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all the crayon asks

Bubble Gum: Gender? Female!

Almond: Hair color? red/ginger

Aquamarine: Eye color? blue grey

Asparagus: Birthday? February 17th

Cerise: First name? Savanna

Dandelion: Middle name? Elizabeth

Leather Jacket: Long or short hair? on me or someone else? if on someone else i dont really care on me long for sure

Pink Sherbert: Short or tall? tall

Lavender: Braces? no thank god

Manatee: Smoker or non smoker? on and off but ive been off for awhile now lol

Mountain Meadow: Drank or still drink alcohol? drank.

Wisteria: Ever done drugs? meh not really?

Emerald: Favorite thing about yourself? i can make people laugh

Black Shadows: Something you’re allergic to? theres a medication im allergic to that i dont remember the name of lol

Denim: Any diseases? nope

Raw Umber: Sexual orientation? straight af

Misty Moss: Kissed anyone other than family? ye

Outer Space: Had sex? nope

Shadow: Name of crush? aaaaaaaayyyyyyytristanyyyyyyylmao

Smashed Pumpkin: Why you like the person you do? what’s not to like tbh like he’s funny and cute and sweet a n d talented annd cheesy as hell idk man hes just great

Magic Mint: Number of people you dated? 2 or 3

Steel Teal: Longest time you’ve dated someone? year and a half

Thistle: Number of best friends? 4

Eggplant: Number of siblings? nil

Fuchsia: Number of pets? 13 outdoor cats

Plum: Still live with parent(s)? sadly

Razzmic Berry: Name of your mother? connie

Sonic Silver: Name of your father? robert

Sea Serpent: Both parents still alive? yep

Eucalyptus: Country you live in? The U.s

Salmon: Place you wish to live or visit? Scotland

Winter Sky: Number of days missed from school this year? s i gh

Mystic Maroon: Met anyone famous? yep

Dark Venetian Red: Dream job? something in music

Radical Red: Aesthetic? watching the sunrise over the ocean tbh

Malachite: Something you love? music musicmusicmusic

Moonstone: Something you love the smell of? coconut and almond and vanilla ugh
Bittersweet: Favorite music artist? metallica slipknot and pearl jam

Lemon Glacier: Favorite album? atm Lamb Of Gods new album

Inchworm: Favorite song? Embers by LoG

Mellow Yellow: Favorite TV show? meh i dont watch tv much

Wild Blue Yonder: Favorite movie? aLL the marvel and lotr

Blue Bell: Favorite restaurant? this mexican place in my hometown

Medium Orange: Favorite fruit? hmm apples or grapes idk man i love all fruits tbh

Mulberry: Favorite vegetable? hmm idk man i love all veggies p much

Canary: Favorite class in school? History

Periwinkle: Favorite website? ugh this trashsite

Black: Favorite season? late summer

Ruby: Favorite holiday? its a holiday whenever my favorite bands release new music

Midnight: Favorite day of the week? friday

Maximum Purple: Favorite time of day? hmm varies

Permanent Geranium Lake: Favorite flower? lilies

Sea Green: Favorite animal? wolf

Timberwolf: Movie theater or Netflix? y not both

Blizzard Blue: Buying music or downloading from YouTube? if i had more money i would buy everything tbh

thanks bae!!

Not sure what to title this, I’m more just typing sentences that stick together in my brain. Or I guess its not my just my brain anymore huh? Fuck that takes awhile to get used to. Anyway, figured the point of a blog is to vent right? Thats the whole point. First time Ive done somethin like this.

Name’s James. Here for my brothers and sisters. Dont really care about much else. Heard my girlfriend Jenna came around here but left. Shame. Id have like to had her company.

Brothers name is Nikolyth and I got two sisters here: Vashira and Silfire. Only Silfire is biological, and I dont know her all that well or for that long, but I know shes more than competent. Ive been around with Nicko and Vash for almost as long as Ive been alive. We stayed together when we were freed, and have taken care of each other ever since. 

Of the three of us, I take the harder jobs if I can. Try and spare Nicko and Vash from the worst of it. Course recently the factory and farmin jobs have dried up and weve gone to the cities. Easier to find money there. Nickos the one that does the finances but I keep up. Both of us can gamble and deal but I prefer to keep him outta places like that. Things can get dangerous. Its sure fuckin satisfying to see the looks on the older guys faces when they lose to us, but folks like that can get violent when they lose to a kid, specially a blonde one who could blend right into the suburbs if he wanted to. Still, hes got talent. Blows me away sometimes. 

Its nice to see him again. Im here because he and Vash popped over. I kept my ear to the ground after he dissapeared. Cant quite remember how I found them but here I am. Been here since…well I cant quite remember, but I know its only been a few months. Mostly been staying inside. Usually been out for work and dealing with Nickos boyfriend. But Im starting to think this site might be okay.

Thats all for now.


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I'm turning my feelings off. I just needed someone to know.

at the end of the day thats your choice hun.  i did that and for some time it works, you stop having to deal with all the pain for a little bit atleast for me and for awhile i removed my true self from society. but eventually its gonna hit you back in the face really hard and atleast for me i had never felt so alone. i hardly cry theres times i want to and i cannot. i feel no remorse and very little empathy for other people. ive done exactly what your going to do and it turned out really ugly for me but i understand the desire to do it. i just want you to know it lead me down a path of anger, hate, loneliness, and even for some time Satan worship. but that’s just my advice for you if you absouluty need to just turn off. then i know nobody will stop you but if there’s anything in you that can keep going grab onto it and don’t let go. im always here if you need me.