ive watched this movie a lot

im wondering why im so bad at adult tours at work…

then i realize i havent done an adult tour in 2.5 weeks and will not have another one for 2 months. okay, maybe just one between now and then.

i dont know how to change that because zoos really appeal more to children, not so much adults.

adult tour requests have declined in popularity within the recent years. theyre
not appealing anymore.

how can i encourage adults to learn about animals?

what would you enjoy to see/do at a zoo?

How to deal with losing interest in your language class:

As a student in a higher-level French and who is self-studying two other languages, I know for a fact that taking a foreign language can get stressful and overwhelming. To learn a ton of grammar, humongous amounts of vocab, and to know how a mind in another culture works, it can get super hard sometimes. All that stuff that goes into learning a foreign language can make it super easy to get burnt-out. And we’ve all done it. Trust me. But, it’s okay, my dude. We’ve all been there. It sucks, but you’ll get over it. Here are some tips how: 

i. take your time 

Listen, my dudes, it can be so difficult to learn a foreign language and you should already be proud of yourself for doing so!! Even in a fast-paced class, you should take it slow and make sure you don’t beat yourself over not getting it in perfect time. Language takes practice, and sometimes we don’t get it as fast as we want it. it’s okay. 

ii. ask questions/talk to the professor

Are you totally lost? Tell someone. It could be a classmate, a native speaker you’ve befriended, or your instructor. Either way, I highly recommend you talk to someone if you’re stuck on a specific concept or feel unmotivated. You sometimes need a boost from a study buddy in your target language. 

iii. remember why you’re studying

My go-to method for when I’m having a bad day in French or I’m just not getting something is simple. I simply ask myself: “Why am I doing this?” No reason is not good enough for choosing to learn a specific language. Learning languages has its benefits and even if you just like the sound of it is reason enough to learn it! Trust me, I have no incentive for learning my target language. But I love it, and I refuse to give it up when it gets difficult. 

iv. study on your own 

To be honest, this is super super important anyway. You absolutely NEED to practice a language on your own, whether you feel like it or not. Without some practice, you’re going to feel completely lost in class sometimes. You can have fun with this too: take this time to familiarize yourself with the culture more. Personally, it’s always helpful to watch movies in French or listen to music in Spanish. I learn to enjoy my target language more and to have fun with it!

v. take a break

We all get unmotivated sometimes. Yeah, language learning takes a lot of work, but sometimes it helps to take a step back and refresh a little. Focus on other schoolwork or maybe find something new to occupy your time. Being burnt out on learning a language sucks, I know, but sometimes it’s best to ride the wave a little bit. 

random sodapop headcanons

-kids love him

-and he loves them, like when he sees babies he’ll play peekaboo with them and stuff aww

-same with animals, his brothers are constantly trying to pull him away from animals he sees on the street

-he actually wasn’t dumb, he just had a learning disability

-every night his parents would help him with his homework but he eventually lost motivation

-he is always cold

-which means hes always covered in blankets

-like at the DX when its 80 degrees he’ll literally have a blanket around his shoulders

-he always smells like vanilla for some reason

-hes straight, but has definitely *done things* with steve

-he has trust issues because hes actually liked girls before and he found out they only liked him for his looks

-his teeth are really straight naturally???how???

-modern soda knows every word to hollaback girl

-he and steve even made up a dance to it and everytime it comes on its just like OHHH GURL DIS MY SONG

-his favorite 80s movie would probably be dirty dancing

-you know hes watching it when you hear IVE HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFEEEEE from the next room

-yeah he loves to sing and he actually has a decent voice



-sleeps with a million pillows

-the kind of person who says “nasty” instead of “gross” (you know what im talking about)

-he doesnt cry a lot, but when he does cry it is i n t e n s e

-he was a total momma’s boy

-but he kept a few of his dads shirts bc they smelled like him

-he says GURLLL  a lot

-idk i just can see sodapop curtis running into the house trying to get pony’s attention yelling GURRLLLLLLLL 

