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Hi!Can I get an imagine? The reader is one of the Joker’s informants. She has to seduce men that Mr J makes deals with to get her info. But J gets jealous one night... Thanks :)

Sure love, here’s your story ☺️ sorry that it took me a while, but I was busy visiting the comic con. But now- enjoy it🃏💕

Joker X reader

The Mistress

The last years were the most exciting and thrilling ones I’ve ever had.
My life has never been easy and after I got dropped out of school, I lost hope in everything. I was only thirteen when they told me I wasn’t good enough and kicked me out. My family, those bastards, have used me for everything. I was actually relieved when my drunk mum told me she hated me. And so I grabbed my few belongings and ran away. The only things I owned were a backpack, some shirts and pants and a black leather jacket.
Well, after living in the streets of Gotham, I’ve learned a lot.
My first boyfriend was a gang member and he’d introduced me to his squad. They were nasty people, all criminals. Whether dealing with drugs or weapons or slaying their so-called bitches. I’ve been scared to end up like them. A prostitute.
But I learned fast and with 16 I was able to robb larger shops and was one of the best pickpockets.
Our boss was a scary and intimidating man, but with a bit of sweet talking him, he wanted me to prove my ability to be one of the “real gangsters”; means giving me a gun.
Well, he gave me a small gun. “Ya ain’t a good one when ya can’t kill someone who trusts you!”, he had said. He had smiled viciously.
And what should I say? I lifted the gun and pointed it right at his head. His smile faded and before he could grab his own weapon, I pulled the trigger and shot right through his head. PANG!
Ive done it. That was my first murder. Keeping my head high while walking through the doors, I passed the other gang members. One of them went for the boss and yelled panicky that I’ve shot him. Chaos broke out. everyone grabbed their weapon, pointing it at someone else. Those poor suckers fought for the leading position of this gang. Dumb ass idiots.
They were not worth staying and so I made my way outside, before I heard guns firing and people screaming. I waited until the noises calmed. The hope that my boyfriend was still alive kept me waiting and finally going back inside. The smell of freshly fired guns, sweat and blood crept up upon me. I shivered when I saw some corpses of the younger guys. I ran up the stairs to the room where they’ve started the gun fire. The floor was literally covered in dead bodies. I sighed. So many unnecessary deaths. What a waste.
And as I walked through the large room I scanned the floor for my boyfriend. It was so quiet that it scared me. I stumbled over something and as I looked down,I saw him. His face was covered with blood. He wasn’t breathing anymore. Sickness and sadness rose up upon me and I fell to my knees. Panicking, I checked his pulse over and over again.
He was dead.
Never coming back.
After I’ve cried for several hours hanging over him, some of the other guys picked me up. They were the new Squad and they wanted me to be in there as well. What I’ve done was brave, they said, and that I’d made a wonderful gangster. The next few years I’ve always wreaked havoc wherever I was staying.
They began to call me The Ruthless or the Heartless.
The murders heaped and I worked my way up in Gothams gangster hierarchy. At the age of 21 I worked at the top and people hired me for assassinations, I arranged drug deals and sold the best weapons in whole Gotham.
People always asked me how it worked. My answer was always the same: be known, but invisible. Let them know what you’re capable of, but never start being boastful. Be the hunter, not the hunted. Seduce, but never be seduced. Never ever tell them your name or show them your face.
Simple, right? My life has been turned completely.
But One day, as I got an anonymous message to follow a man and collect useful information from him. I got all the information needed. A man, tall and muscly, quite pale skin, kinda crazy appearance, purple coat. That seemed easy. I took me a few calls, a bit of research and it was clear who I was after. At least I thought that. Firstly I saw him by accident. He was indeed well built and had an amazing taste in clothing. I spied after him for the next days before I decided to do my job. Just later I realised that during this time I haven’t seen his face and I was dumb to not doing better research.
I might have changed my mind about the job. Or maybe not. Who knows…

