ivory base


‘Mysterious Sphinx’, Charles Van der Stappen
Brussels, Belgium
Ivory, silver

The ‘Mysterious Sphinx’, sculptor Charles van der Stappen’s best-known work, is considered a quintessential example of Symbolist and art nouveau sculpture. It was created for the Hall of Honour at the Colonial Exposition in Tervuren in 1897, where it was displayed on an onyx base set on a pedestal designed by Henry van de Velde. The ivory and silver sculpture is a shoulder-length portrayal of a young woman holding her right hand to her lips in a mysterious gesture. Her helmest is surmounted by an eagle, a reference to war and victory. On the other hand, her armour is decorated with poppies, symbolizing sleep. The serpent around her wrist represents death. Alluring beauty combines with the intoxicating destructiveness of the femme fatale, a central figure in the fin de siècle – a period characterized by a tension between confidence in and fear of the future, often with overtones of decadence.


Savage M1907 pistol

Designed by Elbert Searle c.1905 for Savage Arms in Utica, New York - serial number 7672B.
.380 9-round double stack removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, nickel plated with ivory grip.

Based on an initial military design chambered in .45ACP, the Savage pistol quickly became a civilian market hit with its small stature and a double stack magazine, allowing for concealable yet extensive firepower. The more common .32ACP pistols were also commissioned in number by France and Portugal during WW1.


Mon Choco

Mexican design studio Futura has designed playful packaging for Mon Choco; a chocolate brand based in Ivory Coast. The illustrations tell the story about the people of Ivory Coast and the way they harvest the cocoa, respecting the traditions in order to make delicious versions of chocolate. 


The thorny rabbit ears have both been sanded and primed, re-smoothed blemishes, retouched/sculpted some thorns, re-primed and sprayed pink/ivory base ready for oil details.  The antler armatures for the 3 deer have now been constructed too. Also, added in a picture testing out some crudely draped haberdashery and a few of the hand sewn lace flowers I’m making that will eventually adorn these antlers.