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Consider: lance being straight up no nonsense when he isnt feeling well. Like "hey guys this is fun and games and all but ive got a headache." Or when its serious "i really feel bad. Like unbelievably terrible." And they believe him well enough but the first time he gets seriously ill- maybe after a long week of goofing and over the top dramatic arguments, they just think hes playing it up. Not intentionally or maliciously, but it ends up disasterously somehow

Omg, anon! I don’t know why, but I have a thing with people not believing someone when they are seriously ill to the point where the sickie ends up collapsing and everyone is like “oh shit!” in a panic. And, I could totally see this happening with Lance because he’s the “jokester” of the group. Like, maybe him running a really high fever and feeling genuinely like shit, but everyone thinks he’s over playing it. So they go to training, and he’s like “guys I really don’t feel well.” And they aren’t necessarily rude, but they definitely don’t believe him. And Lance is just so tired and so ill, but he keeps going and ends up fainting. That’s my jam right there!

( ooc! ) ive got a headache and i’m nauseous so i’m going to probably lay down for the rest of the night. im pretty sure i welcomed all the new people, but if i missed you, you can come kick my butt later. i have two (?) random starters left to write and a bunch of plotting to do. hit me up if you wanna interact with my overly friendly child here. okay im going to bed and pray for death to take me

fuck off if you support oil companies like doterra that promote improper and untrained essential oil use and also that fucking promote INGESTION OF OILS THAT CAN I DONT KNOW?? BURN A HOLE THROUGH YOUR ESOPHAGUS/STOMACH
essential oils arent fun. they arent perfume that make you smell pretty. they’re a potent and ancient medicine that needs to be respected and used effectively/properly. people get fuckin. masters degrees in order to understand how oils work in relationship to the body and how to treat CLIENT SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS and not just assume every person that has sleep problems needs lavender. miss me with that linear western bullshit.

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hows your day going? I hope its good, i love your art keep doing what you do!!! <3 :D

ive got a bit of a headache but other wise good thank you . i hope your day is good. im just keeping myself bissy .

i’ve done about 3000 words but the word limit is 5000, am i doomed if i only submit it at this length? :( i.e could i still get a 2.1 if the content is decent, i think it is good so far but i just can’t bring myself to do anymore, ive got a banging headache from crying and i just want this day to end. i dont even know. i think i’ll just try and add some words and submit it, from what i can see you don’t get penalised for being under the word limit at my uni but it’s ‘generally expected’ you’re at least 500 away from the upper word limit…gahh.