ive watched this movie a lot

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relationship status: hell if i know whats going on rn but i think we’re back together?
favorite color: gold
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick!!!
last song i listened to: kiss from a rose - seal (dont give me that look ive been watching a lot of the people vs oj and the soundtrack is great)
last movie i watched: the other sister
top 3 tv shows: peaky blinders, american crime story, skins
top 3 characters: POLLY SHELBY. uh…. thats it. she is The Supreme (but also narcissa malfoy from hp and effy from skins)
top 3 ships: narcissa x lucius in hp shut up im still not over it, polly x ruben in peaky, and uh marcia and chris in acs fight me
books i’m currently reading: uh… nothing yet but im patiently waiting for claire’s book so while im at it… any recs?

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im wondering why im so bad at adult tours at work…

then i realize i havent done an adult tour in 2.5 weeks and will not have another one for 2 months. okay, maybe just one between now and then.

i dont know how to change that because zoos really appeal more to children, not so much adults.

adult tour requests have declined in popularity within the recent years. theyre
not appealing anymore.

how can i encourage adults to learn about animals?

what would you enjoy to see/do at a zoo?

movie nights with the sportafamily

movie nights with the sportafamily aren’t even movie nights basically.

they all go down to robbie’s lair and they pick out a movie to watch so they can all snuggle up in the orange chair (sportacus or robbie end up sitting on the floor most of the time because the chair really isn’t built for 3, even if stephanie is tiny) and pick out a movie…. BUT A PURPOSEFULLY BAD MOVIE. robbie then proceeds to be a Movie Critic™ and literally the entirety of the movie is spent listening to him criticizing the horribly made movie.

steph thinks it’s slightly annoying, but also kind of funny. they’ll be watching a cheesey movie with bad special effects and robbie with be yelling “WHERE’S THE LOGIC??!!” and stephanie will be like “robbie…. the movie doesn’t have to have logic it’s just supposed to be lighthearted and fun!” “yeah well….. THESE DOGS ARE TALKING AND IT MAKES NO SENSE!!”

and sportacus will just be cuddling close to robbie and he’s just. smiling really big because his husband is such a dramatic dork and like?? he loves him so much??? the whole time he’s kinda just like “oh robbie…” in like that pure sportacus tone and robbie just…. continues yelling because all the sudden the dogs in the movie can fly or whatever. and then sportacus ends up falling asleep because it’s past 8:08 and stephanie falls asleep shortly after, left with robbie who gets a good night’s sleep as well.

I need some fluff in my life right now ;; may I please request scenarios of Kirumi, Gonta, Ouma and Rantaro just chilling with their s/o? Y'know, like what would they do, would they cuddle with the s/o, what movie would they watch, that kind of stuff. I hope this isn’t too broad/unspecific of a request… Either way, thank you!

Ahh this was like one of the first requests and tbh i had so much fun writing this! Yet the request was probs from like ½ months ago

.. i hope im not too late o.o

Kirumi Tojo

- Doesnt do chilling

- But whenever ur about to watch an movie/series Kirumi would probs make u feel like the most comfortable person ever

- Would prepare drinks and snacks for u, + brings u lots of comfy pillows!!

- And while ur watching movie/series shes  kinda joining u but like in the back + ironing clothes at the same time

- Sometimes when shes tired, she loves to take baths with u!

- And likes to talk about how eachothers day has been before ur both about to go to sleep

- Aaand really sometimes she just lies next to u on the couch/bed watching the movie/series with u while laying her head on ur shoulder

- 87% of the time shed end up falling asleep doing that 

Kokichi Ouma

- Ouma actually doesnt like most movies/series :’)

- He thinks theyre boring, but he tend to like some movies/series out there

- And would always, always, use more than 1 blanket when watching them, its a need, itd influence the movie/series itself if he misses them blankets

- He does share them, suprisingly, and would clinge to u when he rlly gets into the the thing ur watching

- Like lets say hed be koala hugging u 

- And whenever theres an emotional part hed cry, maybe alot

- But whenever u suggest tissues before the movie/series even began hed say no cause hes 100% sure hed wouldnt cry

- So then he ended up crying on ur shoulder and ur like but Ouma were still in the first 25 min yet it doesnt help hes a cri baby

Rantarou Amami

- 75% of the time u guys spent is basically chilling 

- And he probs already watched most of the movies/series out there too :’)

- But has no problem rewatching some of his favorites, especially with u, he looks forward seeing ur reactions and stuff!

