away from hers. “You looked so damn cute crying in nothing but my oversized t-shirt and a pair of thigh high socks.”

             “Really?” the girl asked while cutely batting her lashes.

             “Oh god yes, baby girl.” he moaned pressing her down harder onto his member. “See what you do to me?” Taehyung breathed into her ear before he started nibbling her lobe.

             “Daddy.” The girl squealed squirming around as he forcefully moved her hips back and forth on his own. Y/N moaned feeling his cock twitch against her clothed entrance, she needed more.

             “No one else, but you can do this to me baby.”

             “Only me?” Y/N asked meekly.

             “Only you.” he muttered thickly into her ear before making his way over to lock his lips with hers. His luscious lips were soft and warm against her own, Y/N gasped when his teeth sunk down into her lower lip and tugged at it in a painful manner. His tongue found its way into her mouth, gliding over her own pink muscle savoring the taste of spearmint. The girl shivered as his hands roamed downwards under the shirt and to her bare ass kneading it.

             There was a string a saliva connecting them by the lips as he pulled away, his lust filled eyes looked down into her hooded ones, a smug smirk ingrained on his lush lips. Y/N fell off his lap and back onto the bed when he abruptly got up and off. Her big round eyes curiously followed him to the closet, what is he doing? A couple of seconds later he walked out with an azalea pink box clad in an ivory silk ribbon.

             “This is for you.”

             “Why are you giving this to me now?” Y/N questioned, she didn’t understand why he’d interrupted their intimate moment to hand her a gift

             “Just open it.” He urged tapping his foot impatiently.

             With a sigh the girl looped her fingers around the ribbon and pulled it back causing them to come undone. Taehyung looked at her anxiously, worried that she might not like the present. A gasp filled his ears, upon opening the packet her eyes were met with three items: a pair of black furry cat ears, a matching tail, and a diamond encrusted pastel pink collar with a little platinum bell.

             “What is all of this?”

             “What do you mean? Do you not like it?”

             “Of course I like it, it’s all so pretty.” Y/N beamed with gleaming eyes.

             “Then try it on.” Taehyung suggested, his voice held a hint of eagerness. The brunette tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before placing the headband on her, he was unable to hold back his grin. Seeing him look so happy fueled her to keep going, her hand reached for the matching black tail, it had a cold metal base from which it hung.
             “How am I supposed to wear this?” she whined jutting her bottom lip making Taehyung chuckle.

             “You’re adorable!” sniggered Taehyung as he snatched it from her hand. “This.” He ran his fingers over the metal. “Goes in your ass baby girl, it’s a butt plug.” he wished he could have taken a picture of her pretty face right then and there, it was priceless.

             “Won’t it hurt?” she was frightened and that’s the last thing he wanted.

             “Maybe at first, but don’t worry sweetheart, you know daddy would never intentionally hurt you.” cooed Taehyung lovingly, Y/N hummed in agreement. “How about you take this off?” he proposed tugging on the hem of the shirt, she did as she was told. The oversized piece of clothing landed somewhere on the ground leaving her petite frame exposed. His gaze wandered to her already hardened nipples, which was probably due to them rubbing against the fabric that had been covering them. “Now, ass up and face down.” In this position she wasn’t able to see what he was doing, but she knew that he was rummaging through the nightstand by the bed because she could hear him.

             He wasn’t sure whether she was trembling because the room was drafty or because she was scared. The bed dipped down as he got on and climbed on top of her. Y/N let out a moan when she felt him press sloppy kisses along her back, which was now arched. His fingers trailed down towards her ass, index lingering over her pink puckering hole. The brunette reached over to the side where he had placed the container of lube, squirting the substance on his index and on her entrance. She gripped the bedsheets tightly as his finger penetrated her ass, he stayed completely still trying to get her accustomed to the foreign feeling. It wasn’t until he felt her press against his palm that he decided to move, the sound of her voice filled his ears as he continued to pace himself. At this point it didn’t hurt, but she wasn’t overwhelmed by pleasure either, it came as a shock when she felt another finger infiltrate her tight hole. Breathy mewls left her lips, he wiggled his fingers wanting to hear more, and the bulge in his pants painfully throbbed at the scene before him. The fact that no one had ever touched her there before made this all the more exhilarating, just knowing he was stealing another piece of her innocence was more than enough to get him off.

             There was an emptiness when he retracted both fingers, what is he up to? That question was answered when she felt a cold metal tip press against her pulsing hole. The plug was coated in a generous amount of lubricant, but even then it didn’t just slip in. She was panting, it wasn’t that big but this was all new to her, this was a lot different than his fingers. Once it was in she was clenching around the toy refusing to let go, Taehyung was pleased with how real the tail looked hanging from her.

             “Sit up.”

Reaching over he grabbed the diamond encrusted pastel pink leather collar and placed it around her neck making sure to buckle it properly. Taehyung flicked the little bell causing it to jingle and him to giggle, it was worth every last penny.

