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Where for every 1009884 shade of white foundation there are equal shades of foundation shades for poc (on the topic of skin shades)


Shooting Maurice (James Ivory, 1987), Autumn 1986: some very rare glimpses behind the scenes!

There’s a story behind these. :) My irrational bid to collect more copies of Maurice than I strictly need led me, recently, to buy an Italian DVD edition on e-bay (Dolmen Home Video, c. 2006). It intrigued me because it includes all the 2004 Merchant Ivory Collection DVD extras and deleted scenes, but on 1 disc instead of 2. The DVD also includes a ‘stills gallery’ – at first impression, very familiar publicity stills most of us have seen before. But, as I scrolled through them, I got a VERY nice surprise…!

The 4th image above (of James Ivory directing James Wilby) I’d seen before online (already shared on my blog in Sep 2015). But the other BTS shots from the shoot were completely new to me!!

The above images are my new screencaps and edits from the DVD (hence the watermark). Please reblog only; do not repost or remove credits. Thank you.

Captions below the cut.

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do you know who i am?
  • pairing: leon x MC. 
  • rating: mature. fluffy smut to spicy smut, pls & thank you. 
  • requested by: just me again, but requests are open.
  • word count: ~2700.
  • author’s notes: this is just what i like to think occurs in the forbidden ending of leon’s sequel. as always, enjoy! opinions are very welcome.

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 4.28.17

ceramic home goods by paperandclaystudio

personal shop fave paperandclaystudio is run by maker brit whose smooth, understated aesthetic is right up my alley. i have one of her ‘fuck yeah’ mugs and it’s my #1 pick in the morning, but i’d also love to continue adorning our cottage with more ceramic goodies like these color-dipped trays and milk bottle-style vases, also available in other hues.

anonymous asked:

Danti with prompt #5? I just found your other danti fix, and I adore your writing!!! Don't have to write this one, just wanted to say you are very talented!

((of course I’ll write this, it’s super cute! Thank you so much darling, sorry it took me so long <3))

5. I fell asleep on the bus and woke up here.

It was extremely tempting to ignore the incoming call, but Dark checked the ID anyway and answered it when he noticed it was Anti.

“What?” He asked shortly.

Anti said something but it was muffled by a lot of outside noise. He sounded desperate, and was talking loudly, but Dark just couldn’t make out what was saying.

“Anti, I can’t hear you!” Dark snapped, “Where are you?”

Can you hear me now?”

With a less crackly effect on his voice, and therefore easier to hear, Dark confirmed he could hear him and reiterated the question of where Anti was.

Doesn’t matter, I need your help.” Anti replied.

Raising an eyebrow, Dark rolled his eyes and sat up properly at his desk. Usually when Anti needed help, it was for something stupid and Dark didn’t want to help him with, but his curiosity was peaked.

“I’m listening.”

I don’t know where I am. And I don’t have a lot of signal and I can’t seem to access the internet properly.” Anti began, and Dark rolled his eyes. “I need you to track my phone.”

“What makes you think I can track your phone?” Dark asked.

Anti snorted, the noise extremely distorted by the static of the phone. “Please, like you don’t have a tracking device on my phone. Seriously Dark, I have no idea where I am and there are no signposts or anything around.”

“Fine, fine.” Dark interupted before Anti could continue his rant. “So, why do you want me to find you?”

I left Seán’s house for like, some space and I fell asleep on the bus when I was in Brighton and I have no idea where it took me but I got off and then like…now I’m lost. And I have no idea how to get back. I’m literally in the middle of fucking nowhere.”

Dark laughed, unable to stop himself at the idea that Anti was stranded in the middle of England without any idea where he was, and he was too panicky to actually sort himself out. Anti was shouting at him, but Dark just ignored him until he was calm enough to formulate a sentence.

“Anti, you can travel between electronic devices, just do that.” Dark chuckled.

He could almost hear Anti rolling his eyes, and could see him standing there, ready to throw his phone because Dark wasn’t helping. He probably didn’t have a knife with him either, which would make him all the more nervous.

Trust me, I tried.” Anti snapped.

