ive turned into such an angry person

David had been pacing back and forth for a number of minutes. He couldn’t understand how or why this had happened again. Everyone was on duty. This should have been prevented–he should have been able to do something. But the fact that two more people were gone because someone out there was being reckless was beginning to drive him a little crazy. Stopping, he turned to face the person who he felt staring at him, glaring. “Do you have anything to say? Or are you just going to sit there like a deer in headlights?” 

Solangelo One Shot-Jealous

“Hi sorry to bother you but could you write a solangelo fic where they are both in love with the same person and fight over them but then realise they are in love with each other.”

HI EVERYONE!!! So I loved this request and I love Solangelo, so basically writing this was the best thing ever. I have more requests in my inbox, that I AM GETTING TO, im so sorry that ive been falling behind, but I am getting there. Thank you guys for liking my stuff and still sending in requests, it means alot to me. Love yall!-M


The door slammed shut and angry footsteps thumped into the Hades Cabin. Nico turned around to face a fuming Will with a cool face.


“Really?” Will threw his jacket to the side, where it landed somewhere on the other side of the room. “Are you really going to just stand there?”

Nico pressed his lips together and raised his eyebrows. “You asked, or rather yelled, at me to come here so-”

“Nico!” Will cut him off before he could say more. “I cannot believe you right now! Not only did you make a move on Jack, you’re acting like a complete, a..” Will would never swear, not even when he was angry. Nico smirked and plopped down on the leather couch behind him.

“Please Will, I just kissed him, it was hardly a “move” or whatever.”

Will pressed two fingers to his head like he had a raging headache. “Are you hearing yourself right now? Did I not tell you at the beginning of this month that I was into Jack?”

“Well, yeah-”

“Did I not tell you that I was going to ask him out sometime?”

“It’s not like you-”

“NO, just-just shut up Di Angelo!” Nico widened his eyes in disbelief. “I thought that I could trust you with these kind of things but clearly I was mistaken!”

Still on the couch, Nico sat up a bit. “Will come on, its not like that.”

“Then what is it like? Huh?” Silence. “That’s what I thought, you have no excuse except that you’re a jerk, that’s it.” Will scoffed and walked across the room to pick up his jacket. 

“Will are you serious? I didn’t mean for-”

“No just stop.” Will weakly said, as he made his way to the door. “I’m done talking to you.” He was about to turn the door handle when he heard:

“Please Will, let me explain.” the handle was turned halfway and Will was gripping it so tightly it could fall of any minute. Small footsteps came towards the door and stopped right behind him. “Please?”

Will sighed and before he could change his mind, dropped his hand from the door and turned around. Nico was looking up at him with hope. Will pointed to the other side of the room. 

“I’m sitting over here, your’e sitting over there, then we can talk.” Nico breathed out a sigh of relief, and even though he hated any type of orders, he obliged and sat back down on the couch. Will took a seat at the table near the door.

“Okay ,talk.” 

Nico gulped and put his head in his hands. “I like you Will.” he said in a small voice.

“Di Angelo, I swear on the styx if you dont speak up-”

“I LIKE YOU WILL OKAY?!” Nico covered his mouth as soon as he said it, and Will sat up straight in his chair, taken aback by surprise. Oh my gods,Nico thought to himself.

“You, wait you like me?” Will asked in disbelief. “Then, then why Jack-I-I’m confused Nico, why did you kiss Jack then?” Will had brought down his voice a little bit now.

Nico took a deep breath and let out the air before saying anymore. “I-I was trying to make you jealous.” Nico wanted to crawl up and roll down to the Underworld, this whole thing had completely backfired on him. 

“You wanted to make me…jealous?” Will shook his head. “Nico how long have you liked me?”

“First day I met you actually.” Nico rand his hand through his dark hair and pushed himself as far back into the cushions as he could go. “I just, didn’t realize it i guess.”

Will walked over to where Nico was sitting and carefully sat down next to him. “Really?” 

Nico shook his head yes in reply. “When you told me you liked Jack, I-”

Will stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. “I understand.” Nico sneaked a look at Will. He didn’t look as angry. “What you did was still wrong, but I-  I guess I would have done the same.” Will dropped his hand from Nico’s shoulder and placed it back in his own lap. “I thought that you weren’t into me so I tried to move on to Jack.”

“Wait are you saying,” Nico sat up a little straighter and faced Will. “that you-you-I mean at one point-”

“No.” Nico stopped. What have I done?, he thought.

Will looked back at Nico and took a deep breath. “I still like you. I’m not over it.”

“R-really?” Will nodded and slowly laced his fingers through Nico’s open hand. Nico looked down at their intertwined fingers and felt his breath hitch. “So what-”

“Shut up, Di Angelo.” Will leaned in and took Nico by surprise as he pressed their lips together. Will is a really good kisser, Nico thought as their mouths moved against one another. Nico fell back against the length on the couch as Will lightly fell on top of him, not breaking away for a second. Why the hell did I even think about kissing anyone else? 

“Just one thing Nico.” Will pulled back slightly so that he was talking against Nico’s jawline, slowly moving up and down. 

“Yes?” he choked out, finding it harder to breathe than before.

“No more trying to make me jealous.” He looked down at Nico with loving eyes. “I’m already all yours.”


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