I think koujaku would probably be a real clingy partner in bed. Not with someone that he’s just having a one night stand with, though. Only with someone he’s dating (cough aoba)

I can just picture him falling asleep with his partner in his arms, his head snuggled into their neck while they sit there like “dude I’m up let me gooo” but he just wouldn’t because he craves that loving contact so much

He’d also probably spoon a lot

[Sarah, insert a title here] || Jared + Sam

Sam sighed as he took the stairs upstairs to Jared’s room. He was now down from his high but it was already too late. Jared had already done something incredibly stupid. How could he know that this was happening while he was at the underground and finally getting what his body was craving for for weeks?
“Jared?”, he asked, after he reached hs room and opened the door. He sat down on the floor in front of the bed and leaned back on his hands. “What the fuck did you idiot do?”

i need a fic where 1d’s still a band and all but louis and harry hated each other from day 1. then slowly louis falls for harry but he cant let him know because theyre the ultimate enemies so he pines for years and years and years while acting like harry’s the bane of his existence until,, in a massive plot twist,, information leaks to the media somehow about their intense dislike of each other. this upsets the whole United Image™ thing they have going on so 1dhq forces them to spend time with each other for pr purposes and louis’ suffering constantly but trying to make an effort so that maybe?? he and harry can get along??? but harry’s oblivious to louis’ feelings so he carries on acting like a complete dick to him until louis gives up and ends up walking away from any hope that maybe harry could actually like him!!! him!!! but harry realises that Holy Fucking Shit he’s a teensy bit in love with louis and it’s all a bit of a mess

  • step on my neck tadpole mom:someone send cats ive got a headache and may be dying
  • ufooooooo:Hehehehehe
  • jonesy:can i send myself
  • jonesy:through the mail
  • ufooooooo:D:
  • ufooooooo:Aww
  • step on my neck tadpole mom:yes u can
  • jonesy::D
  • MLLYLY:ur not even a cat anymore
  • jonesy:D:
  • jonesy:im sorry but are you denying terezi pyrope displays catlike tendencies
  • MLLYLY:-licks shit
  • MLLYLY:-doesn't do what you want her to
  • MLLYLY:-gets in your face at the worst times
  • MLLYLY:-sharp teeth
  • jonesy:-grumpy
  • MLLYLY:-roxy loves her
  • jonesy:-runs away after injury
  • jonesy:hides
  • ufooooooo:-blind
  • -best friends with a stick
  • -canon jayfeather
  • jonesy:-will stand on your face at 4am
  • step on my neck tadpole mom:http://neproxrezi.tumblr.com/post/138890782229/sometipsygnostalgic-neproxrezi
  • jonesy:i was going to say sit onyourface, but realised that may have different implications