ivory light

bangtan as things

[namjoon] nighttime after it’s rained and the ground is wet, the reflection of streetlights beneath your feet. cars pass and you’re alone, the feeling of turning pages, whether metaphorically or literally, libraries, dark coffee, literature, dried flowers, pencil shavings, stacked books, grey hoodies, using up your entire battery in one sitting.

[seokjin] the comfort of being with someone you love, friendly banter, love letters, ballads, fairy lights, ivory furniture, lattes, lullabies, neat studying notes, desks littered with figurines, lipstick kisses on napkins, incense.

[yoongi] the empty feeling that comes when you stay up too late or when you sleep too much, never being happy enough with your self-care, the sun that warms your chest in the dead of winter, poetry, forehead kisses, small meaningful tattoos, curtains that let in light and bring a sense of comfort and warmth to a room, snowflakes or raindrops clinging to eyelashes, the slow sound of windshield wipers, the melancholic hum of background music, ocean spray, winter breeze, flickering streetlights, the rush you feel from a first love, a first kiss.

[hoseok] group hugs, words of encouragement, doodles, a hand rubbing circles on your back, a shoulder to put your head on or the head that’s on your shoulder, an arm interlaced with yours, the giddy laughter between childhood friends, carnival games, kisses pressed to your forehead and to the palms of your hands.

[jimin] warm sheets, hot chocolate and marshmallows, falling asleep by the fireplace, listening to the ost of a movie over and over again, vivid skies, hair that sweeps across like waves in the ocean, running barefoot on the beach, waltzes, falling autumn leaves, someone holding your face in their hands, kisses intentionally missing your mouth and tracing the outline of your face, secretly holding hands.

[taehyung] the feeling of fingers running through your hair, hearing someone else’s heartbeat when you lay your head on their chest, rainbow hair ties, putting daisies in your hair, falling asleep in a meadow, plush toys, someone pushing brushing or kissing away your tears.

[jungkook] night skies that look like blankets of glitter, the allure of the stars making you want to reach out and touch them, warm showers, wind that’s possessive, ocean spray, spilled glitter, velvet, sleeping with your headphones in, the worn down keys on a computer keyboard, trading cards collections, biting your nails, resting your head against the car window, shy smiles, backhugs.

shipping aesthetic masterpost :)

aries ships

aries x aries: warm red; hungry first kisses; mini-dress wedding; taking shots together; childish arguments; playing video games

aries x taurus: luscious magenta; passionate make outs; personified vows; sexy dancing; unnecessary jealousy; days out at the fair

aries x gemini: bright orange; love bites; outdoor marriage ceremonies; drunk laughter; sassing each other; buying a pet dog together

aries x cancer: deep peach; caresses edged with yearning; crying over the vows; brutal advice; make-up sex; over-the-top snuggling

aries x leo: shiny gold; teasing kisses; massive wedding cakes; wild nights out; angry social media posts; competitive sports

aries x virgo: elegant black; tender make-outs; the first dance; yelling silly things and drunk-laughing; calming massages; little contests

aries x libra: lurid pink; lip biting; massive wedding dresses; amazing dancing; passionate apologies; bouquets of roses

aries x scorpio: intense crimson; dirty talk; tango music; really skimpy clothes; crying-shouting; cuddles that turn into make outs

aries x sagittarius: glittering bronze; second base; laughing through vows; silly dancing; poke wars; spontaneous adventures

aries x capricorn: rich maroon; impassioned disrobing; bows and curtsies; tugging at ties; let’s-calm-down-faces; tipping the chess board

aries x aquarius: sunny yellow; neck kisses; really weird music; making cocktails; hand-holding; under table kicks

aries x pisces: pale rose; playing with hair; tears of joy; “YES LET’S DO THAT OMFG”; arguing over who’s hotter; swimming

taurus ships

taurus x taurus: seaweed gold; yearning make outs; weddings; sneaking out to meet each other; ‘you’re all mine’; lots of pets

taurus x gemini: baby yellow; butterfly kisses; running around outside; fingernails scraping down backs; tongues sticking out; petting random dogs

taurus x cancer: pure white; the first time; romantic proposals; making out in school; crying all over each other; chocolate

