ivory erwin

Day 3

Ivory slept next to the puddle that was gone now. She woke and began walking again. Her hands and knees hurting horribly. “Ivory…” She heard something hiss in her ear. Ivory Spins around. The inability to see was killing her. She stuck her arms out and spun around not touching anything or anyone. “Ivory follow me..” An evil voice  whispered from the darkness.

“N-no” Ivory whispered then. covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut as they whispered her name over and over again. “st-stop..” Ivory whispered. she opened her eyes. and uncovered her ears then blinked while looking around for anything that could have been making the noise. Nothing was there. Ivory sat on the floor for awhile wondering what was going on her mind kept coming to the conclusion that she was going insane she dismissed the thought every time; her thoughts were correct. She was slowly becoming insane.