It was a dark and rainy night in Gotham and when I heard, my boy was going out tonight. I’d kidnap him on his way home. He went to a restaurant and I expected him to meet a girl there, but he did not. After two long hours of laying on the nearest roof I saw him sneaking out the restaurant, his significant coat waving with every step.
I saw his toxic green hair in the damp lights of Gothams streets. I knew it was time to get the job done.
I took out my gun, filled with bullets that had my initials carved in them. I slid through small alleys, trying not to lose my victim. He walked directly into a smaller street. That seemed too perfect, but I didn’t hesitate and started the attack. Well, actually I crept up on him, pressed my gun against his back to make him come to a halt.
“Sorry, Boy, nothing personal. Someone wants to see ya dead”, I said, as always in my sweet, innocent voice. The man standing in front of me, cocked his head to one side and I got a glimpse at his face. He slowly started to turn around and I was now able to see who I was spying on.
“Well, doll, is that right?”, he said with his deep voice, slyly smiling. I knew who he was. I should’ve done my research better. I was standing in front of the most dangerous man in whole Gotham. The man who was our all boss.
I secretly adored him. I wanted to be good as he was. He was a mystery though. Not many have met him and were afterwards able to exchange their experiences.
And now as he was standing in front of me, I couldn’t stay calm. My heart was pounding, making my chest hurt. His blue eyes found mine.
“Besides… that you weren’t able to”, he paused, stroking a strand of hair out of my face, “kidnap me, doll, I’m pretty impressed of you!” His hand softly slapped my face. I put on my arrogant smile and pretended to send him a kiss. He purred amused. Suddenly he grabbed my face with both of his white, tattooed hands.
“Don’t get too overbearing, dear!”, he said a little louder. I wasn’t afraid of him anyway. He was exciting. I saw my chance. I slung my arms around his neck and leaned in, starting kiss his left cheek. I stopped at his ear and said: “Do you want me to do ya a little favour, Mr?” I licked his neck and started sucking it. The Joker grabbed my hair and pulled me away. Pressing me onto the nearest wall, he loosened his grip. I smirked as his right hand made his way down to my ass. He came closer and his breath stroke my ear and I could smell his strong perfume. He whispered: “Your sexy little face needs the attention it deserves…” I longed for a kiss. I’ve never met this man before, but his presence was so different to all the other men I’ve met. He was intimidating, dangerous, hella attractive and god, so crazy. I did hear what they said about him. They all feared him, but I was simply hooked onto his craziness.
He pressed his blood red lips against mine. I returned his kiss. He then bit my lips too hart and they started bleeding.
“Fuck!”, I tried to push him away. The Joker just looked at me, grinning and showing me his silver teeth.
“Hush, doll! Don’t be weak, I don’t like that…”. Saying this, he turned away, leaving me behind. Overwhelmed, confused, fascinated.
As he’d left, I simply stood there. He has send me the mission to follow him. He WANTED me. Bigger raindrops were pouring from the dark nights sky and I felt my clothes slowly soaking.
Somewhere guns were firing and I could hear sirens blare. I smiled. It must’ve been him. A loud PANG resounded from close by and the Jokers significant HA HA HA re-echoed through Gothams streets.
Concurring with his crazy laugh, cards were falling from the sky. I caught some and found the Jokers card in my hands. A smile appeared on my face.
That was absolutely awesome.
I loved him already.

I was quite upset as nothing happened the next days. I expected so much, like weird presents, little notes, a kidnap here, a murder there. But nothing seemed to happen. Over and over again I took his cards from my night stand and mixed them. They smelled after him. So dangerous, so good.
The night he’d wanted me to follow him, a bank robbery had happened. Of course it was him, who else would rob one of the greatest bank in Gotham?
Still, my hope was fading and I started to live on. I got some new missions, easy tasks. I had to hunt down a drug dealer, spy on Gothams minister and I had to go and get some new weapons for myself.
As always I mastered everything perfectly. My gun dealer was as early as every time. We had just agreed on a fair price as I heard the noise of a gun. I looked up at the man who was just talking with me. Blood was drenching his blue shirt. The shooter had done an amazingly precise job. PANG! Right in the heart. I turned around, but couldn’t see anyone. Probably a sniper.
Out of a sudden, an arrow flashed past my head. A few inches closer and it would’ve hit me. But instead it alighted in my gun dealers head. A note was pinned onto the arrows tail. It was the Jokers card. A smile crossed my face. I took the note and read it.
“You know that suckers best friend. Tail him down and get me some information, doll - J”
Sure, I did know my dealers colleagues. But what the hell did he wanted to know? I shrugged and thought positively. I’d give it a try. I disappeared and prepared myself for the upcoming task.
He hasn’t forgotten me.