taurus x leo: shining copper; third base; over-the-top weddings; drunk dancing; ‘no I’ll pay!’; Valentine’s Day

taurus x virgo: delicate green, respectful kisses; tea parties; giggling way too much during sex; wiping each other’s eyes; reading together

taurus x libra: warm pink; quick hugs; sentimental declarations of love; foot massages; yelling then cuddling; dinners out

taurus x scorpio: wine red; sex; vows of forever; highly sexually flirtatious dancing; screaming; champagne

taurus x sagittarius: soft khaki; trails of love bites; dancing in the rain; doing drugs together; ‘i still love you’; festivals

taurus x capricorn: elegant bronze; gently grazing teeth; hands squeezing tight; late night walks home; passionate anger; movie fests

taurus x aquarius: lurid aqua; biting; laughing so hard you can’t breathe; taking shots together; angry tweets; video games

taurus x pisces: powder blue; excessive cuddling; twirls; giggling; sobbing in each other’s arms; buying a puppy

gemini ships

gemini x gemini: bright orange; lip biting; killer high heels; sexy dancing whilst very drunk; inventive insults; reading magazines

gemini x cancer: pale tan; butterfly kisses; laughing-crying; sneaking out at midnight to meet each other; over-dramatic arguments; playing with hair

gemini x leo: shimmering gold; showing-off make-outs; socialites; mixing drinks; arguments that turn into sex; rolling in the grass

gemini x virgo: satin grey; holding hands; 20th century style wedding clothes; sexy dancing; snapping; cats

gemini x libra: hot pink; kink; old-fashioned girl band music; dancing the night away; sassy insults; extravagant, flamboyant gifts

gemini x scorpio: shocking black; love bites; intense eye contact; vodka; secrets; writing together

gemini x sagittarius: warm peach; hugs that turn into kissing; the first dance at a wedding; taking shots together; crying; walking the dog

gemini x capricorn: steely grey; lips brushing fingers; the MPDG archetype; laughter; ‘no, I’ll pay’; reading together

gemini x aquarius: lurid turquoise; hand-holding; adventures; weird drinks; ‘i do SO love you’; conspiracy theories

gemini x pisces: candyfloss violet; sweet, tiny kisses; cropped pannier skirts; stamping on cigarettes in high-heels; red eyes; flowers

cancer ships

cancer x cancer: rainy blue; lovingly tender make-outs; wedding dresses; long, sensual baths; ‘it’s gonna be okay’; dancing together to ‘our song’

cancer x leo: breath-taking gold; slow sex; laughter; music; shouting that becomes crying; cheating at Scrabble

cancer x virgo: elegant grey; hand kisses; bows and curtsies; long-term relationships; love letters; walks in the snow

cancer x libra: peachy pink; soft cuddles; strawberries; helping each other with appearance; cloud watching; the first day of spring

cancer x scorpio: deep maroon; hands clawing at each other; heels; taking drugs; passion in love and anger; rain

cancer x sagittarius: honey bronze; light make-outs that become more intense; road trips in a storm; smoking and dancing; tears; ‘forever’

cancer x capricorn: stunning white; hungry kisses; ‘unconditional’; walks in the woods; little white lies; help with homework

cancer x aquarius: lurid aquamarine; hand-holding; skipping; mixing drinks; bitch slaps; playing video games together

cancer x pisces: sweet silver; Valentine’s Day poetry; dancing in the rain; tripping for the first time; playing the victim; endless cuddles

leo ships

leo x leo: marigold yellow; tiny, gentle kisses; the sun; really loud music; unnecessary jealousy; walking the dog

leo x virgo: fresh green; ‘can I kiss you now?’; tea dresses; amazing dancing; telling jokes to stop them crying, cassettes

leo x libra: pop pink; PDA; weddings; pink champagne; really terrible insults; slow-to-fast dancing

leo x scorpio: burned bronze; sexy time; vodka; cigarettes; deep and laboured breathing; running really fast

leo x sagittarius: vibrant orange; love bites; dancing and skipping; high-heeled shoes; red faces; travelling the world

leo x capricorn: golden brown; passionate make-outs; warm, rich, slow laughter; slow breathing in darkness; shouting; painfully wide smiles

leo x aquarius: vivid indigo; scratching fingernails; raised eyebrows; drugs; excessive hiccups due to inebriation; giggles