-protective as fuck. of everyone, but mostly of his family and the gang

-a bean

long post but i still sometimes remember that i came out on instagram in my hell hole high school and just take a few moments to be so proud of myself. i remember after taking the picture in front of the pride flags at 2014 boston pride and just being completely shocked that i had this concrete picture that i was 100% intending to share with everyone i knew to finally say i was gay. it felt both like i was holding a death sentence and something that would finally let me breathe again after years and years. most of my friends didn’t even know at that time which is the most unreal part to me. finally posting it the next day was so surreal i was just shaking at crying at every new person who saw it and i knew people who didn’t even follow me were going to be sent it. but it was something i always knew i had to do in high school even if it made everything so much harder. i remember walking into school that next day was the scariest thing ive ever done. it really felt like a movie where people just stop in the hallway and are staring. i remember i had a debate first period that day and had to sit in the middle of the class with everyone watching me and this kid debate about us history and just most people didn’t really know how to act towards me. a lot of people told good things to my best friend saying that it was amazing what i did and that they were so happy for me but people were mostly awkward to my face. it was a really hard month for the rest of junior year getting used to the fact that everyone knew. that summer i finally got so much closer to my friends and actually felt like i had genuine connections with these ppl bc i wasn’t lying all the time. i gradually got used to being out and it was genuinely the best decision for me even though it was really difficult. coming out isn’t always going to be completely freeing immediately and it takes a lot of work but in the end it can make you so incredibly happy. remembering stuff like this reminds me of the strength ive gained from being out and reminds me that ive really earned my happiness now.

no offense but if your horror film’s plot twist revolves around the antagonists being mentally ill all along then you’re not a good writer lmao. real horror is unexpected and original and mentally ill villains are neither of those. there are far better horror writers out there that deserve the money and resources used to create your shitty movie 

maybe its because ive been watching a lot of disney movies recently but i just NEED finn and rey to have that “disney moment” where they look into each others eyes and realize they’re in love and meant to be together and they just slowly move towards each other to kiss while the music swells in the background. just give me a classic disney moment with finnrey please

skams third season has ended

we have to wait until the end of February / begin of March for new episodes so i wanted to make a list of what to watch next

there is simply no show like skam and we all have fallen in love with isak and even this season, their relationship is so important to me

being gay made it really hard to find representation in media so this post focuses on the happy and positive portrayal of lgb teenagers in movies and tv series

Obvious shows like the fosters, shameless, pll, the 100, skin, glee, degrassi, buffy… are excluded from this list, many of them are too well known already, not really happy or good

but im a cheerleader: 

this comedy from 1999 is about megan who gets send to conversation therapy by her concerned friends and parents, sound terrible but is acutally really funny and cute and has a happy ending, natasha lyonne (from oitnb) plays the lead, its definitely more artsy, not as realistic as skam

the way he looks:

a brazilian movie about the blind, gay, 16 year old leonardo who falls in love with gabriel, the movie deals with self acceptance, first love, blindness, friendship and is really relatable, one of my favorite movies

the get down:

a netflix show (by baz luhrmann and nas!!!! even would love that) about the beginnings of hip hip and rap, has the best story line, music, characters, the most amazing girl friendship and a gay/bi character in a interracial relationship, just watch it, will be worth it, literally one of the best shows of 2016 (also the second part of the first season airs soon)


a dutch coming out movie, Sieger meets Marc who becomes a member of his athletics team and they fall in love, really nice and realistic, i recommend this to everyone, i just love this movie so much


also a dutch movie, about an interracial lesbian relationship, seems nice and there was a good review of it but i didnt watch it yet so it may or may not be good or have a happy ending


got really popular on tumblr so you may know it, its a bout two gay teens who witness a triple homicide, its more of a crime but with gay main characters, based on a norwegian series, i also recommend that (its low budget and bad but i liked it)


2011 movie about a 17 year old African american lesbian, not completely happy end (still happy tho), cinematically good


a german road movie about two 14 year old boys, i loved the book and they finally made a movie!! one characters gay, doesnt really focus on that but its one of the only german movies with non-white gay character so yeah…

show me love:

swedish movie about two girls in love, it is the best teenage lesbian movie, omg i love this one

closet monster:

more like a horror movie, a bit confusing, about the gay teenager oscar, kinda happy ending?


