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Here are your prizes, the samewada, the eticalb and the daicosmea. These desings and poses were made by them, aren’t they beautiful?! *A*

I sneaked the sataivlis, the refisin and wodagrora ones by me. I really love the refisin one.

12-6 Sunahama Translation

Pitiful “devil”. Puts on an air of excessive self-importance, but even the most trivial of things will cause it to break.

“God” is the only one that matters to him. Nothing else. After his fall, he’s all he lives for.

Wants to forget everything unpleasant to live a life of ease, but that’s not going to happen since she’s the Devil Queen.

“I won’t allow it! I don’t want to see your face anymore!” If you make her cry, it’ll be TROUBLESOME.

Gets treated like an old man one way or the other. Yet, his essence… he’s a devil, but his nature’s a little different. He’s a little traumatized from being stabbed by his younger brother a long time ago.

Not a devil, but he “has the face of one”. That’s the reason he was admitted into the Devil Club. Has a Super Cool power when with his younger sibling. Seems like he once opposed them, though…