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“They won’t hurt you as long as I’m here.”

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Castiel as God’s chosen?

Basically, I don’t think Amara was actually weak because of the angel smiting. That’s what Rowena said in 11x18 while she was healing her. However, later that same episode Lucifer tells the angels “You had all of the power of heaven behind you. Couldn’t even slow the bitch down”. None of the angels contradicted him even though Amara was indeed slowed down. So probably, that wasn’t them. Upon rewatching 11x10, I noticed that when Amara comes back after the smiting, she first consumes Ambriel which she says “really hit the spot” and seems relatively fine. She then says “Heaven brought the thunder, and it barely even scratched my paint job”, and seems damn sure of it. She’s even strong enough to stop Cas from attacking her and to throw him against a tree. So, seems off that suddenly in 11x18 she’s supposed to be all weak and damaged because of it, and odd that the angels don’t know this if that’s the case. 

Thing is, the moment in which she shows actual signs of weakness, is exactly after she uses Cas to send the I AM COMING message. Seemed like being in direct contact with him was what actually affected her. Also consider that Amara was adamant in making Cas know how “expendable” and “weak” he was. Not worth the effort. When a villain says that to a hero in fiction, it’s usually understood to be an underestimation from their part. A mistake that brings their demise. Them not realizing how important they really were or how much power they had in them. 

Amara also said “Why God took a special interest in you, I’ll never understand”, while Cas was showered in light at the start of that scene and later that episode possessed by the Light Bringer himself. And let’s not forget “My brother always did have horrible taste in men”. Taste as in something that you like, something that you pick. In 11x18 Amara thought Lucifer was potentially God’s favorite and that he’d come if she made him suffer, but she’s probably endangering Cas in the process. So if God returns, would it really be for Lucifer who had been rotting in the cage for years before that anyways? Add to this all the times other angels have said there’s always been something different in Cas, and the fact that he’s been brought back to life by God himself without us knowing the reason why at least three times. 

Also, Season 11 has made a point of throwing Cas into the lowest of lows with his own sense of worth and self-esteem, a breaking point after years of mistakes, suffering and loneliness. He thinks he’s useless. He even thinks Sam and Dean see him as nothing but a tool, and something has to get him out of that mindset. So, considering all this stuff the season has been setting up for Cas as a character, doesn’t it make sense for him to actually be God’s chosen then? Just… stuff to think about.