Last nights phone conversation with Cala didn’t go so well, and it was all Tate could think about as he walked to school alone. Normally, he would be accompanied by the girl who had just moved next door, Violet. However, Tate’s girlfriend thought they were beginning to get a little to close.  The lonesome walk to school gave Tate a lot of time to think about the talk that he and Cala had last night… “Cala, Violet and I are just friends!” He exclaimed, trying to convince his once trusting girlfriend. “We started off as friends as well, Tate. Ive seen the way you look at her…” And that was it. She had hung up on him with out any further explanation. He was confused. He looked at girls all the time. Why is the way he looked at Violet any different? Before he could ponder the situation any further, Violet appeared next to him to join him on the way to school. He knew that showing up with Violet would only infuriate Cala more, but he wasn’t going to be rude and tell her that they could walk together anymore. Truth was, He did like VIolet, just not in the same way as Cala. Of course, Violet had given her opinion of their relationship already, and it wasn’t uncommon for her to voice it whenever she could. “it’s bullshit.” the new girl scoffed. “she’s just so… cling, and whiney, and she gets jealous over nothing. Is that really who you see yourself with, Tate?” He shrugged his shoulders and kept his eyes glued to the floor. She did have a point, but he’s been with Cala for over a year now. He loved her, even if she was a little hard to handle sometimes. Before he knew it, they were at school, and before they even began waling up the steps to the entrance, Cala spotted them and was headed their way. “Hey” Tate smiled at her, hoping she would let what happened last night go, but he knew the look on her face all too well. She was pissed, and he would never hear the end of it. He looked at Violet, and then back at Cala. It was hard to decide what his next move should be, so he tried avoid it altogether. “well, I have to get to class so…”


–{○} The blond devil walked, which more or less resembled the act of pacing, in the farthest room of the basement as he thought. About what, you ask? Even Tate hadn’t a clue. It was all a jumble of regret filled, heartbreaking, and some happy memories that swirled around his mind. Thinking was the hardest thing for this teen to do; it made him want to do bad things. Triggered him, even. So, as he thought, his hands balled into tight fists at his side. The urge to hurt–to kill was almost overwhelming.

Just then, a noise was heard from the basement’s main entrance. But who could be visiting the blond menace today?