“So, you’re too panicky to use your own powers?” Dark smirked, “And so you’re asking for mine?”

Just hurry up about getting me directions.” Anti demanded.

Dark hummed, “I’m not sure I like your tone. Is that how you should be talking to me if you want my help?”

Grinding his teeth audibly down the phone, “Please.”

Without giving Anti warning, Dark hung up the phone. He could almost imagine the Glitch throwing a fit that Dark had disappeared on him, but it was going to be easier to go and find Anti in person rather than track him. The only thing Anti had right was that Dark did track his phone, but not for the reason he would assume. It was for this exact reason, for if Anti ever needed him, Dark would be able to be there in an instant. And it was helpful now, since Dark could get a full location from his own phone before stepping into his void and stepping out again right in front of Anti.

The Glitch was about to throw his phone, so Dark caught his wrist causing Anti to jump and spin around with his teeth bared.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He yelled, launching himself at Dark. “How’d you even get here?!”

Side-stepping him, Dark laughed. It was raining in England, but it was a comfortable feeling against his skin, and Anti was already soaked to the skin.

“I tracked you through your phone and came for you.” He finally replied, “Do you want me to get you home or not?”

Anti slipped into Dark’s arms so they could travel easily through the void, whining as he did, “You hung up on me.”

“Don’t be such a baby, you hang up on me all the time.” Dark sniffed, once again stepping into the void.

Jack’s house was harder to locate, but Dark managed to smoothly step out of the void into Jack’s recording studio, depositing Anti to the floor and causing Jack to yelp and swear in unison, falling out of his chair.

Grinning, Anti picked himself up and brushed himself off.

“What the fuck?!” Jack gasped, “Where the fuck did you come from?!”

Biting back a colder reply, Dark merely shrugged and gestured to Anti. “He fell asleep on a bus and ended up in the middle of nowhere, lost, so I came to save him.”

Jack laughed, “So like, a damsel in distress?”

Anti glitched, and a knife appeared in his hands as he glared between them. “Fuck you.” He spat.

“Well, now you’re safe in your ivory tower, I’m going home.” Dark said, adjusting his suit and ignoring Anti’s barb, “Stay safe, princess.”

The void swallowed him before Anti could either respond or attack, leaving him and Jack with a faint ringing in their ears as Dark disappeared back to America. Anti glitched in annoyance again, tutting, and Jack yawned and stretched.

“I’m about to order some pizza, you want some?” He asked.

Glancing at him, Anti nodded, “Sure. On one condition.”


“You let me poison a piece and give it to Dark.”

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To the Victor the Spoils - mokuyoubi - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Teen and up

A quiet moment following their first kill after the Great Red Dragon, as Will tends to Hannibal’s wounds and comes to terms with the changes he’s undergone in the past months…

AN: I had the honour of pinch-hitting for @thesmartbluebox for the @hannigramholidayexchange. They wanted Dark!Will, the aesthetics of the show, and the differences in their lifestyles, and I tried to blend that all together in this scene. I hope this makes up for the dreadfully long wait they had to receive it!

To the Victor the Spoils

The heavens are an aging bruise on the drive home. Pale ivory blue sky mottled in swollen plum and steel shadowed clouds. Will takes all the curves too fast, cresting every hill with enough speed to make his stomach drop. Sickly light brims over the mountain line and tumbles through the dips, dazzles over the surface of the lake, and caresses the gentle rise of the valley.

Backlit and cast in black, the cypress and juniper trees demarking the edge of their property bend and sway with the cloak of night still clinging to spindling needles. Their very own Greek chorus, blank-faced and observant, and the wild wind of the impending storm cuts through them with a riotous roar of judgement.

In juxtaposition, the home is startlingly still and silent when the door falls closed behind them. The scent of petrichor turns coppery on the stale air, mingled sweat and blood over the lingering traces of the fine cologne Hannibal had purchased for Will and insisted he wear. Musk with ambergris, cashmere, and vetiver. Pretentious, Will isn’t going to argue that point, but oddly comforting, with the salty hints of ocean water and the soothing cool mint.