2016 movie about an african american gay man, the movies is parted into three parts of his life, one is his teenage life, one of the best movies this year, 99% on rotten tomatoes

hidden kisses: 

about a 16 year old boy who falls in love with a class mate, they face a lot of bulling, may have a sad ending, i can´t find something about the end and i havent watch it

i killed my mother: 

a movie by xavier dolan, hes gay himself and play the main character kits about the main characters relationship with his mother and his boyfriend, i really recommend this 

just watch any movie by xavier dolan


a mexican movie about two men who were in love as kids and meet again as adults, has a 100% on rotten tomatoes

being 17:

french movie about an interracial relationship between two guys


in the second season the teenage daughter gets a girlfriend

in the flesh:

a zombie show, the main character is the pansexual kieren, this is one of the most beautful shows ive seen, i fell in love with it, but it git canceled way too soon

cucumber & banana: 

i watched this but i dont actually remember a lot, i think both center around the same group of lgbt characters, i belive its well made and good 

not so happy movies i wanted to include:

the summer of sanaile:
center of the world

movies that come out soon

simon vs the homosapiens agenda

heaters reboot with a black lesbian and a gender queer lead 

call me by your name

the miseducation of cameron post (movie adaption of the book, about a lesbian teenager)

as you are ( with amandla stenberg)

feel free to add more or to correct this if something is wrong

tazmanianbrit  asked:

Hey so I dont know how many people help with this blog unless its just one person but I am a self proclaimed movie horder. I have over 600 movies in my house, ive watched them all and i know a lot of quotes. I also own way too many books and anime. Anyway, would you like me to submit movie/book quotes to you that I think might be good for an incorrect quote thing?

Just me. :)

Yeah, anytime you wanna throw some quotes at me, by all means! Suggestions are always welcome. :3

Playing Devils advocate

I’ve been hearing a lot of things about the new movie get out, and I’m very interested in watching it. I loved key & peele and after peele’s history in comedy it’ll be interesting to see how he handled a thriller.

Although, the one thing I will say is its pretty sad that I’ve also seen a lot of people using the movie to be racist as all hell to white people afterwards. I’m not talking about the “oh well black people were portrayed as gangsters and thief’s for years, and now all these white people are mad because of how they’re portrayed,” type of prejudices, or anything small like that. In fact, it’s not about how whites are portrayed, it’s the reaction and stupidity that surrounds people after watching it. Ive been seeing posts of people saying after seeing the movie they want to avoid all white people, people saying they were skeptical of their white gf/bf afterwards, I even read a column in cosmopolitan were the author used the movie “shows what people of colour knew all along, that white people are not to be trusted,” amongst other terrible, racist things in the column

Social commentary is not a bad thing, if the purpose of the movie was to connect to a black audience and allow a white audience to understand how African Americans may feel, but for the love of God don’t use it to make it about racial supremacy. It’s a fictional movie that has a social message in it but that is not a trigger for people to be bigoted.

I need some fluff in my life right now ;; may I please request scenarios of Kirumi, Gonta, Ouma and Rantaro just chilling with their s/o? Y'know, like what would they do, would they cuddle with the s/o, what movie would they watch, that kind of stuff. I hope this isn’t too broad/unspecific of a request… Either way, thank you!

Ahh this was like one of the first requests and tbh i had so much fun writing this! Yet the request was probs from like ½ months ago

.. i hope im not too late o.o

Kirumi Tojo

- Doesnt do chilling

- But whenever ur about to watch an movie/series Kirumi would probs make u feel like the most comfortable person ever

- Would prepare drinks and snacks for u, + brings u lots of comfy pillows!!

- And while ur watching movie/series shes  kinda joining u but like in the back + ironing clothes at the same time

- Sometimes when shes tired, she loves to take baths with u!

- And likes to talk about how eachothers day has been before ur both about to go to sleep

- Aaand really sometimes she just lies next to u on the couch/bed watching the movie/series with u while laying her head on ur shoulder

- 87% of the time shed end up falling asleep doing that 

Kokichi Ouma

- Ouma actually doesnt like most movies/series :’)

- He thinks theyre boring, but he tend to like some movies/series out there

- And would always, always, use more than 1 blanket when watching them, its a need, itd influence the movie/series itself if he misses them blankets

- He does share them, suprisingly, and would clinge to u when he rlly gets into the the thing ur watching

- Like lets say hed be koala hugging u 

- And whenever theres an emotional part hed cry, maybe alot

- But whenever u suggest tissues before the movie/series even began hed say no cause hes 100% sure hed wouldnt cry

- So then he ended up crying on ur shoulder and ur like but Ouma were still in the first 25 min yet it doesnt help hes a cri baby

Rantarou Amami

- 75% of the time u guys spent is basically chilling 

- And he probs already watched most of the movies/series out there too :’)

- But has no problem rewatching some of his favorites, especially with u, he looks forward seeing ur reactions and stuff!

