Ritsu is such a polite boy uwu… (from this @cutbu comic)



Something my mum always did to me when I came crying from my brother. She made me repeat until I cried from hitting myself too hard. (Apparently, she found it hilarious to do until I grew old enough to understand how evil this was.)

I wanted to see Sans doing the same because it seemed very likely that he did this when Papy was little. 

(Papyrus never forgives him for this) 


here’s my entry for @lgdays’ fanart contest! ^q^)/ PLEASE TRY OUT THEIR DEMO AND SUPPORT THEIR INDIEGOGO!!! it’s super good pls 

THE MOMENT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE I REVEALED THAT ROXAS IS A FAKE BLOND IS FINALLY COMING!!! initially i was just gonna have him grow his roots out till it was all-natural brown again but…im impatient and too lazy to draw his roots anymore. ive been waiting forever to draw roxas w all-brown hair….soon…..so soon…..im so happy everyone…(꒦ິㅂ꒦ີ)

hey! i’m still taking my art break, it’s been only like a week of not drawing and i am feeling some improvement in my arm, but i’m not jumping back into my usual amount because i don’t want it to get worse ;; thankfully furvilla and pokemon go has kept me busy but occasionally when i’ve been REALLY bored working on this and i’ve finally finished it ;;

money has been really tight now since i cant draw, i made this to auction and hopefully help out and ease some stress, i promise i’m not gonna push myself, so this’ll be the only pic you’ll see for a while. i appreciate all the kind messages ive been getting it means so much ;o; <3

if you’re interested in bidding, please go here:

Ive been wanting to properly draw the spirit honeymoon since I first saw the finale, and finally got around to finishing it. I still can’t get over these babes.

I could spend hours trying to write something about how much these two mean to me, but I’ll probably never find quite the right words. They’re just so damn important

They’re gonna change the world.


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This blog shouldnt even be called ask-passion-peach it should be called ask-this-girl-who-draws-too-much-fanart. haha….. heh

Anyway, this is Johnny over at ask-johny, and he is the coolest pony out there. This artist has an amazing style I just love looking at it! Ive wanted to draw him ever since I followed, happy i finally got around to it.

Hope I got everything right!


Hey! i just wanted to say sorry for the serious lack of posts?? these past two weeks? Ive been focusing on my finals for my classes, so if you left an ask or a request from the drawing meme thing; im not ignoring you! i WILL answer you when i get a chance! just expect not much from me for the next week until my school finishes since I’m entering the home-stretch of the semester. I have maybe one or two doods to post at the mome, after i post those imma get back into my wrappin up my final projects! just to let you know! see you in a bit!

Alright yall ive finally decided to do something for you lovely people since i hit 170 last night!
Since i cant draw, cant really write and have no creative abilities of any kind what ima do for yall is put your soles in my game! I have a buncha my friends in the game already, and some on the waiting list, and since it seems to be pretty popular with yall i figured this will be my thank you to all you wonderful people!
I dont really care how many people want to be apart of this but if its a lot itll take a while for me to get your soles in game
Basically just shoot me a message with reference pics or just which presets you used (whichll be more accurate) and ill put em in!! I dont have a deadline i guess its just until the requests stop coming in haha
Alright yeah i love you guys and would love to have your soles in my game 😍