It was simple finding my dealers friend. He was in rage after he’d heard that his friend had been killed. As he was known for his excellent contacts to smuggle shit, I lied to meet him. I pretended to be interested in a smuggling job. I said I needed someone to get some weapons out of the country. Easy job.
The unknown guy invited me into his big as house.
He was what I would call a “typical gangster”.
Trained, arrogant, a rich badass living a good life. Someone who’s never doing the dirty work.
I was wearing my black leather jacket, long black pants and stilettos. Guys like that stuff. My hair was messy, but as I’ve spend quite a bit of time to do my make up, I looked still pretty good.
Shortly before I arrived I renewed my red lipstick to make them seem bigger and more luscious.
With an determined pace I passed the guards. He was awaiting me.
I tottered down a huge lobby to reach an elevator. The guys house was white and clean. No personal things laying around and it fascinated me how sterile it was. I still wasn’t sure what to ask my victim.
The white elevator opened and I stepped inside. A bigger guy in sweatpants pressed a button and the elevator started moving. He eyed me from head to toe and steered at my ass.
I smiled wily and positioned myself even more provoking. Guys are just too narrow minded. Idiots.
The lift stopped and the doors swung open. Loud music was playing and heavy beats humming through the basement. I could smell freshly lit blunts and inhaled deep. The elevator guy guided me to another door. As I walked in, I put on my sweetest smile and let my hips wiggle with every step.
“Oh, Miss Heartless! Come closer!”, my dealers friend Pine said. I slowly walked up to him. As I came to an halt directly in front of him, he grinned at me. “You need a deal, bitch?” I rolled my eyes.
No one calls me a bitch.
“Yes, Pine. I need a deal… I need you”, I answered, looking at him seductively.
“Come closer, slut. What do you need?” He patted his knee and I did what I was told to. I placed myself in his lap, purposely pressing my butt against his loin. I smirked extra cute.
“Well, see, I need you to get some weapons outta Gotham. Over the borders. And I thought you could do that for me, huh?” He peered into my low neckline and grunted affirmatively. Swinging my arm around his sweaty neck and starting to kiss his cheek, I felt his cock hardening. Guys. As I said. Narrow minded. I knew exactly what i needed to do to get my information for the Joker.
Pine grabbed my boobs and I let him do whatever he wanted to do. At some point I got tired of his touching and grabbing and so I stood up, smiled at him libidinous and made my way to the nearest couch. It was large and its leo patterns turned me off. Cheap, disgusting, naff.
Anyway, I pushed the lustful looking guy onto his settee and jumped onto him. I slid my shirt off, took my bra off and kissed him passionately. He touched my butt and moaned.
“I need ya to tell me somethin’, big boy”, I whispered.
“What do you want, babe?”, he answered, groaning loudly.
“Which deal are ya going to finish soon?” He stopped moving. But as I tucked my hand into his pants and started rubbing his dick stimulating, he continued pressing me onto him.
“My man”, he moaned “will go and kick some asses, bunny.” Not enough information. And so I asked him whose ass he’s going to kick. Clever, aye?
“I dunno why you wanna know that, but tomorrow night, a shit ton dope’s arriving. And now I’ll fuck you real, real hard”, he pant. Dumb as idiot. No ones gonna fuck with me unless I want to. And so I skilfully pulled my belt off and quickly tied him onto the couches’ frame. Pines eyes widened as I swung myself off his body.
“Hey! What are you doing, bitch?”, he yelled.
“Thanks for the information, Pine!”, I answered lascivious, grabbing bra and shirt, as well as my leather jacket and my gun.
“Who the fuck you think you are? Stay here!”
“No, boy. I won’t stay.” I walked to the door, opened it, stepped outside and before I shut the door close I stretched my head back into the room.
“Bye, Mr. Pine! And lovely greetings from J! I’m pretty sure he’ll be furious hearing what you’ve planned without him!” I heard Pine screaming angrily and trying to free himself. I knew I needed to get out of there quickly. Adrenalin was lumping through my veins as I reached the upper floor, hearing people scream and someone yelling orders. The guys I passed looked after me and I could even hear Pines irate voice in their headsets. Somehow I managed to run out of Pines mansion. They were close.
I heard them begging me to stop, yelling me orders to come to an halt. And then they started firing their guns. I took my own gun and fired randomly around me. The gates of Pines mansion started closing and I knew I had to run. I began to sprint. I breathed fast and I could feel my legs starting to burn.
The gates were nearly closed as I passed them.
I actually haven’t planned a relentless pursuit. There was no way I could run away from them.
Just then, as if planned, I saw a purple car speeding down the street. With squealing tires it stopped in front of me. Someone pulled down the drivers window and I couldn’t help but smile as I saw who was sitting in this awesome, shiny, sexy car.
“Hurry up, doll!”, Joker said, slightly annoyed, but giving me his deviously pretty smile.
I ran around the car and jumped in. As soon as I closed the door, the engines roared loudly and we drove away.
I was happy. I got the information, J had rescued me and I’m pretty sure he was pleased. My hand wandered to his, which rested on the skull like looking clutch next to my legs.
I could see a satisfied smile rushing over his face.
“I’ve got news, J”, I informed him. After letting him know about Pines plans, the Joker laughed viciously.
“Little fucker, isn’t he?”, he asked and we laughed together.
He stopped at my flat.
“Good job, doll. Go and be a good girl. Show me that you’re a good investment!”, the Clown Prince said. I thanked him and leaned in to kiss his bleak cheek. He purred, but pushed me away quite rough. “Do your job now, Miss!”, he growled.
“I will, Joker! I Promise!”