Wind-chilled skin prickles with sweat, and Will sheds his jacket on the way through the foyer. He hisses at the movement; it pulls at the muscles of his shoulder and upper back, the old hurt, that knotty-stiff pain at the join of bursa and tendon. 

“Fuck.” He needs a drink, even with the malbec they shared over dinner burning acidic in the back of his throat, and winds his way into the kitchen.

Hannibal trails behind him. His normal gait has been interrupted by a limp, and Will’s weary mind finds patterns in the shuffling thud of his tread on the runner in the hall. So wrapped up in it that he feels a dip in his stomach like missing the last step at the landing of a stairway when Hannibal stops on the threshold. “You should allow me to tend to your wounds.”

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 10.27.17

laundry hampers / toy baskets by designbyrube

both of these storage styles are minimalist and great for all kinds of styles and people, women and men, young and old :)

If you pick past the bandages

Ruby wings clinging to an

Ivory home grown cold you’ll

See the slow march, tiny feet

Trod toward a blistered sun

Just as you are, always ever

So slightly out of focus, too

Bright to be gentle yet still

I am your moon, gazing down

On languid tides, the silvered

Gown of wanting grown

Desperate, the waves crashing

Against the sweetness trapped

In the butterfly beats of a

Hyacinth heart, a heathered

Hope, words build like

Rainclouds suspended

Above a grateful planet

You are the prayer folded

On the tip of my tongue


Once back home, Ivory asked Haley to join her in the living room.

Ivory: “I wanna talk to you about something…”

Haley: “What’s up babe?”

Ivory: “You want kids right?”

Haley: “Of course! Why do you ask?”

Ivory: “Would you want to have kids with me?”

Haley: “Oh Ivory yes.”

Ivory: “Then marry me, the sooner the better. I want to start my life with you as soon as possible.”

Haley: “Gosh I love you. Let’s do it!”


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 1.24.17

shibori-dyed home goods by graygreengoods

shibori-dyed goods are created using a traditional japanese technique of folding and binding fabric — both this indigo succulent pot and grey triangle flag garland employ that specific technique. i’d love to add both of these uniquely beautiful items to our modern, minimalist home decor.


Secrets  Revealed  Recap- End of  Part  One

The Holmes- Nico Holmes meets his daughter Nicole, and despite initially feeling reluctant to have a relationship with her, he changes his mind and decides to get to know her, and even discovers that he loves his little daughter. He still intends to keep his daughter a secret from his wife, Allison. He knows Allison’s stubborn and prideful nature would never accept that he’d fathered a child elsewhere, even though he didn’t cheat when he got Ivory pregnant. Allison Holmes is coping with being told she will never conceive a child. She’s also aware of Nico’s strange and distant attitude, and wonders why the sudden change in her husband. Remy Holmes and Lala Reyes were on the verge of a bitter breakup, and Lala Reyes finds out she is pregnant. The young couple decide to stay together and work through their problems. Allison asks Lala to live in the penthouse with her baby. Remy Holmes still intends to carry out his revenge plan against Sunlit Tides millionaire, Steven Brandt.

The Houstons- Zeke Houston has fallen in love with Ivory Malcolm, and the two even share an intimate night together. Ivory cares for Zeke but she is too fixated on Nico Holmes to focus on her feelings for Zeke. Niara Houston is getting deeper into trouble with her shopping addiction, and recently discovered she has even maxed out the credit cards she stole from her best friend Allison. She runs into an old flame, Jarrod Washington, who tricks her into having sex with him, and then threatens to leak the sex tape if she doesn’t leave her husband for him.

The Malcolms- Ivory and Allison meet, and the meeting is very tense. Ivory feels an intense jealousy of beautiful Allison. Ivory decides it’s not enough for Nico to have a relationship with Nicole. She wants him to be a full time father to his child and a husband to her, and the two even have a violent argument when Ivory shows up uninvited to Nico’s childhood home. Ivory convinces Nico to visit her and Nicole more frequently and even tells him he will eventually have to sleep with her because she wants another baby by him, or else she will tell his wife everything.