Hi! I love your art style…it’s given me the courage to start posting again instead of just reblogging everything. (I have already posted a picture of a poster I had done for international women’s day.) I hope to start posting more before my break is up! If not by then than sometime really soon!
Anyway, I love your your Jamilton and Jonsnavi posts. So I thought why not combine the two. This is in fact this is my first time drawing Usnavi and Johan and my first time drawing Jefferson and Hamilton in a lovers light. I love the reincarnated lovers AU with a bit of anguish. I think these two ships could mix well in that universe. And thus this piece was born! Thanks for the ship posts for the inspiration.

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chloe/alya cuddles?

heck yeah!! here ya go 

hope you can see it and sorry for answering so late.. T-T thank you so much for asking!!!

simply put an ask in my inbox to ask for any MLB ship/person prompts you’d like to see me doodle :D


Rubberhose Doodle dump from the last week or so.

Hamme & Bean run a sweets shop and while their past is a bit sketchy their food is amazing. Its probably that secret ingredient they use. Id just recommend not getting too addicted to the candy there as some of their most frequent customers go missing after a time.

Also some toons Ive seen around I think are swell. This isnt everyone by any means but just the ones that came to mind. 
We got cuties from @badluckbetties @ragtimegoat @ragtimedevil @whip-the-dentist @devilswinginbendy @rustybirdcage

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do u have a source stating her support 4 the palestinian genocide? if u do pls share it!!

 lmfao source is im fuckin palestinian! ive seent it! ive seen israeli soldiers throw around palestinians and harass us w their machine guns!  and anyone who serves in the idf (literally the army dedicated to opressing palestinians) is scum !!

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Did a fan give Taem a bug in a box during Press It era? Ive seen pics floatin around but

Yes, it was at the Press It fansign at IFC Mall, already one year ago (160228). You can feel the real terror in his eyes.

i did a lot of research on the eeveelutions, yes bc i love them, but also bc i wanted to make a more accurate eeveelution personality quiz than the ones ive seen around!

and i wanna share w you guys some neat eeveelution facts most people dont know! ^o^)/

(if you would like to take the quiz i made send me an ask and i’ll link you! ^u^)

♡eevee: the only one of the eeveelutions (and one of the only pokemon that i know of) described as a mutant pokemon. their cells are so strange and unlike any other pokemon which is why they can evolve into so many different types. in other words, by pokemon standards, eevee is a total weirdo. its body automatically adapts to its surroundings! eevees can live p much anywhere yet they are most commonly found in cities
also eevees are described as “naive” in quite a few pokedex entries but they are aware that they are cute. they just dont fully know how to use it to their advantage like sylveon does haha
but they can learn moves like “charm” and “fake tears” to use their looks to garner mercy from an opponent/attacker!

vaporeon: the only eeveelution that can become its element! vaporeons have the ability to actually turn into water when in water  >83c (part of the whole mutant cell thing)
according to legends within pokemon lore when people would see vaporeon swimming in the ocean they often believed they saw mermaids! (hence the mermaid aesthetic question in the quiz). also unlike other eeveelutions who actively want to be around people (like eevee, flareon, and sylveon) vaporeon is very comfortable being on its own, while also being very comfortable around people. its never really lonely either way c:

jolteon: this poor thing is the most emotionally fragile of all the eeveelutions ;;
and its not even like a singular personality trait THIS IS JUST HOW JOLTEON ARE
they are extremely sensitive and totally wear their hearts on their sleeves. they love big, and they hate big haha
they do a thing where they store negative ions within their fur and then when needed (or when they feel like it) they lash out BIG TIME w a mighty electric attack. supposedly jolteon are the hardest to train out of the eeveelutions bc they take EVERYTHING personal. are you hanging out w one of your pokemon more than your jolteon? jolteon will be hella offended. do you have a new love interest in your life? jolteon is offended and hurt you need someone more than jolteon. etc
basically trust is a HUGE issue for jolteon so you really need to have a tight bond/relationship with one in order for it to feel secure and happy.
but if you CAN do this then you have a MIGHTY ALLY. bc jolteon is one of the strongest eeveelutions! and is the absolute fastest! a good ally and friend who will always come to your aid UuU
i hate how misrepresented jolteon is bc most people try to make it this super edgy/mean pokemon but according to nintendo jolteon is the one eeveelution who really wants a hug the most ;w;

flareon: this puffball is the ultimate cuddle beast and will love you most of all the eeveelutions! (except maybe sylveon)
it is the shortest, chubbiest and weakest of all the eeveelutions. but gosh darn it tries its best.
think of it like a toy breed of dog. it can bark really loud but its not really made to pull a sled or anything. what it wants most is to be by your side but it wont be offended if you dont pick it for battle haha

espeon: the only eeveelution that is the MOST mythologically based,
espeon’s design pulls from about 3 or 4 different legendary mythical creatures found in japanese, chinese and latin folklore! also it is the only eeveelution specifically based on a cat, despite eevee (and the other eeveelutions) being dog based. its the only eeveelution aware of its beauty (besides sylveon) and while it doesnt really use it to its advantage for anything, espeon are known to just…admire their reflections bc theyre so pretty haha
its also one of the weaker eeveelutions and not really fond of fighting or anything that would mess up its beauty in any way. it will fight if it has to, or if in battle for you, but theyre content if they never fight at all haha

its scared of EVERYTHING
its the only eeveelution who has created a fear based defense mechanism! it has poison sweat :I
so if it starts sweating bc its scared out in the wild (which is p often) it sprays its sweat to make a quick get away!
umbreon is not some creepy/evil/loner omgg they adore people and pokemon and cant wait to make friends!!