- Like kirumi hes also able to make both of u feeling like the most comfy people out there

- Like he got extra soft pillows+ a collection of snacks for the 2 of u

- Story short it was heaven whenever ur watching movies/series, or just chilling with him in general

- U two are just lying in ANY position, what matters is that its comfy

- He actually looks more at u than at the screen

Gonta Gokuhara

- ‘Gonta, wanna see an documenta-’ ‘Yes!’ :’)

- He loves watching documentaries, even more with u! It makes him feel even more happy 

- U guys share a big, warm, blanket together, + drinking warm choco

- U arent alone with him tho cause he brought his insects with him

- To ur eyes this s chilling but honestly Gonta has the time of his life like watching his favorite documentaries with the the ones that he adored the most out there

- He cannot stop smiling!

- Would end up snuggling with u tho, and would also play with ur hair time to time!

Day 28: Other than AoD, which Tomb Raider game do you like the most?

I had a bit of a dilemma with this one:

The Dagger of Xian or The Last Revelation?
My first TR ever or my first TR that I finished alone?
Romantic Venice full of mafiosi or beautiful Karnak complex in Egypt?! 

Though nostalgia is a bitch (moreover when I’ve been replaying TR II just now), I’ll go with the second one, Tomb Raider IV for a lot reasons.

I was still young when TR IV was a big thing. I was watching my dad going through all the beautiful temples and tombs, being absolutely amazed by the environment, story, how beautiful Lara was and how the cutscenes amazingly improved! And that Egypt. The same year when TR IV was released, The Mummy movie had charmed me. When I found my beloved Lara would finally explore tombs in Egypt, I got totally addicted to Egyptian mythology and history. Like come on, what better place to put a TR game into then Egypt?!

Not to mention that since playing TR IV,  travelling to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat temple has become one of my biggest dreams.

The first thing that made me absolutely in love with this game was the Main Theme. After AoD main theme (my top one), this one just makes me emotional af.

I love Nathan McCree and his work, he is absolutely amazing composer and his TR music just brings a huge wave of nostalgia… But Peter Connely’s music appeals to me more, he somehow knows how to bring all the feels. His music in TR IV really gave shivers in the right moments. When there was something enigmatic and mystical, he just emphasized it, each of his piece perfectly underlined the situations in the game.

Also the environment Lara is in is simply breathtaking. The traps, puzzles, pyramids, tombs, enemies, cutscenes, story… Everything is magical in this game!
One particular place sticks with me: Coastal Ruins.
When I saw that place for the first time I was in awe! And the open sea. I always made Lara swim as far as possible. I wanted her to swim far from the land… sadly it was not possible back then. But I loved the neverending view of it. Speaking of the sea, the water in TR IV in general: THE BLUE COLOUR! So dreamy, the waves, reflections… Stunning.

What else… Since childhood, I’ve been totally fascinated by the first cutscene after Angkor Wat, the one where Lara gets into the Tomb of Seth in a rather harsh way. Again, the music, the way the cutscene was made, and above all, the ending, when Lara takes off the robe and finally appears in her typical outfit, with her typical self-confident manner: ICONIC!

I have so many fond memories of this game that I could go on and on and still would not express enough how much I love it. Before AoD, TR IV was my top one for sure. Nowadays, AoD is the best and the most beloved one, but TR IV surely holds the second place in my heart, worthily. It’s my childhood. :’)

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QUESTION(s) HAVe you seen the trailer for the new transformers movie? I'd also like to see your style of a Transformer, it doesn't matter which one or from which show if you know more than one



Okay okay, ive been a transformer fan for 2 years and im going for the 3rd  this year, i know! ive been a bad person at not saying this but undertale got me really busy and left and frogot to mention im a great fan of transformers as well. It’s in a hiatus for the moment but i still adore them.

OF COOOURSE ive seen the trailers <3 i already made my predictions and theories that makes me know what the movie will bring that got me crazy for a couple of days. Everyone i see that is watching the trailer or talks about the new movie i aproach and say like “hi… i like transformers a lot…SO he is what i think of what is going on!!”. All im going to say for now, NEMESIS YEEEEEEEES!!!