            “I’ve always wanted a kitten.” Purred Taehyung leaning back to appreciate his baby girl, she was on her knees, stocking clad thighs tightly pressed together and hands on her lap, the dark furry headband blended into her dark locks making her look like she actually had cat ears, her tail peaked from behind teasing him, and the collar was the perfect final touch. “Fuck, baby girl you look absolutely stunning.”


            “Oh god, yes kitten.” Her face lit up at his response and even more once he got back on the bed with her. His hand shot to the back of her neck and his lips captured hers into a sweet intoxicating kiss entwined with the slight taste of the champagne he had drunk earlier that night. With every passing minute it became more rough and raw, their teeth clashing was one of the few indicators. It was bizarre, outside of bed Taehyung treated her as if she were made out of glass, but in bed he was a completely different person.

            Before she knew it Y/N was on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist and his hardened member grinding against her drenched entrance. Taehyung could feel her juices staining his pants signaling that she was in need of more. He was panting when he pulled away, nonetheless he made his way down to her glistening core.

            “Damn kitten, you’re dripping.” Embarrassed by his comment she tried to close her legs, but he got a hold of her thighs and spread them wide. He wasted no time in diving right in, his tongue teasingly licked her aching pussy. His large hands felt around until they landed on her perky mounds, fingers toying with her erect nipples. Her moans only inflated his ego, he was starting to get greedy, which is why he darted towards her clit eager to hear her scream for him.

            Her palms were laid flat against the comforter, back arched, and lips parted spewing out curses he didn’t know she knew while he lapped her like he hadn’t eaten in days. The fuzzy tail brushed against his chin as he sucked on the sensitive bud. The pressure in her stomach was becoming more intense, until she could no longer take it.

             “Da- Daddy!” her pleasure filled cries broke through the air, juices rushed down her thighs and into his mouth. For a couple of seconds everything seemed to go white, there was also a loud buzzing in her ears as well that left her disoriented for a split second. The toe curling orgasm had her huffing.

             “Mmm, tasty as always kitten.”


             “Of course, my little kitten’s pussy is my favorite snack.” His crude words had her instantly wet and yearning for more, she was finally ready to take him. Taehyung was hard, painfully hard. He needed her, only she could relieve his throbbing boner, Y/N, his baby girl. Hastily he began to peel his clothes off, the moment he yanked his briefs off his cock sprung free, slapping against his toned stomach. She gawked in amazement as he pumped himself, his large hands looked small wrapped around his thick and lengthy shaft. “Kitten.” The brunette groaned bucking into his closed fist as he pressed his back against the headboard for support. “Come here kitten, I want to watch you fuck yourself senseless on daddy’s cock.” Her face pinked and her core pulsed with desire, Taehyung always knew exactly what to say.

             Taehyung watched in amazement as she crawled over to him, she looked like a cute little kitten on all fours. Here she was, with her hand on the base of his shaft. He chewed on the inside of his cheek when he felt his tip graze against her moist sex, steadily she began to sink down on it. His pupils dilated further seeing her cunt take him all in. He breathed a sigh in relief feeling her soft wet walls squeeze around his meat, she was feeling tighter than usual.

            Y/N could feel every curve and bulging vein on his dick, she felt full, even more so with the butt plug. Her fretful whimper brought him out his lust filled thoughts. “Kitten… if it’s too much we can always stop.” He gruffly suggested, he didn’t want to be the only one enjoying this and he definitely didn’t want her hurting.  

             “No! I- I’ll be fine, just give me a second.” It took him a lot of self-control not to pound into her, he had to let her adjust. Her hands clutched onto his tanned shoulders giving her leverage to move, his breath becoming ragged as she starts to rhythmically bounce on him.

            Craning his head back the brunette groaned at the euphoric feeling of her throbbing cunt gliding over and over his shaft. “Kitten you’re so fucking tight!” nothing could compare to the feeling of being inside of her. Looking down he watched as her walls delectably hugged him, astonished by how such a petite girl could take him, all of him. Raising his hand in the air it swiftly came down on her ass, the slap echoed through the room. One slap after another Y/N mewled loving the stinging sensation he was creating. His hand gave her one last smack before sensually massaging the red marked up area.

             “Daddy! Ah, daddy you feel so good.” Her words were as lewd as her moans. “You fill me up so well!”

             “Shit, kitten you’re such a little whore for daddy, aren’t you?” he groaned pushing her down onto her back, he couldn’t take this anymore, he needed to be in control.

             “Ahh, yes!” she squeaked falling back, Y/N knew she was in for it now.

             His fingers pressed into her hips creating crescent shaped bruises on her smooth skin as he savagely pounded into her. With every harsh thrust the tiny platinum bell rung, mixing in with the sound of their skin slapping, mewls and groans. It was like she was being ripped in half, pleasure and pain mingling together to create an overwhelmingly delicious sensation that had her gasping for air. Taehyung hissed at the feeling on her long nails running along his back ripping his skin and causing blood to trickle down.