Well, that was the day I started working for Mister J. My job was pretty clear and simple. Always spying on people and seducing men. Whenever I was I trouble, J got me out just right in time.
I’d do anything for him. And I’m pretty sure he knew that.
But I somehow enjoyed what I did. I had fun. Men are just too easy to manipulate. And that’s what the Joker told me I was best in. He was by far the best in manipulating people and so I was very proud to hear him say that I was pretty good in it too.
And the payment was good as well. I got an apartment in Gothams best area, I had several people working for me and other gangsters and citizens feared me even more than before.
I guess I was in love.
I know, Joker had his queen. Harley.
But I adored him anyway.
I wished for a long time that I was her.
Imagining having rough sex with him as well as receiving passionate kisses from time to time send shivers down my spine.
I worked 3 years for the Crime prince now. And I had everything I ever wanted.
Except from J. And I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to love someone as much as I adored him. I guess that’s why it was so easy for me to seduce and sleep with all those men. They meant nothing. J in contrast was the reason I never gave up.
Anyway, I got a new task. J asked me to collect some information from Gothams greatest Banker. The Joker wanted to know, when the three largest banks got emptied next and in which direction they would carry the valuable consignment. The gold bars.
But this time I had to be more careful as the banker was never alone and he wasn’t one of the typical victims. He was no gangster. It was a longer process to get me where I wanted to be.
My guys organised me a meeting. I wouldn’t go there as The Ruthless. I wanted to be someone else.
I bought a red dress. Short, but not too short, black high heels, dramatically beautiful make up, amazing hair. Finished. I was going there as the new apprentice. I think I looked cute. And sexy. I put my knowledgeable smile on.
It was a rainy afternoon and I had an appointment with Mr. Calvin Mayes. I’ve traced him down already and so I knew that he was living alone, he had three dogs, liked to visit his sister in law and her children and he loved Chinese food. And he was pretty good looking too. He was quite tall, trained and wore glasses that suited his edgy face perfectly.
One bank accountant welcomed me and showed me the way upstairs to his bosses office.
I knocked carefully.
“Come in!”, a friendly voice answered. I opened the door and went inside. Mr. Mayes office was messy, paperworks covered his desk and Magazins laid scattered on the wooden floor. He smiled seeing me.
“Welcome, Mrs….?”, he asked questioning.
“Oh, yeah, my name is (your name). I’m here for the apprenticeship!”, I tried to sound innocent and shy. His green eyes looked at me and he started to smile.
“Good, good. Right (your name). Nice having you here!” He took a pen and wiggled it nervously. He was cute. Afterwards he taught me what my jobs were and that I would work as his personal assistance. Long story short: over the following week I made him like me. I was extremely lovely and I couldn’t imagine someone had a clue that I wasn’t who I pretended to be. One day he asked me out on a coffee. The next day onto a date. We met in our free time and did fun stuff together. I kinda forgot that I had a mission, but just as I stared to enjoy my second life, I received a card from J. One side showed the Joker and the other side the devil. “Don’t forget why you’re there, doll! - J”
A warning. I couldn’t imagine what his problem was, but he somehow did not wanted me to spend any more time on this quest. He was surely just impatient. And since Calvin started to trust me, it should be manageable to get my information. I actually began to like Calvin. He was ordinary, had an organised life and he was so generous. I felt deeply sorry to lie to him. I asked him out. Of course he agreed. I’d take him out to a restaurant close to my flat. My plan was perfect.
