theoneswithoutpacks asked:

What have they done to you?

Lydia: she was chained up against a wall in only her underwear and was covered in deep cuts randomly and had IVs in both of her arms. When stiles appeared before her like some kind of savior, she knew it was a hallucination from the drugs these hunters had put in her system. “You’re not real…” She shook her head and yanked against the chains trying to pull away. “Leave me alone.. You’re not him. You’re not stiles! You’re a figment of my imagination… I’m hallucinating.” Then a machine made a loud beeping sound and began pumping more strange colored liquids through her IVs.

Dean: the hunter had been captured by some type of mad scarecrow scientist. Some weird batman shit going down in this town. He wrists were bound and chained up above his head up to the ceiling. The tips of his toes barely were touching the ground so a lot of weight has been pulling down on his wrists causing the chains to cut into them in a very unpleasant way. “Em…” He choked out barely, his mouth completely dry. “You can’t stay here.. You have to get out of here.. He’ll chain you up too! Listen to me, find sam, he can help. Tell him, this weird scarecrow scientist guy, is using my blood. I don’t know what for, but he takes like eight full vials at a time three times a day. Please! Get out of here!!” He kicked a leg at her trying to scare Em off.