- Like kirumi hes also able to make both of u feeling like the most comfy people out there

- Like he got extra soft pillows+ a collection of snacks for the 2 of u

- Story short it was heaven whenever ur watching movies/series, or just chilling with him in general

- U two are just lying in ANY position, what matters is that its comfy

- He actually looks more at u than at the screen

Gonta Gokuhara

- ‘Gonta, wanna see an documenta-’ ‘Yes!’ :’)

- He loves watching documentaries, even more with u! It makes him feel even more happy 

- U guys share a big, warm, blanket together, + drinking warm choco

- U arent alone with him tho cause he brought his insects with him

- To ur eyes this s chilling but honestly Gonta has the time of his life like watching his favorite documentaries with the the ones that he adored the most out there

- He cannot stop smiling!

- Would end up snuggling with u tho, and would also play with ur hair time to time!

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I'm chansaw as fuck just because of your fic but the anthology series having lesbian Mac is. My reason for living. Ive shipped mac x v since first watching the movie and them getting together at the end of it would be perfect.

yeah mcnamawyer was actually my first ship in heathers!! i love it a lot

momosaurr  asked:

Hi!!! So I just started getting into TF. Ive watched TFP, all the bayverse movies, starting RiD15 and I'm reading TF: Exodus, Exiles, Retribution (dw i know I have a lot more shows to get through) I'm starting somewhere for sure, but I feel like I can't really call myself complete TF trash without reading the comics. There are so many different continuities, however, that I'm not quite sure what to start with! Would you be able help me and offer some advice as to where I should start? Thank you!

ive said it once and i’ll say it again: i’d recommend starting with MTMTE, as it’s a good starting point for branching off into other series; Last Stand/Sins of the Wreckers, the Drift minis, the Spotlights for each character (i’d read Drift’s and Rodimus’ Spotlights first, as they’re major characters in the story and because Drift is rather new to IDW– and also so you understand each/most characters before jumping headfirst into MTMTE)

I started reading MTMTE without reading anything else, and do I regret that? No! But it WAS quite confusing keeping all of these characters straight. I often found myself scrolling back up to find someone saying a character’s name so that I could identify them. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn them faster!

(then again i never grew up with G1, so i didn’t know the characters that weren’t in TFP, RB, or Bayverse, i didnt go back to the 80s content until i really got into TF.)

Good luck! I hope you have fun!

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ive been talking with my friends about horror films and i get spooked easily so would you mind giving some atomwave headcanons about them watching scary movies?

OKAY you all might’ve noticed i mis-answered this question with a different ask, my asks got mixed up and this is a hell site but ANYWAY

so like honestly, the thing about horror movies is that mick and ray are total opposites. with ray it’s very easy to get him with gore and violence and loud noises and jump scares and monsters and the like- mick thinks that kind of stuff is amazing, like the bloodier the better with mick honestly. HOWEVER, mick gets really… i wouldn’t say freaked out, because he’s not visibly upset, but he as someone with a very catholic mother would be very unnerved by like, well done possession and satanic films. things about like, remember that satan’s all around you just waiting to get you! that kind of stuff makes mick really uncomfortable whereas ray, having been raised jewish, sees it all as complete fiction and will like, watch if the narrative is interesting sure but has absolutely no real fear of demons or anything like that. 

which, given that this is the dc universe and magic is not only real but accessible to ANYONE- might wanna buck up on demons there raymond

the only movies they watch are honestly 80s fantasy films (ray) or b movie horror films (mick) and like, does mick use it as an excuse to be like oh come on ray you’re not scared are you? and ray is like UM I CURED YOU WHEN YOU WERE A ZOMBIE SO but like listen he’s not going to admit it but watching bad horror gets ray in his lap and he gets a 2 hour horror fest so like, everyone wins here, even ray bc mick strokes his hair + his back and will, on OCCASION, laugh in what ray KNOWS is fondness, so like, he really does this now more because he just likes how happy it makes mick, and one of these days he’ll be less afraid of these things but that day is not today. tomorrow’s not looking good either