Originally posted by uhkyloren

For sure i have art but well, as these mecha duds are difficult to draw i have few decent ones, but yes i have many drawings most of them traditional. As well, i have toys (even Mc Donalds toys), comics, dvds, stickers, vessel,  shirts and even socks!!!

No more waiting, when i was in 1st Semester and before knowing undertale, i was at the workshop of art and it was my first time painting on a canvas and you know what i decided to paint? Thats right:

Rodimus Prime from the MTMTE comic series (my camera is shit but you can see my signature on his right tight :v). I enjoyed a lot painting this and as my first time painting on a canvas tho.

Here the other decent drawing i found on a notebook (i have a few more of when i started to draw transformers but cant find the notebook where i did them ;_;)

(old 14 year old art aah)

When did i started to like transformers? When the 4rth movie came out, i saw it for my birthday with my best friend when it was released here in México. Im not ashamed of saying i like the live movies. Ha!.

Do i have ships? …..DONT I HAVE SHIIPS?!?! buut they are robooots… I SHIP WHAT IT  MOVES  >:0

Favorite transformer? Ironhide is my main fave one >:3c but i have more faves ;0; my first favorite was Jazz but from the G1 series (original cartoon).


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1.) Kpop isn’t the only Foreign music I enjoy, I also like French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Irish

2.) Iv been writing since I was in like 7th grade? I started off writing a lot of emo poems lol then they turned into Werewolf stuff.

3.) I like to watch honestly anything movie wise I just don’t really like lovey movies lol.

4.) I watch YouTube all the time mostly kpop but when it’s not kpop it’s mostly Jacksepticeye, Pewds, And a bunch of reactors and Fx make up people.

5.) Being the nerd I am I love to cosplay! My favorite I have cosplayed probably has been Markiplier’s Wilfred Warfstash.

6.) My sister @skin-of-potato and I are very close, and if you haven’t checked her blog out you really should!

7.) I really love to cook, I have a good taste for spices.

8.) I’m almost 21 I’ve never been drunk and I honestly don’t wanna be lol

9.) I have a puppy who is about almost 3 and he is literally my baby. I buy him so many treats and toys and I spoil the crap out of him.

10.) Music is honestly my life, it’s what keeps me going. If I’m in a bad mood I listen to music, If I’m mad I listen to music, annoyed music. I always have headbuds in and I honestly like all genres. Kpop, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Country, Metal, Rock, oldies even Jazz like I will listen to it all lol.

11.) Thanks to kpop I have found so many amazing friends and people. No other fandom has let me find so many people that I love and cherish.

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so im a confused possible aro and i need to ask what do crushes feel like? like idk if ive had one or if it was smth different? help pls

ahhh this is difficult, I’m just going to list how I feel about this one boy i super like and maybe you can see if you relate or not

- Butterflies in my stomach when its just him and me talking

- kind of a nervous feeling but still good?

- lots of day dreams about watching movies with him or going around town

- thinking about him makes me smile

- literally I can just think about some of the cute stuff he’s done and I’ll smile so wide

- I want him to be happy

- But i still get jealous seeing him with other girls

- I’m always hopeful that I’ll run into him on campus

idk if that helps - anyone else wanna try describing that feeling? 

tag game: 10 random things about me

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  1. If we’re talking Harry Potter and Hogwarts houses, then you may or may not know that I went through a house-identity crisis because of Draco Malfoy HAHAHA (I am not a Slytherin and it took me a while to accept that )
  2. I’m really “???” when it comes to actors and actresses. I don’t watch movies a lot, so I don’t really find myself being able to identify them that easily unless they’re from something that I’m really into.
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve touched a boxed cake mix! I like baking things from scratch and giving myself a hard time HAHAHA (but the effort is worth it I think)
  4. I suppose that I should say something about my writing habits: Something that I’d really like to do is to develop a sense of consistency with writing, but I have a habit of waiting things out and allowing myself to develop emotions that I can invest into my pieces. It works, but it takes time!
  5. I can’t have any pets (with the exception of fish and reptiles, I think) because I’m allergic to pet dander. 
  6. I really love making friends!! (yes, that is an invitation)
  7. IVE LITERALLY BEEN POOPED ON BY A BIRD BEFORE HAHAHA!! One time it was at school and bird poop fell in my hands out of nowhere. The other time, it was when I was holding a baby chicken who apparently didn’t like me and yeah it was a disaster but it’s okay, gotta stay positive : )
  8. I have a soft spot for children! 
  9. I’m not extra 
  10. And I’m not sarcastic

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the ONLY movie, really? i could prob think of tons of movies ive seen that i wouldnt even allow my younger self to watch, and im not even big into horror. or am i being too literal and youre just talking about horror movies

There’s a whole bunch of movies I wouldn’t want pre-17 or pre-16 me watching, but “Possession” is the only movie I can think of at the moment that I wouldn’t want myself watching before 18. Perhaps I’m libertine about this, I started sneaking into R movies around 15 or so I think, so I saw a lot early on.