leafeon: the only eeveelution described as a “pacifist pokemon”
they NEVER want to fight
pls dont put them in battle bc you will just make your leafeon very unhappy. it hates the thought of hurting anyone ;;
they also always smell good! it is said that young leafeon smell like fresh grass and old leafeon smell like dried leaves.
leafeon dont eat like other pokemon. they gain energy through photosynthesis like a plant, so there is always clean air surrounding a them UuU

glaceon: the most adaptable of all the eeveelutions! (besides eevee ofc)
it can live comfortably in a volcano as well as an iceberg
its the only eeveelution that can regulate its body temperature meaning that if it does live in a volcano it can make its body temperature low enough to be comfortable there!
also they are similar to vaporeon in that they are happy and comfortable around people as much as they are alone in the wild. either way they can be happy.
however if they do make a friend (human or pokemon) and that friend betrays their trust in some way (hurting them or smth) glaceon will literally build a thin wall of ice around its entire body so that the one who hurt them can literally never touch them again
if you hurt a glaceon you’ve lost them forever u_u

sylveon LOVE being the center of attention and would NEVER be happy in the wild
they wanna be surrounded by lots of people and pokemon who will tell them they are pretty all the time haha
sylveon is the most confident of them all too
it is one of the most powerful of the bunch AND KNOWS IT and is one of the most pretty/lovely to look at AND THEY ARE AWARE OF THIS TOO haha
they hold the ones they love very dear to their hearts and love to “hold hands” aka wrap their ribbons around the hands of the one they love while they walk around w them.
it loves to battle!! p much any chance to be the center of attention is a-ok w a sylveon haha
also, even if it is incredibly strong, sylveon still really enjoy outsmarting their opponents
they have the ability to trick and outwit them w their sweet looks and they do it often haha
sylveon are no angels
if you are not someone they already hold close then they will happily try to outwit you to get what they want

i could go on and on about the eeveelutions aaa i love them so much ;u;
i hope you enjoy reading about them!!

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okay okay but here's a new headcanon: so ive seen it floating around that because of amy's love of aliens, her alter-ego would be an alien right? but there's not much talk of wiishu's alter-ego. what if her alter-ego isn't evil? what if her alter-ego is an angel. it would directly counteract anti as a demon. not to mention SOMEBODY has to keep anti under control

I’M S H O O K.  i love this so much. can this be a thing like wiishu’s alter ego is literally the light to anti’s darkness omg yes please sign me the fuck up 👌👌👌

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1:Ok so ive been meaning to watch/read bnha for a while but when i did watch the 1st episode i had to skip like half of it bc bakugou bullying deku p much brought back my (school) War Flashbacks so uh i was wondering if it gets better? from what ive heard/seen around he still continues to be p much an asshole but with Layers(TM) like an ogre or smth but tbh that would only make things worse cause i really dont want to see a bully be in every episode & not be actually redeemed or even sorry so...

2:Like i know he is an interesting character but i REALLY cant stand seeing bullies, well, bullying that much - i can skip some scenes if they are not too many but if its too entrenched in the story then i would prefer not to watch personally. you dont have to convince me hes not that bad tbh i mean i know he is like 14 and immature and a brat but i just need to know if he continues to be episode-1-levels bully or if dekus newfound powers make at least a bit of a difference psychologically 4 him

Heh, I guess to start I’ll say this: Bakugou’s still a pretty bad person.

My short and straight answer is that yes, Bakugou’s bullying of Deku continues. It’s more Deku who changes, as he develops the confidence to no longer be fazed by Bakugou’s bullying. 

I think that Bakugou’s character development is interesting, but there’s no single moment where he’s redeemed. And no, Bakugou has not yet apologized to Deku about the things he’s done, even in the manga. And if you don’t like to see his character explored and developed (while his actions are not corrected) then this might rub you the wrong way.

I really enjoy Bakugou’s character, but frankly I enjoy him more like how I enjoy villain characters than hero characters. Villains can be interesting and entertaining and bring a lot of depth and character to a show while still definitely doing bad things. Bakugou’s not a villain, but I throw him into the same “entertaining and interesting but I’m not forgiving him one fucking bit for the bad shit he’s done” box.

