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…an buoi do I have a long-ass URL
Some of these won’t be my all time favs (..probably most) but let’s say they are songs that I /like/, since I listen to so much music that I have a different favorite song literally every day

Toki ni musousha wa (LIPHLICH) 
Human-Clad Monster (D’espairsRay) 
Erode (DIR EN GREY) 

Deux (the GazettE) 
Anagram City (LIPHLICH) 
Malice Against (Nocturnal Bloodlust) 
NG+ (Nocturnal Bloodlust) 
Embryo (DIR EN GREY) 
Drifting Litter (DECAYS) 
Emblem (KAMIJO) 
Sacrifice of Allegro (KAMIJO) 
Tousei (DIR EN GREY) 

Carry Dawn (DIO - Distraught Overlord)
Rainy Highway (G.L.A.M.S) 
Error (VIXX) 
Alive (L'IVERT) 
Tsugaru Kaikyou no Fuyugeshiki (Mogamigawa Tsukasa) 
Undying (the GazettE) 
Everlasting (Morrigan) 

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