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Yeah you! Do you like witches? Angels and Demons? Small yellow cat things? Humanized animals?

Then Deep-Sea Prisoner is the fandom for you!

The DSP fandom constists of 3 games: Wadanohara and the Furries, The Gay Garden, and Mogekhoe Castle! There’s also a Poison Insects, Scream Cream, and Obsolete Meme, but since they’re not games, they’re not as popular.

The DSP fandom is filled with lovable characters such as Etihw the agender god, Sal the dickass, Yonaka the human, Cherryblod the hot dad, and Does Ivlis is Gay?

Joining the DSP fandom requires minor payment in the form of your soul, your tears, and your will to live, but it’s well worth it because once you’re in, you get to burn in agony with your fellow fandom members and NEVER LEAVE!

Join the fandom today!*

*Joining fandom may result in death

The Sun’s Curse: Translated

Okay, let’s try that again.

Mogeko made a fancy Flash storybook about Siralos, the God of the world Ivlis is the Devil of. The text is highly obscured, looks like a bunch of numbers, and is hard to read even looking at the raw images, but it’s actually written in a code. (Some details are here, if you’re interested.)

This took entirely too much effort, and even though it does come out as proper text, I almost doubt Mogeko expected anyone to really read it; if anything, it’s intended as a bonus for diehard fans. I don’t want to put anyone through an English equivalent of that, so just have the translated text.

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vivilice  asked:

Not only is Ivlis the master of character development. He is also the master of different Au selves. Ivlin. and especially Au Ivlis who isn't afraid of Satanick (in various ways) lol

The Cool Ivlis AU, AU in which Ivlis kills Kcalb (and then dies), Oiran AU, Everlasting Love AU (where Ivlis once again dies), and also AUs inside of AUs. So we have a classical genderbent AU with Ivlin who is hotter Ivlis but also Fumus/Ivlin AU or that yesterday AU where Ivlin’s libido can compete with Satanick. Did I forget about something?