So this week HEX: shards of fate put out the PvE campaign. I played it for awhile last night and had a good time, though some encounters seemed a bit overturned hehe, but that’s what feedback is for.

It still blows my mind to see my work in something like this, but makes me happy people get to see some of the things I’ve done. Misou is by far my favourite shinhare ive done and Whispering Breeze is one of my favorite coyotles. I enjoyed painting a several of the coyotle campaign champs too(especially the female cleric)

Got tagged by @icespyders for this thing! ((I STILL HAVEN’T DONE YOUR FANFIC ASK I’M SO SORRY))

1. what’s the last movie you went out to see? did you go by yourself or with somebody? why did you choose that one?
—I went to go see Episode VII with my family! we actually had been planning on going for awhile, and rewatched IV V VI before going ahaha

2. describe a vivid dream you’ve had - why does it stick out in your memory?
—I once had this extremely frightening dream where I could fly (!!) but it took all my mental concentration to do so, and I had just escaped from the lab where evil scientists had made me aND THEY WERE AFTER ME so here I was, terrible flyer, wobbling through narrow twisty corridors between buildings and being completely (A) exhilarated at being able to fly, (B) exhausted at the effort needed to fly, and © terrified of the scientists who were coming after me…this was a reoccurring dream that happened like three times so it was really great because I loved that dream ahaha

3. name one thing you’re really good at! (can be silly, can be serious)

—I can procrastinate really well!! jk. er, I fold really good paper cranes/stars! it’s a good time.

4. name a character from any fandom who you didn’t like at first but will now fight somebody for - what changed your mind?

—shinkai hayato from yowapeda..he was kind of that token idiot-character at first, but then the INTERHIGH and his BACKSTORY and his stupid pointing/protein bar obsession…I really love all my sohoku+hakone bike kids ahh

5. coffee or tea, and how do you take it?
—usually tea! I take it straight, so it’s basically just the tea+hot water. hot leaf water!

6. what’s your dream cosplay? (if you cosplay already, would you ever really do it? if you don’t the question’s more ‘if you could cosplay anyone/anything, what would it be and why’)
—THIS IS A HARD QUESTION but I guess the one that would be near and dear to my heart is kiki from kiki’s delivery service? she’s really been such an inspiration to me and I feel like she’s the studio ghibli protagonist that’s most like me ^^’ I’d also like to do kiyoko from haikyuu!!

7. favorite kind of candy?

—dark chocolate. 65%+, none of that Hershey stuff

8. what’s the last video game you played? (i bet it’s neko atsume. for me it is. you can mention other ones besides that though lmao)

—lol it could have been but it was actually llsif..a new event started, so I’m doing my best to get the new SR!

9. if you had the ability, would you go back in time or forward (you can only choose one direction and one chance to do it)? what would you want to see or change? or would you not want to do it at all?
—I’d probably not want to..too much effort and I like the people I know right now. being out of time would mean that all the people that I know would either be dead or not born yet ;A;

10. what hogwarts house are you in?

—according to my most recent pottormore quiz, ravenclaw?? BUT I LOVE HUFFLEPUFF TOO I HAVE THAT HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE

11. what’s your favorite meme? (can be anything, this is a judgment-free zone)
—so..many….I think it’d have to be either the gothic meme or the text post meme. I like words!

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Hello people this my first (or second) official animated film, This was incredibly hard for me to do ill just be honest with you. I didn’t use tweens or anything to streamline the process to make production go faster, so this took awhile a very long while lol. But its done and finished is better than perfect !

trust me i know there are alot of inconsistencies and i know it looks choppy (adobe butchered my frame rate when i exported some cuts), thats because flash was buggy and wouldn’t let me color,export or tweak certain cuts, so i had to leave them be for the time being. At times Flash would delete alot of frames at once for no apparent reason lol

So is it perfect absolutely not, but have i done something ive always wanted to do yes, and will i do more, yes i absolutely will like emoticon

Run time: 2:04 ?


well its been awhile since i’ve done sum like this well alots happend ive had a rather explosive amount of followers its remains to be seen which ones are real you all know you are, and the rest. life was gotten more enjoyable to say the least due to the intervention of a certain person in my life. i can’t say much more cuz gona keep this one under raps for reasons. thanks to all my new followers means a lot gives me a reason to check this multiple times a day. thats all for now folks im out

Hello to all my tumblr followers. How are you? I am doing better, thanks!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile and I’m so sorry about that!

As most of you who’ve been following me know , I had surgery on the 26th! Awesome right?

Well not to awesome afterwards :(

I went into the hospital at 9am on the 26th, got all my IVs done, went over instructions, etc etc. Everyone was supperrr nice!

So I get into surgery at about 11:30 am, everything goes great, I get out pretty quickly, no complications, all is well…
And then I wake up :(

Of course I’m in pain, who isn’t? So I get pain meds and that doesn’t help, they bring me into my room and I’m super uncomfortable and irritable and just not dealing with things well at that moment.

Well after kind of getting stable with my pain, I find out I have high BP, High pulse, low oxygen, and I have a fever to top it all off. At this point I’m in so much pain, no amount of walking, or whatever is helping, they put me on pain meds every 3 hours instead of 4. That helps but I’m mostly sleeping that’s why. So anyway that kept going on, I stayed in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights :( not fun, but I’m finally so much better. I have a bit discomfort but that’s from the gas (fun fun lol) I am now finally home, and that’s all that matters. Took a shower and it felt amazing lol.

So anyway, the picture above is my lovely incisions four days post op! They itch like crazy! (Which is also normal)

And now on a more tmi note: I had gotten over my period before my surgery, but like a day after I got it again, full force! So mad! Lol a nuisance but completely normal.

Anyway, if you have any questions, lemme know! Xoxo

since i got a new iphone and updated itunes ive decided to go through my entire library and make sure all the info is there, spelt right etc also adding album art. had a good majority done but a lot of the songs (around 200) i added to itunes arent labeled properly like just random letters.