ive seen people write all of these

this episode had the most inconsistent writing ive seen for kara this season. in any other case, kara would’ve given myxyzltklk that speech about not forcing love, about not trying to change people, and she would’ve realized exactly what was happening with mon-el. but the writers are so desperate to force this relationship that they just ignored the irony of the whole thing completely. lame. do not want

Has anyone else noticed the rising of pedophilia normalization?

I see movies on netflix of it where a convicted pedophile is the good guy after getting out of prison
There’s a company making child like sex dolls for pedophiles to use
Ive seen videos all over facebook about website such as virped (short for virtuous pedophiles) giving them a cookie for not raping children and pitying them because its SO HARD for them.
Ive seen articles about the same people staring in and writing scripts for these videos stating that pedophilia is beneficial and necessary and that children only feel bad after they’ve been assaulted because society says adults having sex with children is wrong.
Ive seen comments on these threads saying drawn child porn is ok and it makes them less likely to act on their “needs”
People keep claiming its a mental illness or an orientation when it fucking isnt.
Am i the only one realizing this trend? Meanwhile no-one talks about the victims of these disgusting freaks.

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians 

hamiltryingmybest  asked:

lin wouldnt cheat for all the money and fame in the world because he's happy where he is with what he has. i really really hope that people can sometime all understand that. i can see how it can be used as some type of plot device in some fanfiction, as ive seen it in multiple ones, but that's pure fiction and those writing and reading it (hopefully) know it would never happen in a million bajillion year in real life.

Hell even I’ve written one where he cheats. Do I think he would ever actually do that? No fucking way.

Lmao it still boggles my mind that in all the popular and progressive Media™ ive seen recently Jake Peralta is the only dude who confesses his romantic feelings with zero attitude of expectation or entitlement and completely puts the person he’s confessing to’s emotional agency as the priority over his own disappointment

Y'all it’s not that hard to write baseline respect of autonomy into your male character’s interactions with the women they love

hello friends!

So, quite honestly, this is probably incredibly ambitious but i need something to do to keep my mind off other stuff lol. 

I’m going to see Dodie Clark aka Doddleoddle aka cutest human bean on earth in OCTOBER and i am so incredibly excited its ridiculous

anywho. I think we all know Dodies done SO SO SO much for us, between traveling around everywhere, writing and performing her music, etc etc etc, and we all love her very much. 

well id like to do something for her too. Ive seen this done for people before, but i dont think anyones done it for dodie, and id like to put a bit of a twist on it. 

I’d like to make a book. Id like it to include art, quotes, messages, etc, etc, etc, anything you guys want. I’ll print it and put it together, and hopefully get the chance to give it to her????? that would be amazing. 

I’m going to tag some artists who’s art i saw in the ‘dodie clark art’ tag (under the cut), as well as some dodie-related blogs i follow, so sorry if im annoying you or anything lol. 

if you are interested, please please message me. you can contact me here on tumblr, my email jbeebe743@gmail.com, or on my kik which is “jordanbeebe.” (with the period lol)

please please please reblog this, and tag people who you think might be interested! we can all contribute, even if its something as small as a short message you’d like to add. (keep in mind if i dont get enough people, i wont be able to do it, so please spread the word!!) 

if this happens, ill need all the submissions by about October 10th, but ill post more info in the next day or two. thanks you!!!!!!!!!!

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