More silly doodles of this silly au, this time with extended family,

Okay so, Starting with the Apple Family, or in this case I would call them the Cider Family? This family was made for the city, always rearing to jump into the hustle and bustle with that famous Manehattan attitude.  Granny Smith is a world renowned graphic designer, food critic as well as a world traveler. Mac, still a man of few words, lets his artistic works speak for him. He is known in the art scene for his sculptures and is a frequenter of the underground scene with his poetry. Applebloom is your typical go-getter city gal with never a moment to spare in the big apple.

As for Rarity and her family, I have yet to figure out what Rarity’s folks would be like but I imagine Sweetie Belle being a little more scruff, always trying to prove herself to Ivory by showing how tough she is. Ivory still won’t let her into the caves though, not with those spaghetti arms…

To be frank I don’t think Applebloom and Sweetie Belle have changed much personality wise, just placed into a different setting.

Also again, if you guys have any ideas for names for Sparkling Cider and Ivory’s family members feel free to share!

Edit: Marble is a fitting name for Sweetie Belle, thanks Glitch!


K-Pop does the 18th century. So I was watching the K-Pop video for BigBang’s "Fantastic Baby" (don’t judge me!) and saw these two outfits and immediately knew I had to blog them. Totally not 18th century of course, but I think they’re a fantastic look at a modern interpretation of the 18th century style.

The top looks very much like an 18th century banyan circa 1770s. Take a look at this red banyan for comparison.

The bottom is a 21st century interpretation of a late 18thc (circa 1790s, very early 1800s) French suit. Take a look at this green suit with ivory waistcoat and you can see how the cut is very similar to that of the K-Pop version above.

But y’all never thought I’d blog K-Pop here did you?


An idea I’ve been playing around with, I got the idea from something I saw a long time ago that someone did but I forget who they were. The idea was an alternate universe where Rarity is the AJ of the group and vice versa.

In this universe Rarity is a coal miner who routinely excavates only the finest minerals in all Equestria. I imagine her being kinda brash and direct in her mannerisms, but a very charming and suave person around others. She loves what she does because she damn well does it the best. She also loves the occasional tussle with a few Diamond Dogs.

AJ on the other hand is more reserved and calculative. She’s very passionate about what she does and admires the beauty in seemingly simplistic things. She’s a brand designer, has a line of health care products, and produces a line of top quality cider that’s the best selling among sophisticants

I have yet to come up with names for them, only because I’m not sure if they need them? If you have any ideas for names feel free to share.

oh and that last image is a little shippy I guess because I’m garbage like that?

Edit: mroreoman came up with some neat names so from now on I’m going by “Ivory” and “Sparking Cider” for these two :V

Naqada Bone Figure of a Woman, Upper Egypt, Early Predynastic, Naqada I c. 4000-3600 BC

The earliest three-dimensional representations of humans from ancient Egypt have been found in graves of the Predynastic period (6th millennium - about 3100 BC). In the majority of cases they were found singly, but groups of up to as many as sixteen have been recorded. This example is one of a type of statue which shows a female figure with the arms either folded below the breasts or hanging down beside the body. Some examples were carved from limestone, but they are mostly of bone or ivory.

From their nakedness and from their emphasized sexual organs it has long been assumed that these figures were placed in the grave to act as concubines to the deceased in the Afterlife. However, they have not been exclusively found in burials of men but also of women and children, which suggests that their purpose was more generic. It is now thought that their presence was to provide magical support for the owner’s rebirth and regeneration.

The large and striking eyes are inlaid with lapis lazuli. The use of this rare material bears witness to the extensive trade network that must have existed in the Near East at this early a date, for the nearest lapis lazuli quarries are to be found in modern-day Afghanistan.

Naqada is a town on the west bank of the Nile in the Egyptian governorate of Qena. It was known in Ancient Egypt as Nbwt and in classical antiquity as Ombos. Its name derives from ancient Egyptian “nbw”, meaning “gold”, on account of the proximity of gold mines in the Eastern Desert. Naqada has given its name to the widespread Naqada culture that existed at the time there, and at other sites including el Badari, Gerzeh and Nekhen (Hierakonopolis). The large quantity of remains from Naqada have enabled the dating of the entire culture, throughout Egypt.