alright, listen. ive been around tumblr for a long time. ive had blogs on this website for a solid 4 years, and you know what? i have no idea where momblr went. my entire dashboard used to be moms. i mean like, vegan etsy moms. moms who practically inhale avocados and smell like wine 24/7. i was 12 years old and never posted my age on my blog, and they accepted me. they thought i was part of their mom group. we grew apart, somehow, but im not sure when. i just hope theyre doing ok.

Dear Fallout fandom:
Have i ever told you how much i love yall because i really, really do.

Like forreal you guys always leave notes on my stuff and some of you talk to me like this blog doesnt get any kind of love and its been around for 7 years and has over 1500 followers. You guys send me so much love and i love you all so much thanks for making me feel so welcomed into this fandom like it means a lot
Love always,
Rachel ♡