             “Jesus Christ, kitten!” she was getting tighter with every rapid jerk, indicating that her release was near. She was unable to squirm as he pushed his weight down on her, pressing her against the covers and shoving the toy deeper into her other hole. This change provided him with a new angle, Taehyung delve deeper inside of her making her scream. She looked utterly helpless beneath him, pathetic even, especially with the high pitched whines and whimpers seeping from her swollen lips. With a couple more aggressive thrusts he had her crying out his name in pleasure, tears spilling for a second time that night, but for a different reason.

             The knot in her stomach uncoiled, coating his thick cock in her sweet nectar. The girl’s body quivered against him before going numb, Taehyung’s thrust were as erratic as his breathing. Her walls were begging to be painted by the way they were sucking him in. Unable to hold back anymore his fingers dug into the delicate flesh on her hips ripping it.

             “Kittens like milk, don’t they?” his question was muted by her own cries and the ringing of her bell, he pulled away jerking his meat spurting hot ribbons of cum onto her flushed face. Taehyung let out a guttural grunt loving the fact that some of his creamy seed had landed on her cat ears. Her pretty little face was covered in his sticky seed, there was so much that it was dribbling down to the now soiled sheets. “Aw, my baby! You’ve always been a messy little eater.” He tittered scooping some of the white substance off her face and shoving the coated finger in her mouth for her to suck on. Her tongue swirled over his slender finger before letting it go with a loud ‘pop’.

             “Wait here.” His footsteps became distant and not long after he returned, carefully he wiped her face clean with a moist towel.

             “Daddy…” Y/N whimpered in a hoarse voice.

             “What is it baby girl?”

             “I’m sleepy.” She whispered tiredly.

             “Okay baby, let’s get you washed up and ready for bed.”

             Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, to her side was Taehyung sound asleep, he looked so angelic. Usually she’d wake up to an empty bed, maybe she had woken up early. Glancing over at the clock she saw that it was 8:30 AM, way past the time Taehyung would wake up. Panic filled her body realizing he was late, hastily she shook him until the man swatted her hands away. With a groan he pulled the covered closer to himself and snuggled deeper into the bed.

             “Sleep…baby…” he huskily murmured.

             “Wake up, you’re late for work!”

             “I’m not going.” Taehyung stated stubbornly.


             “Now, shut up and sleep.” Pulling her down with him he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and nuzzled his nose into her hair. “You know… I’ve missed you too.” Taehyung confessed addressing her words from the previous night.

He Mistook Me As Greek

Remember when you told me
that my body is one of ancient Greek architecture
I thought that was a compliment.
Standing extravagantly in thought and the like,
but didn’t it succumb into disarray
at the sight of the Roman Army?

I asked you who the Roman Army was.
You said it was a metaphor for my heart disease.

I was never good at running away
I tried
I did
I tried
I ran
but my legs are made from matchsticks
and my heart is a bonfire

I was never good at standing up to you
I tried
I did
I tried
I brag
but I have a mouth full of humble.
And my ego a crushed tablet under your heavy thumb.

Remember how you used to hold the pillars
of my heavy philosophical building
in your hands?
You dunked my ideas into your tea
and watched me soften and crumble
into nothing between your fingertips.

You must know I’m not all ivory tower 
and curled ribbons piled on my head
I am not a present for you.
You tried to drain me of my tears
building your Roman aqueducts
to fuck with my Greek architecture
you were wrong
because my body is built on Barbarian structure

my matchsticks and bonfire
have since burnt you into the backpages of history.

The Hunt (1/2) - The Wolves of Winterfell additional chapters - Jonsa


So I tried to get this all done before Halloween but alas, RL and dramatic rice happened so it was not meant to be!!….

Here’s a link to the original fic - X

The whispers, sniggers and teasing are still difficult for Sansa to forget, even now - three moons since she first went into heat, since Jon had claimed her for his mate, since the whole castle learnt of Jon’s true birth….and three moons since she’d wed him beneath the Heart Tree.

But whispers, sniggers and teasing there most definetly was, after they had both emerged from her chambers, eight days since they’d entered them, sporting all manners of scratches, bite marks and red faces.

Gods! They even smell like coupling!” She overheared one serving girl titter to another before they both descended into fits of giggles. Sansa’s cheeks flamed, her arm looped through Jon’s as they made their way to the Great Hall to sup with others for the first time in days.

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A lady’s archery scoring kit from the 1850s. It is made of ivory and silk ribbons and consists of an acorn-shaped cup containing a grease used to help the shooting gloves slide easily off the bowstring, a circular disc used to hold replaceable paper score sheets and a marker to write the score.

Archery was one of the few sports Victorian women could take part in, though it was extremely exclusive and only the wealthiest women could afford the equipment needed to join an archery club. These clubs had both male and female members and hosted competitions solely for women but also allowed them to compete directly against the men, although most women used smaller bows with a weaker draw strength than those used by the men. One woman who used the same strength bow as the men was Queenie Newall who went on to win the women’s archery gold medal at the 1908 Olympics.