And also, joining the BNHA fandom might be hard for you because it’s gotten pretty popular to dismiss Bakugou’s actions and treat him like some kind of “secretly a sweetheart” “can do no wrong fan favorite child” “here’s 4 paragraphs about how the look Bakugou gives Deku in one panel of one chapter proves Bakugou’s actually never done anything wrong in his entire life.”*

(*and yeah everyone’s got a right to interpret characters however they like im just saying this is a thing that happens)

So all that being said, it might not be a series that you can really get into. Bakugou remains a very central character with a lot of development and exploration, but he still definitely bullies Deku. Deku’s just built up the confidence to not be all that bothered by it anymore. 


Ok so ive seen a theory going around that magnus and valentine actually switched bodies. This makes a lot of sense because look at the way “valentine” is looking at alec, valentine wouldn’t look at alec that way. And the way “magnus” is just creepin’ around gives me a bad vibe. And in the third pic it looks like “valentine” is trying to explain to alec that he is really magnus. And to prove that to alec he tells him about their first time which then leads to a flashback!!! Plus they said in ep 12 we would see magnus in a different way.

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Can you just tell us what coding is? Google isnt being much help ;;

ugh god FINE but this is the last thing im talking about re: race in su and i mean it (maybe)

coding is hard to explain so this will be a very poor explanation (as well as possibly inaccurate) so if anyone who understands coding wants to jump in and explain it not poorly then please do

first of all, coding has to be definite and indisputable. it has to be ingrained into the character and be 100% INTENTIONAL from the writers. it’s not merely a fan interpretation, its something the writers are purposefully and EXPLICITLY portraying in the character that really CANT BE ARGUED

for example, you cant argue that garnet isnt coded as black. people who say “oh but shes an alien she doesnt have a race” just don’t know what coding is. like, you wouldn’t say jenny pizza is “coded” as black, you would say she IS black. garnet ISNT black, shes CODED as black. representational coding (there’s a lot of types of coding) is reserved for nonhuman characters, as it basically means youre ingraining real-world groups of people into the character

and it’s pretty clear why garnet is coded as black

afro, dark skin, physical features, voiced by a black woman, etcetc. if anyone looked at her who isnt familiar with steven universe, they would say she was a black woman, no doubt. she’s probably the most explicitly coded character in media that im familiar with

the point is, it has to be inarguable and extremely explicit and intentional by the creators. some people think pearl is coded as East Asian because of her fighting skills but that’s simply not definite enough. its an interpretation, and its arguable. you could argue that pearl is supposed to be a suburban white mom stereotype as well. pearl being east asian is just a headcanon. same with rose being latina. there’s not a lot of canon basis for that and it could be argued that she’s just white. even amethyst being latina can be argued, as she could also easily be interpreted as black by some people. the su fandom gets “coding” and “headcanons” really really confused.

if you want more examples of representational coding, i have some from other media…i cant believe im about to talk about knuckles the motherfucking echidna on my su blog but here we go

so im just gonna be straight up: knuckles is coded as black. his color scheme is intentionally supposed to be rastafarian, he has dreadlocks for that reason, and his main music genre from the earlier sonic games was rap/jazz/soul. he was originally supposed to have a jamaican accent but sega scrapped that idea. they basically wanted him to be an “island guy” as he was born on Angel Island. (he also has Mayan coding from his ancestry but thats just gonna make this complicated) HOW much he’s coded in different sonic games varies. the sonic adventure 2 game stressed this and even gave him a significantly darker snout color to emphasize it. it’s pretty much inarguable that in this game, knuckles is coded as black. it’s just extremely clear that this was the creator’s intentions…i remember everyone used to call him the “unofficial black sonic character”

there’s other characters who have clear racial coding from other media too…there’s a great post that ive seen floating around that talks about Eduardo and Wilt from foster’s home being coded as mexican and black, respectively. they also compared that coding to garnet’s coding in su. it was more geared towards those of you who think that “garnet is an ALIEN and there’s no instances of black in her” whereas this post im writing here is geared towards people who get “coding” and “interpretation” confused. id love to see that post again if anyone happens to find it

but yeah, coding has to be clearly intentional from the writers. if not, its just a headcanon/interpretation. garnet and knux are explicitly coded as black. pearl can be interpreted as east asian.

and whether representing poc through nonhuman characters is offensive or not is another story.

(anyone who actually truly knows about this stuff, feel free to correct me cuz maybe im just completely wrong. who the hell knows anymore)

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I dunno if you've already answered this but do you play mobu puzzle? If so what's your favorite outfit? :o I feel like the costumes would be really good art practice!

ahh i do not play mob puzzle ;w; i was too lazy to dl it 

but based off all of the events ive seen around, my favorite outfit is from the baseball event ;3;

it really is good practice tho!! 

EDIT: I GOt the game its gr8

Me and @fangsofsin have been talking about The Author. That creepy character Mark did for the Danger in fiction sketch. And with all the interest in all of Marks characters Ive seen around, we have to include this one ;3 Hes messing with Jack here because that just happened to be where the conversation went but I might see where I can squeeze the Author in better. 

I need to study Marks face more because with out the facial hair, hairstyle and glasses, mark looks VERY different Dx