leo x pisces: pretty peach; hair-twirling; full, lacy skirts; walking home late at night; wiping away the tears; just snuggling together

virgo ships

virgo x virgo: soft ivory; light kisses; wedding clothes; bright light; insults that make you go ‘ouch’; constructive criticism

virgo x libra: pastel cream; caressing hands; veils; carefully mixing drinks with exactly the right amounts; apologies; flowers

virgo x scorpio: classic black; biting; elegant outfits; cigarette smoke; viciousness; meaningful eye contact

virgo x sagittarius: rich tan; romantic make-outs; bouncy clothes; flat shoes; really terrible insults; buying a dog together

virgo x capricorn: honey gold; single passionate kisses; formalities; ‘oh my god this is so BAD of us’; arguing then make-up sex; homework help

virgo x aquarius: pastel green; finger-drumming; nail polish; really weird drugs; intellectual debates; ‘ewwwww’

virgo x pisces: delicate pink; the tiniest of kisses; flower posies; staying in; ‘I will never, ever, ever, ever hurt you’; teddies

libra ships

libra x libra: soft gold; sensual hugs; baths with rose petals in them; sexy dancing; passive aggressiveness; listening to music

libra x scorpio: deep rose; sex; lipstick; lots and lots of alcohol; trying really hard not to cry; very sexual flirtation

libra x sagittarius: pastel yellow; unexpected kisses; eye shadow; high heels; ‘we’re not fighting are we?? are we???’; silly dancing

libra x capricorn: pure white; massages; neat bedrooms; everyone’s looking at them; well crafted debate points; going to art galleries together

libra x aquarius: baby blue; fiddling with hair; bright lights; taking shots; ‘you did NOT just say that’; shitty video games

libra x pisces: warm peach; kisses that leave lip gloss stains; ducklings; being good; sniffling; cuddling with pets involved

scorpio ships

scorpio x scorpio: intense scarlet; unexpected sex; black satin; nights out at clubs; the silent treatment; making out to loud music

scorpio x sagittarius: rich gold; hickeys; steam-punk; sneaking out; distracting the other from anger with kissing; exercising together

scorpio x capricorn: classic tan; dishevelled chaise lounges; wood; grinding cigarettes under high-heels; rage; good food

scorpio x aquarius: shocking ebony; biting; metal furnishings; mixing drinks; amazing insults; take-outs

scorpio x pisces: deep navy; warm, soft kisses; a single flower; drugs; trying really, really hard not to get angry; nervous PDA

sagittarius ships

sagittarius x sagittarius: orange tan; just making out in general; fabric; elopement; excessive swearing; dancing to amazing music

sagittarius x capricorn: golden bronze; familiar yet intense kisses; vases; alcohol; ‘no I’M right’; watching TV

sagittarius x aquarius: bright purple; lipstick marks in weird colours + places; not getting married; shitty insults; poke wars

sagittarius x pisces: gentle violet; the first kiss; brightly coloured fish; weird drinks; third base; walks with the dog in the park

capricorn ships

capricorn x capricorn: coffee chocolate; sensuality; correcting one another’s formal outfits; cigarette smoke; ‘oh, really’; brilliant cakes

capricorn x aquarius: royal blue; small hickeys; going bird-watching; shitty old video games; heated debates; ‘we’re never bad’

capricorn x pisces: dolphin grey; second base; marriages; ‘you love me right?’; comforting each other; cuddling

aquarius ships

aquarius x aquarius: shocking orange; messy first kisses; building things together; taking shots; endless hypothesising; being way too competitive

aquarius x pisces: neon blue; laughing sex; original wedding ideas; cocktails; ‘this isn’t arguing’; old music players

pisces ships

pisces x pisces: delicate turquoise; third base; aquariums; tripping in heels; silly arguments that end in crying and cuddling; teddies

Does Tumblr have a support group for people who’ve been excited about Call Me By Your Name all year and now feel grievously underwhelmed having seen the film?

