bts as children

jin: keeps fruit snacks in his pockets, has the 64-crayon box set with the sharpener, always draws himself during art time,

jungkook: super competitive, plays tag too seriously, gets upset when someone beats him in games, hogs the swing during recess

jimin: draws pictures for the teacher, shares his lunch with everyone, always holds hands with his friends, brings goody bags for the class on holidays and his birthday 

hoseok: gets scolded a lot for using his outdoor voice, colors outside of the lines, gets up from his seat when hes not supposed to, cries because other kids chase him around with bugs

yoongi: loves naptime, tries to act mature for his age but gets upset when he gets grape juice instead of orange, stands up to other kids when they mess with his friends (ex: when other kids chase hobi around with bugs)

namjoon: breaks all the crayons, loses his supplies and then accidentally steals other kids’ things, always participates and asks a lot of questions

taehyung: tries to bring his dog to school, that one kid that everyone is friends with, is a mess after recess and/or art time, eats play dough 

ive been doing a fairly large cross-stitch lately, its something i enjoy and it keeps me busy. because ive spent a lot of time doing it, my boyfriend decided he would try it out, and started to work on this mini cross-stitch of a penguin

last night he was nearly finished but decided to leave the rest because he was tired… he then picked it up, went over to the draw and said ‘until tomorrow Jeffrey’ before putting him away

i didnt know he had a name, but here’s Jeffrey