We met and had a great night out. After finishing dinner and drinking the last bit of our expensive wine, I asked him seductively if he wanted to see my apartment. He just smiled at me and followed me. As we reached the doorway I swung my arms around his neck and started kissing him wildly. We went for the elevator. It was hard finding the button as I was busy grabbing into his pants and he taking off my shirt. We stumbled into the lift and it automatically brought us up to my apartment. I jumped at Calvin and hooked myself onto him. His kisses grew more passionate and longing and as he seated me onto my drawer, I let out a loud and erotic moan. I could feel his cold hand touching my sensible area.
We both breathed heavily. I unbuttoned his pants hastily and he opened mine. I giggled satisfied. It was the first time I actually enjoyed seducing someone. I’d ask Calvin about the gold after we had fun. He will be too tired anyway to realise what my true intentions were. But for now it was pure passion.
Moving smoothly against each other we tried to reach my bedroom. I pushed Calvin onto my bed and seated myself onto him. He moaned lustful and I knew I had to hurry a bit before he’d come.
Calvin pushed me over and he positioned himself onto me. His cock felt hard against me and the way he moved into me was so good. I groaned his name. Louder and louder. Nearly screaming it.
But just as I was about to reach the climax, lights were turned on and I heard someone applauding. I stopped moving immediately.
“What the fuck?”, Calvin snorted. I freed myself quickly to have a better look. Sitting on my dressing chair was the Clown prince himself, grinning crazily.
“What the are you doing, J?”, I stuttered. He normally never attended my missions. Only when I was in danger. But I think I was so NOT in danger. The joker cocked his head to one side and snarled.
“You!”, he pointed at Calvin. “A little fucked up banker, fucking my doll?”
“Sir, seriously, I had no idea. Fuck, (your name)! Who’s this guy?”, Calvin tried to clarify things. He gave me the puppy look. He was confused, disappointed, angry. But as I wanted to answer, I heard J pulling the trigger of his gun.
“No, J! Please! He is good! He didn’t do anything. Please!”, I begged. I liked Calvin. I didn’t wanted him to get hurt.
“Oh doll! You’re so right”, J said, smiling slyly. He then stood up and walked up to Calvin, who was looking tremulous. The Joker wiggled with the gun in his hand.
“Tell me, boy. What do you know about the gold?”, Joker asked. Calvin started to hem and haw. The Clown prince let out an annoyed sigh.
I wasn’t able to do anything. I was just standing there as if glued to the floor. Shit. I knew what would follow. But still, I couldn’t look away. J fired his gun without warning and laughed his significant and crazy HA HA HA. He fired his gun 4 times. Head. Heart. Stomach. Loins.
He then turned around, eying me from head to toe. His blue eyes scanned my naked body.
“Why him, J? You didn’t even get the information!”, I whispered, still stiff. The Clown prince came closer and stopped right in front of me.
“I already knew everything, doll! Didn’t you see? It was a game!” He grinned stupidly. He then lifted his hand and stroke my cheek and kissed me. The longer we kissed, the stronger my desire grew. I lost Calvin anyway. He was dead. No need to be stupid and sad.
The joker took off his shirt and showed me his silver teeth as he carried me to my bed, were he placed me inches away from Calvins dead body. He began sucking my neck, kissing my body lower and lower, licking my stomach and nipples. I moaned lustful. Fuck Calvin. Just another dead sucker. I had something better now. I had the Joker.
“J! You’re so vicious!”, I whispered between kisses. “But why killing him?”
He stopped for a second, smirked and said:
“I couldn’t lose my most precious mistress and gangster!”

Hey guys, I’m still writing on Robin x Joker pt 5 , but my inbox is always open for requests, like imagines, shippings, stories or whatever you wanna tell me❤️ Love ya💕🃏

I hate when people make you feel stupid about not knowing something. So what if you know that one thing? I bet you didn’t know that male dragonflies have shovel shaped penises that they use to scoop out their rival’s sperm??? Who’s the dumbass now buddy