You touch me so gently it’s like a memory from someone’s grandmother’s photograph,
hush-pink roses and lace and small silver bells
You touch me like a treasure map
delicate and old and
laid on the bottom of a maple-wood chest
your initials carved
on the front.
You touch me and it’s all ivory,
fingertips on piano keys in an empty church
timid and brave and wonderful
all at the same time.
I told you once that all rivers lead to the ocean,
and that means all puddles and raindrops do, too;
if you follow them long enough.
You trace lines down my back like the water slipping off your windows,
like the whole world could stay this soft and gray and breathless
for more than a few moments.
You touch me and it’s warm safe saltwater light and whisper
“Then let’s
see where
this leads.”
—  Bloom, Elizabeth McNamara
Colors and Shapes Vocabulary

1. 빨간색 = red
2. 주황색 = orange
3. 노란색 = yellow
4. 녹색 = green
5. 파란색 = blue
6. 보라색 = purple
7. 검정색 = black
8. 분홍색 = pink
9. 회색 = grey
10. 하얀색 = white
11. 밤색 = brown
12. 남색 = navy blue
13. 적갈색 = maroon
14. 연두색 = light green
15. 하늘색 = sky blue
16. 연노란색 = light yellow
17. 연보라색 = light purple
18. 베이지색 = beige
19. 금색 = gold
20. 은색 = silver
21. 아이보리색 = ivory
22. 밝은회색 = light grey
23. 진분홍색 = hot pink
24. 청록색 = turquoise
25. 여러가지색 = multicolored
26. 무지개색 = rainbow (colored)
27. 색 = color

28. 원형 = circle
29. 삼각형 = triangle
30. 정사각형 = square
31. 직사각형 = rectangle
32. 사다리꼴 = trapezoid
33. 오각형 = pentagon
34. 육각형 = hexagon
35. 팔각형 = octagon
36. 타원 = oval
37. 구 = sphere
38. 원뿔 = cone
39. 원통 = cylinder
40. 정육면체 = cube
41. 모양 = shape

42. 미술 = art
43. 따뚯한 색깔 = warm colors
44. 차가운 색깔 = cool colors

45. 만들다 = to make
45. 짓다 = to build
46. 그리다 = to paint


Around February first.

Approximately 40 days after the shortest day with the longest night (Yule) follows the coldest day. After today the days will begin to become warmer again and nature will be ready to be fertilised and plowed.
This the the celebration of renewal,inspiration, insight, dedication, planning and preparing.

Element : Earth

Colours: White, yellow, orange, silver, ivory,pink, brown, (light) green, lavender.

Flowers,trees and plants: Snowdrops, lilies, crocuses, angelica, coltsfoot, heather, violets, celandine, rosehip, daffodils

Food,drinks and herbs: Milk, butter, yoghurt, chamomile tea, curries, spicy food, raisins, onions, shallots, leek, garlic, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, bell pepper, honey, bread, cake.

Decorations: Candle wheels, plows, brooms, cauldron, corn dolls, the sun, acorns.

Crystals: Amethyst, bloodstone, moonstone, quartz, onyx, sunstone, ruby, rose quartz, turquoise, hematite, garnet, pearls.

Animals: Goat, lamb, deer, sheep, groundhog, robins, bears, eagle.

Activities: Clean, tidy, make dream sachets, light bonfires, make and light candles, make plans for spring, divination, meditation

Different kinds of pearls in the DA

I also sorted them out into colour because I feel like since pearls are meant to be servants/accessories they should at least fit the colours of their diamond (not saying every gem has to fit the colour of their diamond)

White Diamond = 8
Light grey
Matte grey

Yellow Diamond = 19
Coco brown
Matte gold
Light green
Matte olivine
Matte green
Forest green

Blue Diamond = 20
Matte blue
Matte sapphire
Matte light sapphire
Powder blue
Matte light purple
Light purple
Matte purple
Matte light plum
Matte lavender
Light plum

Pink Diamond = 13
Matte Lilac
Matte peach

All together there are 60 types of pearls!
That’s a lot of pearl

If you know any more types tell me and I will update the list


anonymous asked:

Weird question, but how do you think Solas would react to finding out a romanced Lavellan had died?

He held the note in his trembling hand, the words blurring before his eyes as his knuckles turned white from the death grip he had on the back of his faded favorite chair. 

“No…” he shook his head, a vain attempt to unsee Cullen’s words on parchment as unshed tears blurred the world around him. 

