The new Funamusea update translations

Licorice: Mother, I…
Licorice: Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother
Licorice: Mother… I’m sorry…
Licorice: But… I… I…

Licorice: Mother…
Licorice: Mother… I, I really love you…

Licorice: My body becoming hot…
Licorice: I become weird…
Licorice: Ah… Mother…
Licorice: I want to… become one with mother…
Ivlis: Hnn-
Licorice: Mother will wake up…
Licorice: Aah… I don’t care anymore…
Licorice: Look at me…
Licorice: Please… accept me inside…
Licorice: Mother!
Ivlis: Sto-

Ivlis: Stop it, Satanick
Satanick and Ivlis at some point

(Ivlis) When I think about you I touch myself,

(Satanick) Who wouldn’t over my glorious self! 

(Ivlis) Meaning, I rub my temples because you give me such a damn migraine!

(Satanick) Huh?!

(Cue Reficul, Glasses, Fumus and Licorice snickering in the background. )

Pretty much anyone who deals with Satanick probably thinks this lol

                           "Is doubting a sin?
                                                  Is it
                                                             is it
                                                                          that defines righteousness

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Sunahama update
Like, if you were squeamish before PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE COMIC NOW. Licorice is making it ecen worse than before and maybe worse than expected.

As a person with a heavy trigger, even if it isnt this, I know how it’s like to think “I’m brave enough I’m better I can see this”. No, stay safe this time. Shit got real.

The end of Dangerous night?

Ivlis called out Satanick’s name.
Licorice…looks like, realizing what have he done, maybe?

Guys, I think it’s end here since Funamusea said there will be 4 pages of r-18. (There’s 5 pages left btw.)
Just my guess, Licorice’s going to flee away from Ivlis’s room.
And the real Satanick shows up,
and…you bet, airhead Ivlis be like “What the heck’s going on!?!!”