-Bien, tu estarás ahí defendiendo la zona. -Señalo apresuradamente un punto en un mapa improvisado del bosque mientras caminaban. - Y el ahí. - Apunto un lugar marcado en aquel dibujo. - Nadie del equipo rojo debe traspasar el claro, ¿me oyen?.  Yo me mantendré cerca de la bandera y el agua por obvias razones. - Comento esto ultimo sacando a Ivlivs del bolsillo. 


Emperor Augustus died on this day in AD 14. This coin, struck c. 19 BC, depicts the wreathed head of Augustus on the front, and on the reverse a comet with eight rays and the words Divvs Ivlivs, meaning Divine Julius.

Caesar’s Comet was interpreted by Romans as a sign of the deification of recently assassinated Julius Caesar. Reported to have shone for seven successive days in 44 BC, it was thought to have been his soul.

shit for the greek!jason au i want to draw but might not get time to actually do:

  • younger/post-thalia’s death!jason accidentally shocking luke when he goes to comfort jason (c’mon, big bro!luke, don’t tell me you don’t see it) and luke ending up with a lichtenberg figure on his palms from where he’d touched jason’s arm or shoulder
  • jason and annabeth falling asleep by thalia’s tree
  • luke having to give jason The Talk. u know the one.
  • jason getting his gold coin/weapon (ivlivs, tho probably with a more greek name) and instantly going “…alright, you train me for a few years, then give me a COIN. is this allowance? can i buy an actual weapon with this?”
  • jason/annabeth/luke TRIFECTA OF SCARY HOT BLONDES
  • jason/thalia reunion. bc i haven’t cried enough recently.
  • …and the lost hero trio meeting for the First Time because i am weak