I’m sorry to write this….we were overrun…so many casualties…she fought to the last breath…

Solas pressed his fist to his lips, fighting against the urge to scream as he bit upon his knuckle, the sharp pain a reminder that this was real. He was awake. This was not a dream. 

The Inquisitor fell on the field….her last words were for you….’Ar lath ma, vhenan’….so sorry for your loss…

The note crumbled in his fingers as he leaned over his desk, all strength lost. 

Not her….

Not her!.

A primal urge tore through him and with a lightning quick gesture he sent the chair skidding across the floor and the desk was violently overturned, flying against the far wall and shattering. All voices in the library above him fell silent. The ravens in the rookery silenced their caws and he could feel all eyes upon him. 

“Solas?” A soft, calming voice laden with sorrow called out to him from the doorway. 

“Leave me, Master Tethras. You can give no comfort here.” His words were acid and his heart was ash. Varric and all the others silently disappeared like ghosts. 

Solas stood silent, fighting the depth of nothingness that was creeping upon him and would soon consume him. He would yield willingly when the time came. He would return to what he had been before her, a man without a home, and this…, he looked around the rotunda at the frescoes of her deeds - all these stolen moments with her…would become nothing but hazy memories adrift in the fade. She would become the wisp among the ether of the dead that haunted his dreams.  

But not yet!

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Rating: T
And when we leave this life,
I’m not scared of losing you.
We were born two stars in the same orbit,
now here as two bodies
recognizing each other once again,
and I don’t know what’s next. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

His obsidian eyes watch as her tender fingertips trace the edge of the water, leaving ripples in her wake. The koi fish in the pond press their small lips to the surface, only to taste the sweetness of her skin on the water, then bounce away.

Her long, beautiful hair is pulled to the side. A braid, hanging loosely over her shoulder comes to rest at the base of her rib cage, while the pink tresses catch lightly in the blowing breeze.

He can’t help but soak up the beauty that she portrays. Her skin is ivory, light scars painting her knuckles where she has downed many enemies in the past, and although she’s strong - mentally and physically - he still kisses her knuckles with soft lifts before the day ends.

The sun is setting now, his dark eyes watch as the last rays of light shine over her beautiful figure, bathing her in the golden light. When her eyes meet his, he can’t tell the difference in whether this is a dream or reality.

“Are you ready to go, darling?” Her soothing voice broke the silence, much like the smile that broke out on her pale ruby lips.

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do you only make white sims?

Do i make only WHITE SIMS?
white sim is a Mannequin (The Sims 4: Get to Work)
what do you mean? i don’t understand your ask?
i don’t have any white sims., i have Ivory, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark Skintone sims ^^

Taking advantage of @theragamuffininitiative‘s WIP tag that was for anyone. ;) Thanks milady! 

The rules are simple: Post the first line of your WIP (or a line you’re particularly proud of) without context, then tag as many people as you wish! If you don’t have a WIP, share a line from one of your favorite books!

It’s still very very much a WIP and hasn’t been beta read yet, so please bear in mind (i’m starting to lose nerve now). But here it is:

Rounding the corner Mirijane was met with yet another long hall of doors, none of which led to where she was looking for. I wonder how many people get lost here on a regular basis? This place is so massive, you’d think a school for the super wealthy would invest in some directional signs Mirijane thought as she retraced her steps once more.

A full semester spent there and she still managed to take 3 wrong turns looking for the music club. Light shining through massive windows highlighted the ivory trim on the light pink walls of Ouran. An unnecessary embellishment to be sure, but Mirijane had to give create to the interior designers. It all looked stunning. And for a lost student like herself, it gave her something to admire while wandering. 

The single pair of clicking heels echoing on polished marble reminded Mirijane that everyone was still inside their respective clubs, studying/socializing in the libraries, or had already gone home for the day. Which meant Mirijane was doomed to roam the expansive halls of Ouran Academy alone like a ghost until she ran into another living soul, or finally stumbled upon her destination.

{ from my OHSHC fic Lady of the Host Club (title also a WIP) }

Its only the intro so nothing is happening yet, mainly just world building.😅😓

I’ll tag: @jaegereska, @levele3, @endorathewitchwriter, @onoheiwa, @leavesoflothlorien, @magically-strange, and anyone else who’d like to (i know i’m forgetting other people)!