ivey blue


Aaron Tveit and Laura Osnes presented William Ivey Long with his Lifetime Achievement Award tonight at the Lucille Lortel Awards (x)

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A young girl steps out of the bus. She had a small tuff in her hair kinda like David’s. Or kinda like....ANYWAY. She wore a white shirt and jeans. She had her hair in a bun. She looks up at David “hello” her eyes were Ivey blue and she had pale skin. She almost looked like a certain cult leader

David smiles at the girl as she steps off the bus, motioning for her to come to him. Either he’s completely oblivious to the resemblance or he’s actively ignoring and denying it, but either way he doesn’t comment.

“Hello and welcome to Camp Campbell! My name is David and I’m one of two amazing counselors! What’s your name?”


“Yes, many times.” He sighed closing his Ivey blue eyes to the dull glow of the fire. He could hear the rats cautiously explore the rafters above them waiting for them to fall asleep before daring to explore the ground. “Heh, I’ve had my legs all my life and am still finding myself tripping over my own paws.” He smiled again before quietly yawning and kissing the top of Inky’s head.