iving in the nature

idc about what approach people “choose” to take because i have no business meddling or trying say what i think is best for people and in the long-run a majority of people benefit at least in a small way from whatever forms of treatment they’ve sought out. lots of people are stripped of their agency, sure, but the idea of self-agency is complicated in the first place ([college male voice] free will does not exist) since people are constantly being exploited and controlled and this is inescapable even when youre aware its happening. so you cant realistically expect people to take on the burden of trying to unravel and unlearn things by themselves (also because humans are social animals and working with others is natural and healthy, ive just been isolated for most of my life which is clearly abnormal so i understand that a lot of people dont relate to my way of doing things and the perspectives that have come forth as a result. which is fine but this is my blog im posting on). so dont come to my inbox being like “if its THAT simple then why dont you be an example and show us how easy it is to overcome mental illness” cuz someone literally sent me that and i just blocked them immediately because mental illness in general is so so far from being simple in any way, which i thought ive made extremely clear with like…my entire blog…i just challenge the way certain things are regarded on a large scale because it is very destructive while being widely accepted by “experts” in order to advance whatever social agenda and this influences people’s everyday lives which i think is extremely unjust but theres nothing i can do about it aside from post online and have people get mad at me for invalidating them because they dont understand what im saying .thanks

Me: I just play pokemon casually :) No need to get into IVs, EVs, and all that nonsense lol :)

Me: *Discovers my pokemon’s nature hinders its best stat*

Meanwhile on Yavin IV
  • Hera: This base makes a nice change, to be surrounded by nature and fresh air which should keep all of our morales high.
  • Kanan: A decent place to do training and meditation for myself and my Padawan.
  • Garazeb: Plenty of space for bo-rifle training. But first I gotta put my feet up and listen to music.
  • Sabine: It's so green and calming. Time to capture the scenery with a painting I guess.
  • Chopper: {Warbles approvingly about all the stone surface that he can easily wheel over as opposed to Atollon.}
  • Ezra: So can we have the weekend off? We all deserve a minute of peace-
  • [Everyone jolts at the booming voice of Captain Kallus]
  • Ezra: {Mutters to self} I miss the days when we could rebel against Agent Kallus.

It’s been a while since we checked in on how the Renaissance is doing with its ocean mysteries, so here is a marine biology update circa 1550.

Seals come in two forms:


& Triangular

Walruses are horrifying

But whales are worse

Fish can have human faces

but not always where you’d expect

As for the rest

… it’s probably better left alone.

[All images except chest face fish from Historiae animalium liber IV : De piscium & aquatilium animantium natura. Chest face fish from The noble lyfe & natures of man of bestes, serpentys, fowles & fisshes yt be moste knowen]

honestly,, i love how softhearted raita is. there’s been so many moments where he’s been genuinely kind but when he held sekizan’s arm and told him not to resent matsuo it felt so fragile and earnest. he’s a small boy with the biggest heart and my heart is broken because of it 💁🏻

He’s talking about the tango scene, hehe.

N7 Day is approaching!! Which means there will be a slight increase of silly Mass Effect doodles in my art blog woooo~~~


Rituals and Potions is an Atlantic series of personal essays that deal with beauty routines, and when they fail. Conceived by health and science writers, Julie Beck and Olga Khazan, this collection of stories peels back the cosmetic layer of vanity products to reveal deeper truths about insecurity, impossible beauty standards, and biology. Read the entire series here.

(credit: Katie Martin / Emily Jan / The Atlantic)