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Nicknames: Uhh none rly? ive been called a furry a lot

Height: 4′11″-5′0″ gjhhfhds i am Tiny

Time right now: 8:16 PM

Last thing I googled: “motherboard” lmfao

Fave music artist: Kid Bloom is rly good but i havent listened 2 music in a lil while

Song stuck in my head: Island In The Sun by Weezer

Last movie I watched: Moana like last night

Last TV show I watched: Sonic Boom whoops

What I’m wearing now: blue basketball shorts and an orange hoodie over a pink tanktop

When I created this blog: like 2? 3? years ago mayb?

The kind of stuff I post: naruto sonic and homestuck????

Do I have other blogs: so many!!! @buntack @boy-skylark @shadow-clone-jutsu @sunshinestickers and like 40 saved urls!

Do I get asks regularly: Not rly :p

Why did I choose my URL: bc im john and its a canon url!!!

Gender: Nonbinary

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw nyehehe

Fave colors: PINK!! and blue and yellow and orange

Average hours of sleep: either 6 or like 30

Lucky numbers: 67 and 12

Dream job: maybe an artist or a video game musician :0c!!

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 bbig comforters

Following: 1068 dang!

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Random Plots
  • get a call from the library that you forgot a bookmark that looks irreplaceable. so you go back and hey it turns out that librarian? shy, smiley and rather cute. hello there
  • delivering pizza and its fucking raining ugh this sucks - until the door opens and w o w that is a good looking pizza lover right there. instead of just tipping you and closing the door however, they invite you in to play video games/watch a movie. spoiler alert: they think you’re cute too
  • younger sibling keeps complaining about some spooky noises coming from their closet or under the bed. As a way of finally getting them to stop whining and crying over imaginary creatures of the night you promise to sit up  during the night in their room. Lo and behold younger sibling wasn’t crazy there actually IS someone coming in under the bed/through the closet at night and they are quite surprised to see you -  just so much to discuss now
  • digging around in some old or dead relatives belongings and you find this incredibly painted landscape with a lone figure in it. so pretty so nice you decide to keep it. few days later you realize that person is moving. soon you realize your other pictures/paintings in the house have at least one moving figure - you got yourself a ghost in a painting that jumps to other pictures and gives life to at least one person in the image
  • Possessed weapon with one hell of a personality. Traditions and clever rules say that you are now the wielder and guardian of that weapon. the weapon however just loves to cause trouble for you, as in occasionally possess you with demonic energy to go fuck shit up
  • out of curiosity you decide to follow one of those maps on dinner mats at restaurants since it seems to be based somewhat off the city you’re in. go figure you aren’t the only one that thought to do this and you both meet right where X marks the spot. within seconds of meeting you are both nabbed and dragged into an unmarked vehicle where people in suits give you a fucking quest

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Can we get little baby boy Markie hadcanons? :( 💔💖

okie so.. i suck & ive talked about head canons stressing me out for some reason idk why on my blog before- i feel so under pressure when asked for them like.. i find them so difficult but idk why but anyway i decided 2 answer this but its short n im not good @ them lmao ;___; (especially since its like.. babyboy!mark which isn’t something i think abt a lot tbh)

•snuggles up in bed like a cocoon watching disney movies literally all day, just giggling and eating until he cant keep his eyes open

•he doesnt have nightmares at all but sometimes he’ll stay awake until its really late and come in pretending he had one so he can sleep with you instead~

•loves getting pats on his head :-(

•literally just wants to be all over you 24/7 like a pet, he nuzzles into your shoulder and begs u to stay with him if ur busy

•if u dont stay with him he’ll whine a lot


•with gross aegyo

•very gentle and sweet but will fight anyone that crosses you!!! his jealousy overrules everything

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Nickname: max, sometimes alex

Sign: leo

Height: 5"7-5"8

Last Thing You Googled: Ben 10 all episodes

Favourite Artist: for music i dont have a favorite and i hate this question but im just gonna say Florence + the Machine bc ive been listening to a lot of that shiz and art would be (ugh another evil question) i cant think of like 100% fave but ive really been enjoying skiretehfox’s stuff a lot

Last Movie I Watched: I watched Lemonade Mouth again

What Im Wearing Right Now: jeans, mismatched shoes and a blue flannel (gay)

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You?: what last relationship

What You Post: shitposts and gay shit

Religion: nah

Average Hours of Sleep: 4

Favourite Colour: red or green

Lucky Number: 17

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 4

Dream Job: any job please im poor

imma tag @finntheponeh and (this is the part where i realize i dont have any friends that would do this) (or if there are some they have c o m p l e t e l y slipped my mind) @ anyone else that wants to do this/any of my cool mutual peeps that would wanna do this that ive completely forgot abt bc im writing this at 7 am

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1. coke or pepsi: coke

2. disney or dreamworks: probably Disney

3. coffee or tea: tea

4. books or movies: books, but movies can really be great too

5. windows or mac: windows, def

6. dc or marvel: i think marvel? ive been watching lots of DC shows lately but ive seen more of marvel and i think i like it more, both are awesome tho

7. x-box or playstation: ive always been a computer gamer, but i think id choose playstation

8. dragon age or mass effect: never played them but probably dragon age

9. night owl or early riser: depends? i get up at 7 am for work and at around 9 on the weekends, is that early? i go to sleep at around 11 pm

10. cards or chess: cards

11. chocolate or vanilla: probably chocolate

12. vans or converse: id have to say converse

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: dont know any of those?

14. fluff or angst: angst ending in fluff

15. beach or forest: probably forests

16. dogs or cats: cats, but i love dogs too

17. clear skies or rain: clear skies, good weather gets me in a great mood

18. cooking or eating out: premade food to warm up in the oven

19. spicy food or mild food: mild. i like some spice but my tolerance level is really low.

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: christmas, probably. halloween isnt a big deal here.

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: um ok, this is hard. too hot i think? idk

22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: either telepathy or telekinesis, both sounds really cool

23. animation or live action: i think i prefer live action

24. paragon or renegade: never actually heard of either

25. baths or showers: showers

26. team cap or team ironman: ummm, team cap

27. fantasy or sci-fi: sci-fi

28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so what are they: 

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.” - Dr. Seuss

“But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” - HP, Prisoner Of Azkaban

29. youtube or netflix: youtube, dont have netflix

30. harry potter or percy jackson: harry potter

31. when you feel accomplished: cleaning my desk/room and liking the result or studying for a test and getting a good grade

32. star wars or star trek: aw man, i seriously love both. star trek was first tho.

33. paperback books or hardback books: hardback is better for aesthetic but paperback is more practical 

34. horror or rom-com: horror

35. tv shows or movies: really depends on my mood, but usually tv shows

36. favorite animal: cats, pandas, penguins

37. favorite genre of music: rock, metal, punk, jazz  

38. least favorite book: i dont think ive ever read a book that i didnt like? 

39. favourite season: spring

40. song that’s currently stuck in your head: a mix of Knowledge by Green Day (has been stuck in my head for like three days) and Make Room by My Chemical Romance

41. what kind of pyjama’s do you wear: random combinations of comfy pants and graphic tees

42. How many existential crises do you have on an average day: like 1/30? idk, i maybe have one once a month or less

43. If you can only choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be: this is a hard one…maybe Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance?

44. Favourite theme song to a TV show: i feel like the shows that i watch dont have theme songs…I do love the one from Doctor Who, American Horror Story and Sense8!

45. Harry Potter movies or books: the books. they just contain more cool stuff.

46. (my question) Favorite Animated movie: 

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how i spent time with my sign crushes

aries: went out to eat and watched a lot of movies, always had heated but friendly debates

taurus: cracked a lot of jokes and would always rap songs together

gemini: talked for hours straight and forgot we werent the only two people at the party

cancer: baked cookies almost every time we hung out

leo: flirted through email an excessive amount and shared at least 20 songs a day with each other

virgo: explored his basement and talked a lot about what kind of weird statuses you could post when you hack someone’s facebook

libra: made out against random buildings on our walk home from the bars

scorpio: made me jealous all the time & really easily

sagittarius: talked on the phone every night and became best friends

capricorn: mostly exchanged shy smiles and glances, not much ever came of it

aquarius: both laughed at everything we said to each other. Always giving each other a mental workout

pisces: an endless supply of late night conversations and observing each others every move trying to get inside the others head

@baguettefeels tagged me!  (•̪ o •̪) absolutely time to meme!!

Relationship status: sangle

Favorite color: gold!! if thats not acceptable, orange. bronzes also are so good

Lipstick or chapstick: i have to chapstick to survive in CO but i think i look cute in lipstick

Last song I listened to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmea5ET_n9g (I mean i can only assume it was its been stuck in my head after a nap)

Last movie I watched: Lego Batman heh

Top 3 shows: Rupauls Drag Race!!, Ed Edd n Eddy, and i guess i keep up with south park

Top 3 characters: mettatonmettaton ex, mettaton neo  :^)

Top 3 ships: Billyton, ill admit i like Mako x Gamagoori, aaaand gosh i dont ship a lot of things :T

Books I’m currently reading: Lots of art books. I dont read much but for class ive been flipping back thru stuff.

5 things in my bag: Gum, ipod, Phone, pocket comb, and lots of paper?

5 things in my room: a 1.5in hole punch, party glasses taht @weenie-kun sent me, 2 ferrero rochers from god knows when, an enormous several foot long roll of laminate, and icarus :3

5 things on my to do list: Commission 1, Commission 2, sticker and buttons designs, lesson plans, save for a switch.

5 things I’m into: obviously mettaton will be around for a while but particularly the doujin culture around him/undertale. its one thing to make fanart and move on but youve got a handful of people really into it subjectively. 
im also into splatoon both competitive and casual, ive been all about making my own merch and various crafty stuff lately! what else…

washi tape?? LMAO idk its cheap its cute i always ALWAYS looooove like… office and school supplies cause im kind of a shut in LOL

and then im actually really into interior decorating??? 

@himurahotaru / @ryuuza-art / uhhhh anyone im forgetting im kind of having a headache right now T-T

in which ren defends tony stark:

[this post does not contain spoilers] 

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ok so I’m not tony stark’s biggest fan but I can appreciate that despite having a lot of money and lavish parties, despite having the funds to create new “toys” aka suits, despite it all tony stark is still painfully human. he still breaks when he’s hurting and if his childhood taught him anything it’s that loss will always find you, you cannot fight it off. you’ll lose someone who you cautiously let into your heart and care about and there will be nothing you can do about it.

all of the armor and bright smiles in the world won’t fix what can’t be put back together but tony is trying. he knows ultron was his baby, his chaos born out of genius, he knows what weapons can do when they’re left unchecked. he is trying to clear the red off of his own ledger and knows that damage is damage and the earth it wounded from their unregulated battles, knows that he is just as shattered  and if someone were to call him a weapon, he wouldn’t disagree with them.

from his POV bucky barnes is someone who sculpted his life in the worst of ways, who left him with nothing but memories and a lifetime of pain. he knows pain, has memorized the ache in his chest from a heart that carries too much, knows that a flame burns when touched, knows the exact amount of smiles to fake. and so it hurts to see that a person he has came to love is the very match that will set him ablaze.

tony stark should understand more than anyone just how deeply the knife cuts when you lose someone, should know that when the person you love more than you have ever loved anyone is in danger you’ll destroy everything in your path to protect them. he almost lost pepper, he wouldn’t survive if she lost every blessed memory they’d created together, wouldn’t survive if the world was chasing her with pitchforks and demanding she be caged like an animal, no. he wouldn’t rest until blood stained the pavement. if he could only understand that love makes you reckless and grief makes a pillar of rage out of you; maybe then he’d see where steve is coming from. you can only lose the one you love so many times before you finally snap.

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tl;dr: anthony stark is a human being and he is releasing over twenty years of pain, he is allowing himself to grieve in a very violent manner. try to keep in mind all of the trauma he has lived through. he is not the enemy, there are no enemies in this movie. there is only pain against pain, time against memories, love vs love in its rawest form. it’s truly a war of hearts. (also I’m team cap but I still have mad love for tony)